Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

Steven Pritchard



This document attempts to list most of the hardware known to be either supported or unsupported under Linux.


This HOWTO is free documentation; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free software Foundation; either version 2 of the license, or (at your option) any later version.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Notes on binary-only drivers
1.2. Notes on proprietary drivers
1.3. System architectures
1.4. Related sources of information
1.5. Known problems with this document
1.6. New versions of this document
1.7. Feedback and corrections
1.8. Acknowledgments
1.9. Revision History
2. Computers/Motherboards/BIOS
2.1. Specific system/motherboard/BIOS
2.2. Unsupported
3. Laptops
3.1. Specific laptops
4.1. Intel
4.2. AMD
4.3. Cyrix
4.4. IDT
4.5. Transmeta
4.6. Misc. notes
5. Memory
6. Video cards
6.1. XFree86
6.2. Proprietary X servers
6.3. Kernel Framebuffer (fbdev)
6.4. SVGALIB (graphics for console)
7. Controllers (hard drive)
7.1. Alpha, Beta drivers
8. Controllers (SCSI)
8.1. Supported
8.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
8.3. Unsupported
9. SCSI RAID Controllers
10. IDE RAID Controllers
11. Controllers (I/O)
12. Controllers (multiport)
12.1. Non-intelligent cards
12.2. Intelligent cards
13. Network adapters
13.1. Supported
13.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
13.3. Unsupported
14. Sound cards
14.1. Supported
14.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
14.3. Unsupported
15. Hard drives
15.1. Unsupported
16. Tape drives
16.1. Supported
16.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
16.3. Unsupported
17. CD-ROM drives
17.1. Supported
17.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
17.3. Notes
18. CD-Writers
19. DVD drives
20. Removable drives
21. Mice
21.1. Supported
21.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
21.3. Notes
22. Modems
23. Printers/Plotters
23.1. Ghostscript
24. Scanners
24.1. Supported
24.2. Alpha, Beta drivers
24.3. Unsupported
25. USB
25.1. Digital Cameras
25.2. Miscellaneous
26. IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.Link)
27. PCMCIA/Cardbus cards
28. Other hardware
28.1. Amateur Radio
28.2. VESA Power Savings Protocol (DPMS) monitors
28.3. Touch screens
28.4. Terminals on serial port
28.5. Joysticks
28.6. Video devices (capture boards, frame grabbers, TV tuners, etc.)
28.7. Digital Camera
28.8. UPS
28.9. Multifunction boards
28.10. Data acquisition
28.11. Watchdog timer interfaces
28.12. Miscellaneous
29. Appendix A. Supported Parallel Port devices
29.1. Ethernet
29.2. Hard drives
29.3. Tape drives
29.4. CD-ROM drives
29.5. Removable drives
29.6. IDE Adapter
29.7. SCSI Adapters
29.8. Digital Camera
29.9. PCMCIA parallel port cards
30. Appendix B. Linux incompatible Hardware
31. Glossary

1. Introduction

This document lists most of the hardware components (not whole computers) known to be supported or not supported under Linux, so reading through this document you can choose the components for your own Linux computer and know what to avoid. As the list of components supported by Linux changes constantly, this document will never be complete. If a component is not mentioned in this HOWTO, I simply have not found support for the component and nobody has told me about support.

Subsections titled 'Alpha, Beta drivers' list hardware with alpha or beta drivers in varying degrees of usability. Note that some drivers only exist in alpha kernels, so if you see something listed as supported but isn't in your version of the Linux kernel, upgrade.

1.1. Notes on binary-only drivers

Some devices are supported by binary-only modules; avoid these when you can. Binary-only modules are modules which are compiled for ONE kernel version. The source code for these modules has NOT been released. This may prevent you from upgrading or maintaining your system. It will also prevent you from using the component on alternate (usually non-x86) architectures.

Linus Torvalds says "I allow binary-only modules, but I want people to know that they are _only_ ever expected to work on the one version of the kernel that they were compiled for." (See for the rest of the message.)

1.2. Notes on proprietary drivers

Various proprietary drivers for sound, video, etc. exist for Linux. Tracking these proprietary drivers is beyond the scope of this document. These drivers might be mentioned at various points in this document, but note that no effort has been made to make sure that this information is current.

1.3. System architectures

This document primarily deals with Linux for x86-based platforms. For other platforms, check the following:

There are also the ELKS and uClinux ports, which are forks of the mainstream kernel source designed for MMU-less (mostly very low-end and embedded) systems.

1.4. Related sources of information

1.5. Known problems with this document

This document can't possibly be up-to-date at all times. I would like to see this document be a useful reference again. The following items need to be fixed for that to happen:

  • Old cruft needs to be eliminated. Much of this document was written in 1995, give or take, when PCI was new and not supported terribly well, and ISA PnP was seen as something evil. Oh, how the times have changed...

    Also, many of the model numbers listed in this document are no longer available, and are probably not of much interest to the vast majority of people. Personally, I think hardware that hasn't been available for more than 5 years or so can safely be removed. Old versions of this document will always be available on the Internet...

  • URLs in this document need updating. I've begun to do that, but it is a big job... Diffs are welcome.

  • In the process of updating and converting this document to DocBook, some cruft was introduced. If anyone wants to help clean up this, get the latest source (preferably by emailing me at ) and grep for "FIXME".

  • Lists in this HOWTO that are available in other HOWTOs or FAQs need to be either updated here or dropped completely from this document.

  • Newer interfaces such as USB need to be added into the list. (Would a USB-attached hard drive go under "USB", "Removable drives", "Hard drives", or all of the above?)

  • And, of course, random hardware that just isn't listed in this document needs to be added.

All of this is going to require a lot of work. If this happens to interest you, please email . I can use the help. :-)

1.6. New versions of this document

The latest version of this document can be found on the Linux Documentation Project home site or any of its many mirrors.

1.7. Feedback and corrections

If you have questions or comments about this document, please feel free to email Steven Pritchard at . I also welcome corrections and additions. At some point in the near future, I plan to set up a web interface for adding components to this document. In the mean time, please just use the word "hardware" somewhere in the subject when sending corrections or additions.

1.8. Acknowledgments

This document has passed through many hands. I don't know if he wrote the first version, but in 1993 Ed Carp was maintaining it. In August of 1994, FRiC (Boy of Destiny) took over. After he fell off the face of the planet in late 1995 or early 1996 (and we all miss him from IRC, I might add), Patrick Reijnen took over (sometime in 1997) and continued to maintain this document until late 1999.

Recent versions of this document contained the following:

Thanks to all the authors and contributors of other HOWTO's, many things here are shamelessly stolen from their works; to FRiC, Zane Healy and Ed Carp, the original authors of this HOWTO; and to everyone else who sent in updates and feedbacks. Special thanks to Eric Boerner and lilo (the person, not the program) for the sanity checks. And thanks to Dan Quinlan for the original SGML conversion.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this document over the years.

In addition, I'd like to thank the many members of the Southern Illinois Linux Users Group and the Linux Users of Central Illinois for giving me so many interesting problems to solve over the years, and, of course, my wife Kara for putting up with me all these years. :-)

1.9. Revision History

The following is the revision history of this document since I (Steven Pritchard) took over maintenance.

Revision History
Revision 3.2.12002-11-12Revised by: sjp
Replaced "commercial" with "proprietary" in most cases. (I should probably go one more step and make that "proprietary, closed-source" or something similar. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.) Added placeholder IEEE 1394 section. Updated various other sections. Thanks to Rick Moen for prompting this revision with various updates and suggestions.
Revision 3.2.02002-08-13Revised by: sjp
Removed a lot of cruft. Added information direct from on supported PCMCIA cards. Added a section on DVD drives. Thanks to Tom Hanlin for pointing out that there was no mention of them before. Replaced all references to metalab with ibiblio, and all references to with Probably other changes I'm forgetting, which should teach me not to wait so long between releases.
Revision 3.1.52002-03-28Revised by: sjp
Moved revision history to Introduction section. More dead link fixes and other corrections. Thanks to Lin Hung-Ta, Silviu Tamasdan, and various others.
Revision 3.1.42002-02-17Revised by: sjp
Added note about CRIS architecture. Updated WAN Cards section.
Revision 3.1.32001-12-30Revised by: sjp
Updated video card section and other minor cleanups and updates.
Revision 3.1.22001-12-21Revised by: sjp
Update location for GS-4500 software in the scanners section. (Thanks to Jan Willamowius for pointing out that the page had moved.) Begin updating RAID controller section by separating SCSI RAID and IDE RAID.
Revision 3.1.12001-12-14Revised by: sjp
List printers with a "F" or missing grade from the database in the incompatible hardware section.
Revision 3.1.02001-12-12Revised by: sjp
Fix/remove more broken/dead links. Import printer listing from
Revision 3.0.72001-10-18Revised by: sjp
Started fixing dead links. (Thanks to Rob Janssen, Shaul Karl, Charles McColm, and Paul Stephenson for the corrections.)
Revision 3.0.62001-09-14Revised by: sjp
Started cleaning up incompatible hardware section.
Revision 3.0.52001-09-04Revised by: sjp
Updated CPU and motherboards sections. Added WAN Cards section and removed old "Frame Relay", "X.25", and "Synchronous PPP, Cisco HDLC" sections under Network adapters.
Revision 3.0.42001-06-25Revised by: sjp
Updated Network adapters and Controllers (multiport) sections to include current Cyclades products. (Thanks to Ivan Passos at Cyclades for the update.)
Revision 3.0.32001-05-28Revised by: sjp
Added USB section. Added note on non-x86 hardware to CPU section. Updated Motherboards section. Added a link to the Sound HOWTO in the Sound cards section. Folded Related sources of information section into introduction and removed dead links.
Revision 3.0.22001-05-10Revised by: sjp
LDP-requested cleanup.
Revision 3.0.12001-05-07Revised by: sjp
Updated modems section.
Revision 3.0.02001-04-22Revised by: sjp
First DocBook version. Various updates.

