Appendix D: Zope Resources

At the time of this writing there is a multitude of sources for Zope information on the Internet, but very little in print. We've collected a number of the most important links which you can use to find out more about Zope.

Zope Web Sites is the official Zope web site. It has downloads, documentation, news, and lots of community resources.

ZopeZen is a Zope community site that features news and a Zope job board. The site is run by noted Zope community member Andy McKay.

Zope Newbies is a weblog that features Zope news and related information. Zope Newbies is one of the oldest and best Zope web sites. Jeff Shelton started Zope Newbies, and the site is currently run by Luke Tymowski.

Zope Documentation has lots of documentation including official documentation projects and contributed community documentation.

Zope Documentation Project is a community-run Zope documentation web site. It hosts original documentation and has links to other sources of documentation.

Zope Developer's Guide teaches you how to write Zope products.

Mailing Lists maintains a collection of the many Zope mailing lists.

Zope Extensions has a huge collection of 3rd party Zope extensions which are called "products".

Zope Treasures is a large collection of Zope products.

Python Information has lots of information about Python including a tutorial and reference documentation.