2. Computers/Motherboards/BIOS

ISA, VLB, EISA, PCI, and AGP buses are all supported. All recent motherboards should work fine, although certain integrated controllers may or may not work well (or at all).

2.1. Specific system/motherboard/BIOS

Please note that this is by no means a complete list. Please send updates.

ManufacturerModel NumberDescriptionNotes
IntelSTL2ServerWorks chipset, dual Socket 370 (PIII), integrated video (ATI), ethernet (eepro100), and dual-channel SCSI (aic7xxx) 
Intel815EEA, 815EEA2LIntel 815 chipset, Socket 370 (PIII/Celeron), integrated video, audio, ethernet (815EEA2L only)video, sound, ethernet, etc. are all supported, although they require recent kernels and XFree86
SuperMicro370DL3ServerWorks chipset, dual Socket 370 (PIII), integrated ethernet (eepro100), SCSI (aic7xxx) 
SuperMicro370DLEServerWorks chipset, dual Socket 370 (PIII), integrated ethernet (eepro100) 
SuperMicroP6DGEIntel 440GX chipset, dual Slot 1 (PII/PIII/Celeron) 
SuperMicroP6DBEIntel 440BX chipset, dual Slot 1 (PII/PIII/Celeron) 
SoyoSY-K7VTA-BVIA KT133 chipset, Socket A, integrated ATA/100 and AC97 audio 
TyanThunder K7 (S2462NG/S2462UNG/S2462UNGM)AMD 760MP chipset, dual Athlon MP, integrated video (ATI RAGE XL), dual ethernet (2 x 3Com 3C920), dual-channel SCSI (Adaptec AIC-7899W - S2462UNG/S2462UNGM only)Early models apparently had bugs. Be sure you have a recent BIOS and a recent 2.2.x or 2.4.x kernel.

The following are old notes and are probably out of date.

  • IBM PS/2 MCA systems

    Supported since kernel version 2.0.7, but only for the stable kernel releases. For information you can look at the Micro Channel Linux Home Page. Software for MCA systems can be found here. Information on the MCA SCSI subsystem can be found here.

  • EFA E5TX-AT motherboard has a solvable problem with RedHat Linux 5.0 and possibly other versions of Linux. It spontaneously reboots while probing hardware. To solve, update BIOS to version 1.01. Get the BIOS update here.

  • The Zida 6MLX motherboard with PII Intel LX chipset is mentioned only to work with Linux when the PII cache is disabled in BIOS. BIOS upgrade does not solve the problem. Symptom is random reboots during or shortly after system boot.

2.2. Unsupported

  • Supermicro P5MMA with BIOS versions 1.36, 1.37 and 1.4. Linux will not boot on this motherboard. A new (beta) release of the BIOS which makes Linux boot, is available here.

  • Supermicro P5MMA98. Linux will not boot on this motherboard. A new (beta) release of the BIOS which makes Linux boot, is available here.

  • DataExpert Corp. ExpertColor TX531 V1.0 motherboard with chipset ACER M1531 (Date: 9729, TS6) and ACER M1543 (Date: 9732 TS6) seems to present not reproducible segmentations faults, kernel oops and kernel hangs under heavy load and tape access. The problem seems to be the PCI-bus, respectively the ACER chipset.

3. Laptops

For more information about Linux and laptops, the following sites are good starting points.

Other information related to laptops can be found at the following sites:


See the PCMCIA/Cardbus section and the Linux PCMCIA HOWTO for more information on PCMCIA and Cardbus cards.


Please see this note for more on non-x86 hardware.

4.1. Intel

Intel 386SX/DX/SL, 486SX/DX/SL/SX2/DX2/DX4, Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III (regular and Xeon versions), Pentium 4, and Celeron are all supported.

4.2. AMD

AMD 386SX/DX, 486SX/DX/DX2/DX4, K5, K6, K6-2, K6-3, and Athlon (all varieties, including MP) are all supported. Older versions of K6 should be avoided as they are buggy. Setting "internal cache" disabled in bios setup can be a workaround. Some early K6-2 300Mhz have problems with the system chips.

The old NexGen processors are also supported.

A few very early AMD 486DX's may hang in some special situations. All current chips should be okay and getting a chip swap for old CPU's should not be a problem.

4.3. Cyrix

Cyrix 386SX/DX, 486SX/DX, 5x86, 6x86, and MediaGX are all supported.

4.4. IDT

IDT Winchip C6-PSME2006A processors are supported under Linux.

4.5. Transmeta

The Transmeta Crusoe processors are supported.

4.6. Misc. notes

Linux has built-in FPU emulation if you don't have a math coprocessor.

Linux supports SMP (multiple CPUs) in all 2.x kernels. See the Linux SMP HOWTO for more information.

ULSI Math*Co series has a bug in the FSAVE and FRSTOR instructions that causes problems with all protected mode operating systems. Some older IIT and Cyrix chips may also have this problem.

There are problems with TLB flushing in UMC U5S chips in very old kernels. (1.1.x)

5. Memory

All memory like DRAM, EDO and SDRAM can be used with Linux. Be aware that older kernels or kernels running on a mortherboard with an older BIOS may only be able to detect 64MB of RAM. If you have this problem, when you add more than 64 Mb of memory you have to add the following line to your LILO configuration file:

append="mem=<number of Mb>M"

So when you have 96 MB of memory this should become


Don't use a number higher than the amount of RAM you really have. This will cause crashes.

6. Video cards

Please note that this section is currently being updated, so some information may not be entirely correct or complete.

Linux will work with all video cards in text mode, VGA cards not listed below probably will still work with mono VGA and/or standard VGA drivers.

If you're looking into buying a cheap video card to run X, keep in mind that accelerated cards (ATI Mach, ET4000/W32p, S3) are MUCH faster than unaccelerated or partially accelerated (Cirrus, WD) cards.

"32 bpp" is actually 24 bit color aligned on 32 bit boundaries. It does NOT mean the cards are capable of 32 bit color, they still display 24 bit color (16,777,216 colors). 24 bit packed pixels modes are not supported in XFree86, so cards that can do 24 bit modes to get higher resolutions in other OS's are not able to do this in X using XFree86. These cards include Mach32, Cirrus 542x, S3 801/805/868/968, ET4000, and others.

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) support is growing fast. Most of the X-servers (both freely available and proprietary versions) have more or less support for AGP.

6.1. XFree86

The following is a list of cards known to work with XFree86 versions 3.3.6 and/or 4.1.0. See the XFree86 web site for more information.

Card NameChipsetXFree86 3.3.x serverXFree86 4.x driverNotes
2 the Max MAXColor S3 Trio64V+S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
2-the-Max MAXColor 6000ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
3DLabs Oxygen GMXPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
3DVision-i740 AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
3Dlabs Permedia2 (generic)PERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
928MovieS3 928XF86_S3vga 
ABIT G740 8MB SDRAMIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
AGP 2D/3D V. 1N, AGP-740DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
AGX (generic)AGX-014/15/16XF86_AGXvga 
AOpen AGP 2X 3D Navigator PA740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
AOpen PA2010Voodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
AOpen PA45SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA50DSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA50ESiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA50VSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA80/DVDSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PG128S3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
AOpen PG9753dimage975XF86_SVGAtrident 
AOpen PT70S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
AOpen PT75S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
AOpen PT80SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
ARISTO i740 AGP (ART-i740-G)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
ASUS 3DexplorerRIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
ASUS AGP-V2740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
ASUS PCI-AV264CTatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ASUS PCI-V264CTatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ASUS Video Magic PCI V864S3 864XF86_S3vga 
ASUS Video Magic PCI VT64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
AT25Alliance AT3DXF86_SVGAapm 
AT3DAlliance AT3DXF86_SVGAapm 
ATI 3D Pro TurboatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D Pro Turbo PC2TVatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D XpressionatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D Xpression+atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D Xpression+ PC2TVatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 8514 Ultra (no VGA)ATI-Mach8XF86_Mach8vga 
ATI All-in-WonderatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI All-in-Wonder 128 Pro AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI All-in-Wonder ProatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI FireGL 8700R200 radeon 
ATI FireGL 8800R200 radeon 
ATI Graphics Pro TurboatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Graphics Pro Turbo 1600atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Graphics UltraatiXF86_Mach8ati 
ATI Graphics Ultra ProatiXF86_Mach32ati 
ATI Graphics XpressionatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach32atiXF86_Mach32ati 
ATI Mach64atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D RAGE IIatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D RAGE II+DVDatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D Rage IICatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D Rage ProatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 CT (264CT)atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 GT (264GT), aka 3D RAGEatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 VT (264VT)atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Radeon (generic)R100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 64 DDR (AGP)R100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 7000RV100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 7200R100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 7500RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon 8500R200 radeon 
ATI Radeon 9000R250 vesa 
ATI Radeon 9700R300 vesa 
ATI Radeon AGPR100 radeon 
ATI Radeon AGP VIVOR100 radeon 
ATI Radeon All In Wonder AGPR100 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility 7500RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility 9000R250 vesa 
ATI Radeon Mobility FireGL 7800RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility M6RV100 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility M7RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon VERV100 radeon 
ATI Rage 128atiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage 128 (generic)atiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage 128 Mobilityati r128 
ATI Rage Fury AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage Fury Pro AGPATIXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage LTatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Rage LT PROatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Rage Mobilityati ati 
ATI Rage Mobility M4 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage Mobility PatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Rage XLatiXF86_SVGAati 
ATI Rage XL AGPatiXF86_SVGAati 
ATI Ultra PlusatiXF86_Mach32ati 
ATI Video BoostatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Video ChargeratiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Video XpressionatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Video Xpression+atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI WinBoostatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI WinChargeratiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI WinTurboatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Wonder SVGAatiXF86_SVGAati 
ATI XPERT 128 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert 128 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert 2000 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert 98atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert 99 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert XLatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert@PlayatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert@Play 98atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert@WorkatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI integrated on Intel Maui MU440EX motherboardatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATrend ATC-2165AET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
AccelStar Permedia II AGPPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Acorp AGP i740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Actix GE32+ 2MBS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Actix GE32iS3 805iXF86_S3vga 
Actix GE64S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Actix ProStarCL-GD5426/5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Actix ProStar 64CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Actix UltraS3 928XF86_S3vga 
Acumos AVGA3CL-GD5420/2/4/6/8/9XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Alliance ProMotion 6422AP6422XF86_SVGAvga 
Appian Jeronimo 2000PERMEDIA 3 glint 
Aristo ART-390-G S3 Savage3DS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
Ark Logic ARK1000PV (generic)ARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Ark Logic ARK1000VL (generic)ARK1000VLXF86_SVGAvga 
Ark Logic ARK2000MT (generic)ARK1000MTXF86_SVGAvga 
Ark Logic ARK2000PV (generic)ARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Atrend (Speedy) 3DIO740 AGP (ATC-2740)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Avance Logic 2101Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2228Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2301Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2302Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2308Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2401Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Binar Graphics AnyViewET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Boca Vortex (Sierra RAMDAC)AGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
COMPAQ Armada 7380DMTS3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
COMPAQ Armada 7730MTS3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
California Graphics SunTracer 6000ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Canopus Co. Power Window 3DVS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Canopus SPECTRA 5400 Premium EditionRIVA ULTRA TNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Canopus Total-3DVerite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Cardex Challenger (Pro)ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Cardex CobraET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Cardex Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Cardex Trio64ProS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Chaintech AGP-740DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Chaintech Desperado 3F10Voodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Chaintech Desperado RI20RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI30RIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI40/41RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI50RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI60RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado SI21SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Chaintech Desperado SI31SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Chaintech Tornado I7000Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Chaintech Tornado S6000SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Chips & Technologies CT64200ct64200XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT64300ct64300XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65520ct65520XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65525ct65525XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65530ct65530XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65535ct65535   
Chips & Technologies CT65540ct65540   
Chips & Technologies CT65545ct65545   
Chips & Technologies CT65546ct65546   
Chips & Technologies CT65548ct65548   
Chips & Technologies CT65550ct65550   
Chips & Technologies CT65554ct65554   
Chips & Technologies CT65555ct65555   
Chips & Technologies CT68554ct68554   
Chips & Technologies CT69000ct69000   
Chips & Technologies CT69030ct69030   
Cirrus Logic GD542xCL-GD5420/2/4/6/8/9XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD543xCL-GD5430/5434/5436XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5446 (noname card)CL-GD5446, 1MB (upgradable to 2MB).XF86_SVGAvga 
Cirrus Logic GD544xCL-GD544x cirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5462CL-GD5462XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5464CL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5465CL-GD5465XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5480CL-GD5480XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD62xx (laptop)CL-GD6205/15/25/35XF86_SVGAvga 
Cirrus Logic GD64xx (laptop)CL-GD6420/6440XF86_SVGAvga 
Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)CL-GD7541/42/43/48XF86_SVGAvga 
Colorgraphic Dual LightningET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Compaq Armada 7400S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Compaq Armada 7800S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Creative Blaster ExxtremePERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Creative Graphics Blaster TNT2RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Creative Labs 3D Blaster PCI (Verite 1000)Verite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster 3DCL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Eclipse (OEM Model CT6510)CL-GD5465XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA201CL-GD544x cirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA202CL-GD544x cirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA302CL-GD5462XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA334CL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Savage 4 3D BlasterS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
Cyrix MediaGXMediaGXXF86_SVGAcyrix 
DSV3325S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
DSV3326S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
DataExpert DSV3325S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
DataExpert DSV3365S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Dell S3 805S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
Dell onboard ET4000ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond Edge 3Dnv1XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Fire GL 1000PERMEDIAXF86_3DLabsglint 
Diamond Fire GL 1000 PROPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Diamond Fire GL 3000GLINT 500TXXF86_3DLabsglint 
Diamond Monster FusionVoodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000 PROS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond SpeedStar (Plus)ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond SpeedStar 24ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond SpeedStar 24X (not fully supported)WD90C31XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond SpeedStar 64CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar A50SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Diamond SpeedStar HiColorET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond SpeedStar Pro (not SE)CL-GD5426/28XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar Pro 1100CL-GD5420/2/4/6/8/9XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar Pro SE (CL-GD5430/5434)CL-GD5430/5434/5436XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar64 Graphics 2000/2200CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond Stealth 24S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth 32ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 PROS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 3D 3000S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 3D 4000S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SES3 Trio32XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM with S3 SDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM with S3 Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth 64 VRAMS3 964XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM (TI RAMDAC)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth II S220Verite 2100XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Stealth II/G460 AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Diamond Stealth III (S520/S540)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
Diamond Stealth ProS3 928XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth VRAMS3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth Video 2500Alliance AT24XF86_SVGAapm 
Diamond Stealth Video DRAMS3 868XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth64 Graphics 2001 seriesARK2000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Stealth64 Graphics 2xx0 series (864 + SDAC)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth64 Graphics 2xx0 series (Trio64)S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 2001 series (2121/2201)S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 2120/2200S3 868XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3200S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3240/3400 (IBM RAMDAC)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3240/3400 (TI RAMDAC)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Viper 330RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
Diamond Viper 550RIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Diamond Viper 770RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Diamond Viper PCI 2MbWeitek 9000XF86_P9000vga 
Diamond Viper Pro VideoWeitek P9100XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Viper VLB 2MbWeitek 9000XF86_P9000vga 
Digital 24-plane TGA (ZLXp-E2)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
Digital 24-plane+3D TGA (ZLXp-E3)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
Digital 8-plane TGA (UDB/Multia)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
Digital 8-plane TGA (ZLXp-E1)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
EIZO (VRAM)AGX-014/15/16XF86_AGXvga 
ELSA GLoria SynergyPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-LGLINT 500TXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-L/MXGLINT MXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-SPERMEDIAXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-XLGLINT MXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-XXLGLINT MXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA Gloria-4S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Gloria-8S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Victory 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Victory 3DXS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA WINNER 1000/T2DS3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
ELSA Winner 1000 R3DRIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
ELSA Winner 1000AVI (AT&T 20C409 version)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000AVI (SDAC version)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000ISAS3 805iXF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000PRO with S3 SDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000PRO with STG1700 or AT&T RAMDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000PRO/XS3 868XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000TRIOS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
ELSA Winner 1000TRIO/VS3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
ELSA Winner 1000TwinBusS3 928XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000VLS3 928XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000S3 928XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000/OfficePERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA Winner 2000AVIS3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000AVI/3DS3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO-2S3 964XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO-4S3 964XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-2S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-4S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-8S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 3000S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 3000-L-42S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 3000-M-22S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 3000-SS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
EONtronics Picasso 740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
EONtronics Van GoghIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
EPSON CardPC (onboard)SPC8110XF86_SVGAvesa 
EPSON SPC8110 (CardPC)SPC8110XF86_SVGAvga 
ET3000 (generic)ET3000XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET4000 (generic)ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET4000 W32i, W32p (generic)ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET4000/W32 (generic)ET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
ET6000 (generic)ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET6100 (generic)ET6100XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET6300 (generic)ET6300XF86_SVGAtseng 
EliteGroup(ECS) 3DVision-i740 AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Elsa Victory IIVoodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Elsa Winner T3DS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
Everex MVGA i740/AGIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
ExpertColor DSV3325S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ExpertColor DSV3365S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Flagpoint Shocker i740 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Gainward CardExpert 740 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Gainward Challenger EVET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Generic VGA compatibleGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
Genoa 5400ET3000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Genoa 8500VL(-28)CL-GD5426/28XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Genoa 8900 Phantom 32iET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Genoa Phantom 64i with S3 SDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
Genoa Systems Phantom 740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Genoa VideoBlitz III AVS3 968XF86_S3s3 
Gigabyte Predator i740 8MB AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Graphics Blaster TNTRIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor 32RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
HOT-158 (Shuttle)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Hercules DynamiteET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
Hercules Dynamite 128/VideoET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Hercules Dynamite 3D/GLPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Hercules Dynamite PowerET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Hercules Dynamite ProET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Hercules Dynamite TNTRIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Hercules Graphite HG210AGX-014XF86_AGXvga 
Hercules Graphite PowerAGX-016XF86_AGXvga 
Hercules Graphite ProAGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Hercules Graphite Terminator 64S3 964XF86_S3s3 
Hercules Graphite Terminator 64/DRAMS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Hercules Graphite Terminator Pro 64S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Hercules StingrayALG-2228/2301/2302XF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray 128 3DAlliance AT3DXF86_SVGAapm 
Hercules Stingray 64/V with ICS5342ARK2000MTXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray 64/V with ZoomDACARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray ProARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray Pro/VARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Terminator 128 2X/i AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Hercules Terminator 128/3DS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
Hercules Terminator 3D/DXS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Hercules Terminator 64/3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Hercules Terminator 64/VideoS3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Hercules Thriller3DVerite 2200XF86_SVGAvga 
Integral FlashPointET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Intel 5430CL-GD5430XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Intel 740 (generic)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Intel 810Intel 810XF86_SVGAi810 
Intel 815Intel 815XF86_SVGAi810 
Intel 815eIntel 815XF86_SVGAi810 
Intel 830Intel 830 i810 
Intel 845Intel 845 i810 
Intel Express 3D AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Interay PMC ViperET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
JAX 8241S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Jaton Video-58PET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Jaton Video-70PCL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Jaton Video-740 AGP 3DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Jazz Multimedia G-Force 128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Jetway J-740-3D 8MB AGP, i740 AGP 3DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Joymedia Apollo 7400Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
KouTech KeyVision 128 EVET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
LeadTek WinFast 3D S600S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
LeadTek WinFast 3D S680S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
LeadTek WinFast S200ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
LeadTek WinFast S430S3 968XF86_S3vga 
LeadTek WinFast S510S3 968XF86_S3vga 
Leadtek WinFast 2300PERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Leadtek WinFast 3D S320RIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Leadtek WinFast 3D S320IIRIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Leadtek WinFast 3D S3500RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
Leadtek Winfast S900Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
MAXI Gamer AGP 8 MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
MSI MS-4417SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
MachSpeed VGA ET6000ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Machspeed Raptor i740 AGP 4600Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Magic-Pro MP-740DVDIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Matrox CometET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Matrox Marvel IIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Matrox Millenniummga2064wXF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Millennium G200mgag200XF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Millennium G400mgag400XF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Millennium G450mgag450 mga 
Matrox Millennium G550mgag550 mga 
Matrox Millennium IImga2164wXF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Mystiquemga1064sgXF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Mystique G200mgag200XF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Productiva G100mgag100XF86_SVGAmga 
MediaVision Proaxcel 128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Mirage Z-128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Miro CRYSTAL VRXVerite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Miro Crystal 10SD with GenDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 12SDS3 Trio32XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal 16SS3 928XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD PCI with S3 SDACS3 868XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD VLB with S3 SDAC (BIOS 3.xx)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD with ICD2061A (BIOS 2.xx)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD with ICS2494 (BIOS 1.xx)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SVS3 964XF86_S3vesa 
Miro Crystal 22SDS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal 40SVS3 964XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal 80SVS3 968XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 8SS3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal DVDSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Miro MiroMedia 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Miro MiroVideo 20TDET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Miro Video 20SVS3 968XF86_S3vga 
NVIDIA GeForceGeForceXF86_SVGAnv 
NVIDIA GeForce 2 (generic)GeForce 2 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS (generic)GeForce 2 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX (generic)GeForce 2 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 256 (generic)GeForce 256 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 3 (generic)GeForce 3 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 4 (generic)GeForce 4 vesa 
NVIDIA GeForce DDR (generic)GeForce DDR nv 
NVIDIA Quadro 4 (generic)Quadro 4 vesa 
NVIDIA Riva 128 (generic)RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
NVIDIA Riva TNT2 (generic)RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
NatSemi GeodeMediaGXXF86_SVGAcyrix 
NeoMagic (laptop/notebook)  neomagic 
NeoMagic 128XD (laptop/notebook)  neomagic 
NeoMagic 256 (laptop/notebook)MagicGraph 256 series neomagic 
Number Nine FX Motion 331S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine FX Motion 332S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Number Nine FX Motion 531S3 868XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine FX Motion 771S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine FX Reality 772S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Number Nine FX Vision 330S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine GXE Level 10/11/12S3 928XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine GXE Level 14/16S3 928XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine GXE64S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine GXE64 ProS3 964XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine GXE64 with S3 Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine Imagine 128I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Imagine 128 (2-8MB)I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2 (2-4MB)I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Imagine 128 T2RI128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Revolution 3D AGP T2RI128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Revolution IV (T2R4)I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Visual 9FX Reality 332S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Oak 87 ISA (generic)Oak OTI-087XF86_SVGAvga 
Oak 87 VLB (generic)Oak OTI-087XF86_SVGAvga 
Oak ISA Card (generic)Oak OTI-067/77XF86_SVGAvga 
Ocean (octek) VL-VGA-1000ARK1000VLXF86_SVGAvga 
Octek AVGA-20CL-GD5420XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek Combo-26CL-GD5426XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek Combo-28CL-GD5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek VL-VGA-26CL-GD5426XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek VL-VGA-28CL-GD5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid Celsius (AT&T RAMDAC)AGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Orchid Celsius (Sierra RAMDAC)AGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Orchid Fahrenheit 1280S3 801XF86_S3vga 
Orchid Fahrenheit VAS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Orchid Fahrenheit-1280+S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Orchid Kelvin 64CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid Kelvin 64 VLB Rev ACL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid Kelvin 64 VLB Rev BCL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid P9000 VLBWeitek 9000XF86_P9000vga 
Orchid Technology Fahrenheit Video 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
PC-Chips M567 MainboardSiS5597XF86_SVGAsis 
Palit Daytona AGP740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Paradise Accelerator ValueOak OTI-087XF86_SVGAvga 
Paradise/WD 90CXXWD90CXXXF86_SVGAvga 
PixelView Combo TV 3D AGP (Prolink)CL-GD5465, 4MBXF86_SVGAvga 
PixelView Combo TV Pro (Prolink)CL-GD5480, 4MBXF86_SVGAvga 
PowerColor C740 (SG/SD) AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
QDI Amazing IIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Real3D Starfighter AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Real3D Starfighter PCIIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Rendition Verite 1000Verite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Rendition Verite 2x00Verite 2x00XF86_SVGAvga 
Revolution 3D T2RI128XF86_I128i128 
S3 801/805 (generic)S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
S3 801/805 with ATT20c490 RAMDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with ATT20c490 RAMDAC and ICD2061AS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with Chrontel 8391S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with S3 GenDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with SC1148{2,3,4} RAMDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with SC1148{5,7,9} RAMDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 (generic)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 with ATT 20C498 or 21C498S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 with SDAC (86C716)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 with STG1703S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 (generic)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 with ATT 20C409S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 with ATT 20C498 or 21C498S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 with SDAC (86C716)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C260 (ViRGE/MX)S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C280 (ViRGE/MX+)    
S3 86C325 (ViRGE)S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C357 (ViRGE/GX2)S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C365 (Trio3D)S3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 86C368 (Trio3D/2X)S3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 86C375 (ViRGE/DX)S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C385 (ViRGE/GX)S3 ViRGE/GXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C390 (Savage3D)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C391 (Savage3D)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C395 (Savage4 Pro+)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C396 (Savage4)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C397 (Savage4)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C764 (Trio64)S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C765 (Trio64V+)S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C775 (Trio64V2/DX)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C785 (Trio64V2/GX)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C801 (generic)S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C805 (generic)S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C864 (generic)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C868 (generic)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C911 (generic)S3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C924 (generic)S3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C928 (generic)S3 928XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C964 (generic)S3 964XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C968 (generic)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C988 (ViRGE/VX)S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86CM65 (Aurora64V+)S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 911/924 (generic)S3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
S3 924 with SC1148 DACS3 924XF86_S3vga 
S3 928 (generic)S3 928XF86_S3vga 
S3 964 (generic)S3 964XF86_S3s3 
S3 968 (generic)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
S3 Aurora64V+ (generic)S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 Savage (generic)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage 2000 (generic)S3 Savage2000XF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage/MXS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage3DS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage4S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage4 (generic)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage4 Pro+S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Trio32 (generic)S3 Trio32XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio3DS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 Trio3D/2XS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 Trio64 (generic)S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V+ (generic)S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V2 (generic)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V2/DX (generic)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V2/GX (generic)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 ViRGE (generic)S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE (old S3V server)S3 ViRGEXF86_S3V  
S3 ViRGE/DX (generic)S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/GX (generic)S3 ViRGE/GXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/GX2 (generic)S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/MX (generic)S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/MX+ (generic)S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/VX (generic)S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 Vision864 (generic)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 Vision868 (generic)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 Vision964 (generic)S3 964XF86_S3s3 
S3 Vision968 (generic)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
SHARP 9080S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
SHARP 9090S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
SNI PC5H W32ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
SNI Scenic W32ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
SPEA Mercury 64S3 964XF86_S3vga 
SPEA MirageS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
SPEA/V7 MercuryS3 928XF86_S3vga 
SPEA/V7 Mirage P64S3 864XF86_S3vga 
SPEA/V7 Mirage P64 with S3 Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
SPEA/V7 Mirage VEGA PlusALG-2228XF86_SVGAvga 
SPEA/V7 ShowTime PlusET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB HorizonCL-GD5426/28XF86_SVGAcirrus 
STB Horizon VideoCL-GD5440 cirrus 
STB LightSpeedET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB LightSpeed 128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-2ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-2 PCIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-2XET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-4 PCIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-4XET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB Nitro (64)CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
STB Nitro 3DS3 ViRGE/GXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
STB Nitro 64 VideoCL-GD5446 cirrus 
STB PegasusS3 928XF86_S3vga 
STB Powergraph 64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
STB Powergraph 64 VideoS3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
STB Powergraph X-24S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
STB Systems Powergraph 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
STB Systems Velocity 3DS3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
STB Velocity 128RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
STB Velocity 64 VideoS3 968XF86_S3s3 
STB nvidia 128RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
SiS 300SiS300XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 3D PRO AGPSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 530SiS530XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 540SiS540XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 5597SiS5597XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 5598SIS5598XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 620SIS620XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 630SiS630XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 6326SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C201SIS86C201XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C205SIS86C205XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C215SIS86C215XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C225SIS86C225XF86_SVGAsis 
Sierra Screaming 3DVerite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Sigma ConcordeET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
Sigma LegendET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Silicon Motion Lynx (generic)LynxXF86_SVGAsiliconmotion 
Silicon Motion LynxEMLynxXF86_SVGAsiliconmotion 
Soyo AGP (SY-740 AGP)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Spacewalker Hot-158Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Spider Black WidowAGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Spider Black Widow PlusAGX-016XF86_AGXvga 
Spider Tarantula 64S3 964XF86_S3s3 
Spider VLB PlusCL-GD5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
TechWorks ThunderboltET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
Techworks Ultimate 3DCL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Toshiba Satellite 2050 CDSS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Satellite 2520 CDSS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Satellite 4030CDTCyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Toshiba Satellite 4060CDTCyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Toshiba Satellite 4080CDTCyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Toshiba Tecra 540CDTS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Tecra 550CDTS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Tecra 750CDTS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Tecra 750DVDS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Trident 3DImage975 (generic)3dimage975XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 3DImage975 AGP3dimage975XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 3DImage985 (generic)3dimage985XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 8900/9000 (generic)TVGA8900/9000XF86_SVGAvga 
Trident 8900D (generic)TVGA8900DXF86_SVGAvga 
Trident 9910CyberBladeXPXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 9930CyberBladeXPmXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Blade3D (generic)Blade3DXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9320 (generic)Cyber9320XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9325 (generic)Cyber9325XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9382 (generic)Cyber9382XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9385 (generic)Cyber9385XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9388 (generic)Cyber9388XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9397 (generic)Cyber9397XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 939a (generic)Cyber939a trident 
Trident Cyber 9520 (generic)Cyber9520 trident 
Trident Cyber 9525 (generic)Cyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBlade (generic)CyberBladeXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBlade/Ai1CyberBladeAi1XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBladeXPCyberBladeXPXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBladeXPmCyberBladeXPmXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyberblade/i1  trident 
Trident Providia 9682 (generic)Providia9682 trident 
Trident Providia 9685 (generic)Providia9685 trident 
Trident TGUI9400CXi (generic)TGUI9400CXiXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9420 (generic)TGUI9420 trident 
Trident TGUI9420DGi (generic)TGUI9420DGiXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9430DGi (generic)TGUI9430DGiXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9440 (generic)TGUI9440XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9660 (generic)TGUI9660XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9680 (generic)TGUI9680XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9682 (generic)TGUI9682XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9685 (generic)TGUI9685XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TVGA 8800BRGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
Trident TVGA 8800CSGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
Trident TVGA9200CXr (generic)TVGA9200CXrXF86_SVGAvga 
Unsupported VGA compatibleGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
VESA driver (generic)VESA VBE 2.0 vesa 
VL-41S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
VidTech FastMax P20S3 864XF86_S3vga 
VideoExcel AGP 740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 300S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 400S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 500S3 868XF86_S3vga 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 550CL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 560 (PCI/AGP)CL-GD5465XF86_SVGAcirrus 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 600ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 700S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ViewTop PCIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
ViewTop ZeusL 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Voodoo Banshee (generic)Voodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Voodoo Rush (generic)Voodoo RushXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Voodoo3 (generic)Voodoo3XF86_SVGAtdfx 
Voodoo4 (generic)Voodoo4 tdfx 
Voodoo5 (generic)Voodoo5 tdfx 
WD 90C24 (laptop)WD90C24XF86_SVGAvga 
WD 90C24A or 90C24A2 (laptop)WD90C24AXF86_SVGAvga 
Weitek P9100 (generic)Weitek P9100XF86_SVGAvga 
WinFast S200    
WinFast S430S3 968XF86_S3vga 
WinFast S510S3 968XF86_S3vga 
Winfast S900 i740 AGP 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
XGA-1 (ISA bus)XGA-1XF86_AGXvga 
XGA-2 (ISA bus)XGA-2XF86_AGXvga 

6.2. Proprietary X servers

Proprietary X servers provide support for cards not supported by XFree86, and might give better performances for cards that are supported by XFree86. Contact the vendors directly or check the Commercial HOWTO for more info.

6.3. Kernel Framebuffer (fbdev)

The kernel supports a graphical console on some video cards. This support was originally designed for non-x86 architectures which generally do not have text-capable video cards. It was integrated into the kernel in 2.2, and now supports various video cards.

More information can be found at

The following cards are supported:

  • Amiga builtin chipset (amifb)

  • ATARI builtin chipset (atafb)

  • ATI Rage128 (aty128fb)

  • ATI Mach64, RageII, RageII+, RageIIc (atyfb)

  • Hercules Graphics Adaptor (hgafb)

  • Matrox Millennium I, Millennium II, Mystique, G200 (matroxfb)

  • PowerMAC "platinum" (platinumfb)

  • S3 Savage4 (savagefb)

  • 3Dfx Voodoo, Voodoo2, Voodoo3 (tdfxfb)

  • S3 Trio64 (trio64fb)

  • All VESA 2.0 cards (vesafb)

6.4. SVGALIB (graphics for console)

  • VGA

  • EGA

  • ARK Logic ARK1000PV/2000PV

  • ATI VGA Wonder

  • ATI Mach32

  • Cirrus 542x, 543x

  • OAK OTI-037/67/77/87

  • S3 (limited support)

  • Trident TVGA8900/9000

  • Tseng ET3000/ET4000/W32

7. Controllers (hard drive)

Enhanced IDE (EIDE) interfaces are supported, including support for UDMA and ATA/33, ATA/66, and so on for some controllers and compatible drives. Linux will detect these IDE interfaces:

Please see the IDE RAID controller section for information on IDE controllers with hardware RAID support.

Linux will work with standard IDE, MFM and RLL controllers. When using MFM/RLL controllers it is important to use ext2fs and the bad block checking options when formatting the disk.

ESDI controllers that emulate the ST-506 (MFM/RLL/IDE) interface will also work. The bad block checking comment also applies to these controllers.

Generic 8 bit XT controllers also work.

7.1. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • UMC 8672 interfaces (experimental in kernel 2.2)

  • Promise DC4030VL caching interface card (experimental support in kernel 2.2)

8. Controllers (SCSI)

It is important to pick a SCSI controller carefully. Many cheap ISA SCSI controllers are designed to drive CD-ROM's rather than anything else. Such low-end SCSI controllers are no better than IDE. See the SCSI HOWTO and look at performance figures before buying a SCSI card.

Please see the SCSI RAID controller section for information on SCSI controllers with hardware RAID support.

8.1. Supported

  • AMI Fast Disk (VLB/EISA) (BusLogic compatible)

  • Adaptec AVA-1502E (ISA/VLB) (AIC-6360) (AHA1520)

  • Adaptec AVA-1505/1515 (ISA) (Adaptec AHA-152x compatible)

  • Adaptec AVA-1825 (VLB) (Adaptec AHA-152x compatible)

    This card has a SCSI, EIDE and floppy port which all work nicely.

  • Adaptec AHA-1510/152x (ISA/VLB) (AIC-6260/6360)

  • Adaptec AHA-154x (ISA) (all models)

  • Adaptec AHA-174x (EISA) (in enhanced mode)

  • Adaptec AHA-274x/274xT (EISA) (AIC-7771). The 274xT is supported since kernel series 2.1.x (AHA2740)

  • Adaptec AHA-284x (VLB) (AIC-7770) (AHA2740)

  • Adaptec AHA-2910B (PCI) (since kernel series 2.1.x)

  • Adaptec AHA-2920 (PCI). Use the Future Domain driver. LILO parameters are needed when used for hard disks.

  • Adaptec AHA-2920C (PCI)

  • Adaptec AHA-2930/U/U2 (PCI)

  • Adaptec AHA-2940/U/W/AU/UW/U2W/U2/U2B/U2BOEM (PCI) (AIC-7861, AIC-7871, AIC-7844, AIC-7881, AIC-7884). Some of these are only supported since kernel series 2.1.x (AHA2740)

  • Adaptec AHA-2944D/WD/UD/UWD (PCI). Some of these are only supported since kernel series 2.1.x (AHA2740)

  • Adaptec AHA-2950U2/U2B/U2W

  • Adaptec AHA-3940/U/W/UW/AUW/U2W (PCI) (AIC-7872, AIC-7882) (since 1.3.6). Some of these are only supported since kernel series 2.1.x

  • Adaptec AHA-3950U2B/U2D

  • Adaptec AHA-3985U/W/UW (PCI) (AIC-7873, AIC-7883). Some of these are only supported since kernel series 2.1.x

  • Adaptec PCI controllers with AIC-7850, AIC-7855, AIC-7860

  • Adaptec on board controllers with AIC-777x (EISA), AIC-785x, AIC-786x, AIC-787x (PCI), AIC-788x (PCI), AIC-789x, AIC-3860. AIC-786x and AIC-789x are supported since kernel series 2.1.x

  • AdvanSys ABP510/5150 Bus-Master (ISA)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP5140 Bus-Master (ISA) PnP

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP5142 Bus-Master (ISA) PnP with floppy

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP920 Bus-Master (PCI)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP930/U Bus-Master (PCI/Ultra>)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP960/U Bus-Master (PCI/ULTRA) MAC/PC

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP542 Bus-Master (ISA) with floppy (single channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP742 Bus-Master (EISA) (single channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP842 Bus-Master (VL) (single channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP940/U Bus-Master (PCI/Ultra) (single channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP970/U Bus-Master (PCI/Ultra) MAC/PC (single channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP752 Dual Channel Bus-Master (EISA) (dual channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP852 Dual Channel Bus-Master (VL) (dual channel)

    (more info)

  • AdvanSys ABP950 Dual Channel Bus-Master (PCI) (dual channel)

    (more info)

  • Always IN2000

  • AMD AM53C974

  • BusLogic FlashPoint LT/DL/LW/DW (BT-930(R), BT-920, BT-932(R), BT-950(R), BT-952(R))

    (more info)

  • Compaq Smart Array 2

  • DPT PM2001, PM2012A (EATA-PIO)

  • DPT Smartcache/SmartRAID Plus,III,IV families (ISA/EISA/PCI) (EATA-DMA)

    Take a look at this page for more information. Cards in these families are PM2011, PM2021, PM2041, PM3021, PM2012B, PM2022, PM2122, PM2322, PM2042, PM3122, PM3222, PM3332, PM2024, PM2124, PM2044, PM2144, PM3224, PM3334

  • DTC 3180/3280

  • DTC 329x (EISA) (Adaptec 154x compatible)

  • Future Domain TMC-16x0, TMC-3260 (PCI)

  • Future Domain TMC-8xx, TMC-950

  • Future Domain chips TMC-1800, TMC-18C50, TMC-18C30, TMC-36C70

  • ICP-Vortex PCI-SCSI Disk Array Controllers (many RAID levels supported) Patches for Linux 1.2.13 and 2.0.29 are available here. The controllers GDT6111RP, GDT6121RP, GDT6117RP, GDT6127RP, GDT6511RP, GDT6521RP, GDT6517RP, GDT6527RP, GDT6537RP and GDT6557RP are supported. You can also use pre-patch-2.0.31-4 to pre-patch-2.0.31-9.

  • ICP-Vortex EISA-SCSI Controllers (many RAID levels supported) Patches for Linux 1.2.13 and 2.0.29 are available here. The controllers GDT3000B, GDT3000A, GDT3010A, GDT3020A and GDT3050A are supported. You can also use pre-patch-2.0.31-4 to pre-patch-2.0.31-9.

  • Iomega PPA3 parallel port SCSI Host Bus Adapter embedded in ZIP drive

  • Initio Corp. INI-9090U INI-9100, INI-9100W/A/UW, INI-9200U/UW, INI-9400U/UW, INI-9520U/UW, INI-A100U2W

  • Initio Corp. INIC-950

  • Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 SCSI (ISA)

  • Mylex (formerly BusLogic) W Series (PCI) (BT-948, BT-958, BT-958D)

  • Mylex (formerly BusLogic) C Series (ISA/EISA/VLB/PCI) (BT-946C, BT-956C, BT-956CD, BT-445, BT-747C, BT-757C, BT-757CD, BT-545C, BT-540CF)

  • Mylex (formerly Buslogic) S Series (ISA/EISA/VLB) (BT-445S, BT-747S, BT-747D, BT-757S, BT-757D, BT-545S, BT-542D, BT-742A, BT-542B)

  • Mylex (formerly BusLogic) A Series (ISA/EISA) (BT-742A, BT-542B)

  • NCR 5380 generic cards

  • NCR 53C400 (Trantor T130B) (use generic NCR 5380 SCSI support)

  • NCR 53C406a (Acculogic ISApport / Media Vision Premium 3D SCSI)

  • NCR chips 53C7x0 (the 53C710 is only supported in PCI variant)

  • NCR chips 53C810(A), 53C815, 53C820, 53C825(A), 53C860, 53C875, 53C895 (53C895 supported 'on paper')

  • Qlogic / Control Concepts SCSI/IDE (FAS408) (ISA/VLB)

  • Qlogic FASXXX/FASXX family of chips (ISA/VLB)

  • QLogic IQ-PCI, IQ-PCI-10, IQ-PCI-D (PCI) (ISP1020 chip)

  • Quantum ISA-200S, ISA-250MG

  • Seagate ST-01/ST-02 (ISA)

  • SIIG Ultrawide SCSI Pro (Initio chipset).

  • SoundBlaster 16 SCSI-2 (Adaptec 152x compatible) (ISA)

  • Tekram DC-390, DC-390W/U/F

  • Trantor T128/T128F/T228 (ISA)

  • UltraStor 14F (ISA), 24F (EISA), 34F (VLB)

  • Western Digital WD7000 SCSI

8.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

8.3. Unsupported

  • Adaptec AHA 2940UW Pro

  • Adaptec AAA-13x RAID Adapters

  • Adaptec AAA-113x Raid Port Cards

  • Adaptec AIC-7810

  • NCR chip 53C710 (ISA) (old obsolete chip, but still used in some Compaq models)

  • Non Adaptec compatible DTC boards (327x, 328x)

9. SCSI RAID Controllers

This is by no means a complete list. This section will be updated in a future revision of this document.

10. IDE RAID Controllers

11. Controllers (I/O)

Any standard serial/parallel/joystick/combo cards. Linux supports 8250, 16450, 16550, and 16550A UART's. Cards that support non-standard IRQ's (IRQ > 9) can be used.

See National Semiconductor's ``Application Note AN-493'' by Martin S. Michael. Section 5.0 describes in detail the differences between the NS16550 and NS16550A. Briefly, the NS16550 had bugs in the FIFO circuits, but the NS16550A (and later) chips fixed those. However, there were very few NS16550's produced by National, long ago, so these should be very rare. And many of the ``16550'' parts in actual modern boards are from the many manufacturers of compatible parts, which may not use the National ``A'' suffix. Also, some multiport boards will use 16552 or 16554 or various other multiport or multifunction chips from National or other suppliers (generally in a dense package soldered to the board, not a 40 pin DIP). Mostly, don't worry about it unless you encounter a very old 40 pin DIP National ``NS16550'' (no A) chip loose or in an old board, in which case treat it as a 16450 (no FIFO) rather than a 16550A. - Zhahai Stewart <>

12. Controllers (multiport)

12.1. Non-intelligent cards

12.1.1. Supported

  • AST FourPort and clones (4 port)

  • Accent Async-4 (4 port)

  • Arnet Multiport-8 (8 port)

  • Bell Technologies HUB6 (6 port)

  • Boca BB-1004, 1008 (4, 8 port) - no DTR, DSR, and CD

  • Boca BB-2016 (16 port)

  • Boca IO/AT66 (6 port)

  • Boca IO 2by4 (4 serial / 2 parallel, uses 5 IRQ's)

  • Computone ValuePort (4, 6, 8 port) (AST FourPort compatible)

  • DigiBoard PC/X, PC/Xem, PCI/Xem, EISA/Xem, PCI/Xr (4, 8, 16 port)

  • Comtrol Hostess 550 (4, 8 port)

  • PC-COMM 4-port (4 port)

  • SIIG I/O Expander 4S (4 port, uses 4 IRQ's)

  • STB 4-COM (4 port)

  • Twincom ACI/550

  • Usenet Serial Board II (4 port)

Non-intelligent cards usually come in two varieties, one using standard com port addresses and use 4 IRQ's, and another that's AST FourPort compatible and uses a selectable block of addresses and a single IRQ. (Addresses and IRQ's are set using setserial.) If you're getting one of these cards, be sure to check which standard it conforms to, prices are no indication.

12.2. Intelligent cards

12.2.1. Supported

  • Computone IntelliPort II (4/8/16 port)


  • Cyclades Cyclom-Y (RISC-based, 8-32 ports) (ISA/PCI)


  • Cyclades-Z (high-end, 16-64 ports) (PCI)


  • DigiBoard PC/Xe (ISA), PC/Xi (EISA) and PC/Xeve


  • Equinox SST Intelligent serial I/O cards


  • Hayes ESP 1, 2 and 8 port versions Included in kernel since 2.1.15. The driver for kernel versions 2.0.x can be found at (driver)

  • Stallion EasyIO (ISA) / EasyConnection 8/32 (ISA/MCA) / EasyConnection 8/64 (PCI) For DIP switch settings and configuration files check (driver)

  • Stallion EasyConnection 8/64 (ISA/EISA) / ONboard (ISA/EISA/MCA) / Brumby (ISA) The latest driver can be found at (driver)

12.2.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

13. Network adapters

13.1. Supported

13.1.1. Ethernet

Ethernet adapters vary greatly in performance. In general the newer the design the better. Some very old cards like the 3Com 3c501 are only useful because they can be found in junk heaps for $5 a time. Be careful with clones, not all are good clones and bad clones often cause erratic lockups under Linux. Read the Ethernet HOWTO for detailed descriptions of various cards.

For ethernet cards with the DECchip DC21x4x family the "Tulip" driver is available. More information on this driver can be found at Donald Becker's site.

  • 3Com 3c501 - "avoid like the plague" (3c501 driver)

  • 3Com 3c503 (3c503 driver), 3c505 (3c505 driver), 3c507 (3c507 driver), 3c509/3c509B (ISA) / 3c579 (EISA)

  • 3Com Etherlink III Vortex Ethercards (3c590, 3c592, 3c595, 3c597) (PCI), 3Com Etherlink XL Boomerang (3c900, 3c905) (PCI) and Cyclone (3c905B, 3c980) Ethercards (3c59x driver) and 3Com Fast EtherLink Ethercard (3c515) (ISA) (3c515 driver) Newer versions of this drivers are available at Donald Becker's site Avoid the 3c900 card when possible as the driver is not functioning well for this card.

  • 3Com 3ccfe575 Cyclone Cardbus (3c59x driver)

  • 3Com 3c575 series Cardbus (3c59x driver) (ALL PCMCIA ??)

  • AMD LANCE (79C960) / PCnet-ISA/PCI (AT1500, HP J2405A, NE1500/NE2100)

  • AT&T GIS WaveLAN

  • Allied Telesis AT1700

  • Allied Telesis LA100PCI-T

  • Allied Telesyn AT2400T/BT ("ne" module)

  • Ansel Communications AC3200 (EISA)

  • Apricot Xen-II / 82596

  • Cabletron E21xx

  • Cogent EM110

  • Crystal Lan CS8920, Cs8900 (driver)

  • Danpex EN-9400

  • DEC DE425 (EISA) / DE434/DE435 (PCI) / DE450/DE500 (DE4x5 driver)

  • DEC DE450/DE500-XA (dc21x4x) (Tulip driver)

  • DEC DEPCA and EtherWORKS

  • DEC EtherWORKS 3 (DE203, DE204, DE205)

  • DEC QSilver's (Tulip driver)

  • Digi International RightSwitch

  • DLink DE-220P, DE-528CT, DE-530+, DFE-500TX, DFE-530TX

  • Fujitsu FMV-181/182/183/184

  • HP PCLAN (27245 and 27xxx series)

  • HP PCLAN PLUS (27247B and 27252A)

  • HP 10/100VG PCLAN (J2577, J2573, 27248B, J2585) (ISA/EISA/PCI) Driver here, more information at Donald Becker's site

  • ICL EtherTeam 16i / 32 (EISA)

  • Intel EtherExpress

  • Intel EtherExpress Pro

  • KTI ET16/P-D2, ET16/P-DC ISA (work jumperless and with hardware-configuration options)

  • Macromate MN-220P (PnP or NE2000 mode)

  • NCR WaveLAN

  • NE2000/NE1000 (be careful with clones)

  • Netgear FA-310TX (Tulip chip)

  • New Media Ethernet

  • PureData PDUC8028, PDI8023

  • SEEQ 8005

  • SMC Ultra / EtherEZ (ISA)

  • SMC 9000 series

  • SMC PCI EtherPower 10/100 (Tulip driver)

  • SMC EtherPower II (epic100.c driver)

  • Sun LANCE adapters (kernel 2.2 and newer)

  • Sun Intel adapters (kernel 2.2 and newer)

  • Schneider & Koch G16

  • Western Digital WD80x3

  • Zenith Z-Note / IBM ThinkPad 300 built-in adapter

  • Znyx 312 etherarray (Tulip driver)

13.1.2. ISDN

  • 3Com Sonix Arpeggio (driver)

  • ASUSCOM Network Inc. ISDNLink 128K PC adapter (HiSax)

  • AVM A1 (HiSax)

  • AVM B1 (avmb1)

  • Combinet EVERYWARE 1000 ISDN (driver)

  • Compaq ISDN S0 (ISA) (HiSax)

  • Creatix PnP S0 (HiSax)

  • Dr. Neuhaus Niccy PnP/PCI (HiSax)

  • Dynalink IS64PH (HiSax)

  • Eicon.Diehl Diva 2.0 (ISA/PCI) (S0 and U interface, no PRO version) (HiSax)

  • Eicon.Diehl Diva Piccola (HiSax)

  • Elsa Microlink PCC-16, PCF, PCF-Pro, PCC-8 (HiSax)

  • ELSA QuickStep 1000/1000PCI/3000 (HiSax)

  • HFC-2BS0 based cards (HiSax)

  • IBM Active 2000 (ISA) (act2000)

  • ICN ISDN cards (icn)

  • Ith Kommunikationstechnik GmbH MIC 16 (ISA) (HiSax)

  • ITK ix1-micro Rev.2 (HiSax)

  • Octal PCBIT (pcbit)

  • Sedlbauer Speed Card (HiSax)

  • Teles SO-8/SO-16.0/SO-16.3/SO-16.3c/SO-16.4 and compatible ones (HiSax)

  • Traverse Technologie NETjet PCI S0 (HiSax)

  • USR Sportster internal TA (HiSax)

ISDN cards that emulate standard modems or common Ethernet adapters don't need any special drivers to work.

13.1.3. WAN Cards

ManufacturerModel nameBusDriverNotes
CycladesPC300/RSVPCI 1 or 2 ports, RS-232 and V.35
CycladesPC300/X21PCI 1 or 2 ports, X.21
CycladesPC300/TEPCI 1 or 2 ports, T1 and E1
Emerging Technologies Inc.ET/5025ISA 1 port, 8-bit
Emerging Technologies Inc.ET/5025-16ISA 1 port, 16-bit
Emerging Technologies Inc.ET/5025-25ISA 2 port, 16-bit
Emerging Technologies Inc.ET/5025pqPCI 4 port
FarSite CommunicationsFarSync X21 T2P/WAN T2PPCI 2 port
FarSite CommunicationsFarSync X21 T4P/WAN T4PPCI 4 port
ImageStream WANic 520PCI See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 synchronous serial, T1, or E1 ports
ImageStream WANic 600PCI See ImageStream's web site4 or 8 synchronous serial, T1, or E1 ports
ImageStream WANic 720PCI See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 HSSI, DS3, or E3 ports with i960 co-processor
ImageStream WANic 800PCI See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 HSSI, DS3, or E3 ports
ImageStream WANic 1000PCI See ImageStream's web site1 ATM DS3/E3, single mode OC3, or multimode OC3
ImageStream Aries 500CompactPCI See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 synchronous serial ports
ImageStream Aries 600CompactPCI See ImageStream's web site4 or 8 synchronous serial, T1, or E1
ImageStream Aries 720CompactPCI See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 HSSI, DS3, or E3 ports with i960 co-processor
ImageStream Aries 800CompactPCI See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 HSSI, DS3, or E3 ports
ImageStream Maxim 520PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) See ImageStream's web site1, 2, or 4 synchronous serial, T1, or E1 ports
ImageStream Maxim 600PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) See ImageStream's web site4 synchronous serial + 4 T1 or E1 ports
ImageStream Maxim 800PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) See ImageStream's web site1 or 2 HSSI ports
ImageStream Maxim 1000PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) See ImageStream's web site1 ATM DS3/E3, single mode OC3, or multimode OC3
ImageStream ATM/OC12PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) See ImageStream's web site1 ATM OC12 port (32/64-bit PMC)
Sangoma S514/FT1PCI Wanpipe1.54Mbps (T1). The card can be configured to support from 64kbps to 1.54Mbps.
Sangoma S5141PCI WanpipeRS232/V.35/X.21on dual ports. Main port is 4Mpbs, secondary is 512kbps.
Sangoma S5142PCI WanpipeRS232/V.35/X.21on four ports. Main ports are 4Mpbs, secondaries are 512kbps. Functionally identical to two separate S5141 cards.
Sangoma S508/FT1ISA Wanpipe1.54Mbps (T1). The card can be configured to support from 64kbps to 1.54Mbps.
Sangoma S508ISA Wanpipe4Mbps, RS232/V.35/X.21
Sangoma S503ISA Wanpipe64kbps, RS232/V.35/X.21
Sangoma S502ISA Wanpipeobsolete card

13.1.4. Wireless

  • ZCOM WL2420 ISA Product information can be found here. Object file kernel drivers are available here.

13.1.5. Frame Relay, X.25, Synchronous PPP, Cisco HDLC

See WAN cards section.

13.1.6. Pocket and portable adapters

13.1.7. Slotless

  • SLIP/CSLIP/PPP (serial port)

  • EQL (serial IP load balancing)

  • PLIP (parallel port) - using ``LapLink cable'' or bi-directional cable

13.1.8. ARCnet

  • Works with all ARCnet cards

13.1.9. TokenRing

Take a look at the token ring web site here.

  • 3Com 3C619/B/C Tokenlink 16/4 (ibmtr)

  • 3Com 3C319 Velocity ISA (ibmtr)

  • IBM PCI token ring adapter

  • IBM Wake on Lan TR adapter

  • IBM 16/4 TR PCI Adapter 2, Adapter 2 Wake on Lan, Adapter 2 Wake on Lan Special

  • IBM High Speedd 100/16/4 token ring

  • IBM ISA 16/4, MCA 16/4 (ibmtr)

  • IBM Tropic chipset cards

  • Olicom RapidFire 3139, 3140, 3141, 3540 (more info)

  • Olicom OC-3136, OC-3137, OC-3138, OC-3129 (more info)

  • Madge Smart 100/16/4 PCI, 16/4 PCI Mk3, 16/4 PCI Mk2 (more info)

  • Madge Presto PCI, 16/4 CardBus (more info)

  • Syskonnect TR4/16(+) SK-4190 ISA, SK-4590 PCI, SK-4591 PCI (sktr)

13.1.10. FDDI

  • DEC DEFEA (EISA) / DEFPA (PCI) (kernel 2.0.24 and later)

13.1.11. Amateur radio (AX.25)

  • Gracilis PackeTwin

  • Ottawa PI/PI2

  • Most generic 8530 based HDLC boards

13.1.12. PCMCIA cards

13.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

13.2.1. Ethernet

  • Racal-Interlan NI5210 (i82586 Ethernet chip). Improved support in kernel 2.2 and newer

  • Racal-Interlan NI6510 (am7990 lance chip). Starting with kernel 1.3.66 more than 16Mb Ram is supported.

  • Racal-Interlan PCI card (AMD PC net chip 97c970)??

13.2.2. ISDN

  • SpellCaster's Datacomute/BRI, Telecomute/BRI (ISA) (sc)

13.2.3. ATM

The following is likely to be an incomplete list. See the ATM on Linux project web site for more information.

  • Efficient Networks ENI155p-MF and ENI155p-U5 155 Mbps ATM adapter

  • SMC ATM Power155 9741D/F and 9746D/F 155 Mbps ATM adapter (uses the ENI driver)

  • TI TNETA1570-based 155 Mbps ATM adapter by TU Chemnitz (also known as "UniNET 1570")

  • ZeitNet ZN1221 and ZN1225 155 Mbps ATM adapter

  • IDT NICStAR 77901/77903 155 and 25 Mbps ATM adapter (77201/77211 SAR)

  • Marconi - ForeRunnerLE (25 and 155 Mbps; uses the IDT driver)

  • Madge (Collage 25 and 155 Client/Server)

  • All Interphase PCI (i)Chip ATM NICs (x575, x525, and x531)

  • Marconi - ForeRunner PCA-200E

  • IBM - TurboWays 25 (under developement)

  • Interphase - 5515 (under development)

  • Marconi - ForeRunnerHE (155 and 622 Mbps) (under development)

13.2.4. Wireless

  • Proxim RangeLan2 7100 (ISA) / 630x (OEM mini-ISA) (driver)

13.3. Unsupported

This section is likely to be out of date.

  • 3Com 3C359 Velocity XL PCI

  • 3Com 3C339 Velocity PCI

  • IBM PCI LANStreamer, MCA LANStreamer token ring

  • Intel TokenExpress PRO, TokenExpress 16/4

  • Sysconnect / Schneider & Koch Token Ring cards (all of them)

14. Sound cards

More information on sound drivers and sound cards can be found on Alan Cox's OSS page, ALSA, and the Linux Sound HOWTO.

14.1. Supported

  • 4Front Technology Virtual Mixer (includes SoftOSS)

  • 4Front Technology Virtual Synth (SoftOSS)

  • 6850 UART MIDI

  • A-Plus Sound of Music (OPL3-SA)

  • A-Trend Harmony 3Ds751 (PCI)

  • AcerMagic S23

  • Adlib FM synthesizer card

  • Adlib MSC 16 PnP (CS4235)

  • AMD Interwave reference card

  • ARC Probook

  • Audio Excell DSP16

  • Avance Logic ALS-007 chip based cards. Code for this chip is integrated in the Sound Blaster 16 driver. Isapnptools should be used for configuration.

  • AW32 Pro (R2.2-W2)

  • AW35 (CS4237)

  • AW37 Pro (CS4235)

  • Aztech Sound Galaxy NX Pro, NX Pro 16, WaveRider 32+

  • Aztech Washington

  • BTC Mozart Sound System

  • BTC-1831 Sound Card (Opti 1688)

  • Bravo Sound Card (Opti 82C930)

  • Bull PowerPc builtin audio

  • CDR4235-6/-8

  • CS32-3DI

  • Compaq Deskpro XL integrated Business Audio

  • Creative EMU8000 add on (PnP)

  • Creative Phone Blaster 28.8/33.6

  • Creative Sound Blaster 1.0 to 2.0

  • Creative Sound Blaster Pro

  • Creative Sound Blaster 16

  • Creative Sound Blaster 16 ASP

  • Creative Sound Blaster 16 PnP (type-1 up to type-10)

  • Creative Sound Blaster 16 Vibra

  • Creative Sound Blaster 2.x

  • Creative Sound Blaster 32/AWE

  • Creative Sound Blaster 32/AWE PnP (type-1 up to type-10)

  • Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 (type-1 up to type-7)

  • Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold (type-1 and type-2)

  • Creative Sound Blaster PCI64/128

  • Creative Sound Blaster AWE64/Gold and 16/32/AWE PnP cards need to be activated using isapnptools

  • Creative ViBRA16C/CL/S (type-1 and type-2) PnP

  • Creative ViBRA16X PnP (half duplex only)

  • CrystaLake Crystal Clear Series 100

  • Crystal Audio (CS4235)

  • Crystal CRD4236B-1E

  • Crystal CRD4237B-5/-8

  • Crystal CSC0B35 (CS4236B)

  • Crystal CX4237B-SIDE

  • Crystal Onboard PnP Audio (CS4235)

  • Dell Latidude builtin audio

  • Diamond Crystal MM PC/104

  • Digital AXP builtin audio

  • ECHO-PSS cards (Orchid SoundWave32, Cardinal DSP16)

  • ESS 1868, 1869 (type-1 and type-2), 1878, 1879, 1968 PnP AudioDrive

  • Ensoniq AudioPCI (ES1371)

  • Ensoniq AudioPCI / SoundBlaster PCI (ES1370)

  • Ensoniq Soundscape Elite

  • Ensoniq Soundscape PnP (model 1 and 2)

  • Ensoniq Soundscape S-2000

  • Ensoniq Soundscape VIVO, VIVO90

  • Ensoniq ActionNote 880 C/CX

  • Gallant's sound card (SC-6000 and SC-66000 based)

  • Generic AD1815 based soundcard (PnP)

  • Generic CMI8330 based soundcard (PnP)

  • Generic Crystal CS4232 based soundcard or motherboard (non PnP)

  • Generic Crystal CS4232 by Acer (PnP mode)

  • Generic Crystal CS4232 type-1 up to type-3 (PnP mode)

  • Generic Crystal CS4235 type-1

  • Generic Crystal CS4236 (type-1 up to type-3)

  • Generic Crystal CS4236 based soundcard or motherboard (non PnP)

  • Generic Crystal CS4236A (type-1 and type-2), CS4236B

  • Generic Crystal CS4237 based soundcard or motherboard (non PnP)

  • Generic Crystal CS4237B (type-1 and type-2)

  • Generic Crystal CS4238 based soundcard or motherboard (non PnP)

  • Generic ESS ES688, ES1688, ES1788, ES1868, ES1869, ES1887, ES1888 based soundcard or motherboard

  • Generic Jazz16 based soundcard

  • Generic MAD16 (OPTi 82C928), MAD16 Pro, MAD16 Pro (duplex) (OPTi 82C929)

  • Generic Mozart soundcard (OAK OTI-601 chip)

  • Generic OPTi 82C924, 82C925 based sound card (PnP)

  • Generic OPTi 82C924 soundcard (non PnP mode). Use the MSS driver and the isapnp tools

  • Generic OPTi 82C930

  • Generic OPTi 82C931 (more info)

  • Generic Soundscape based soundcard

  • Generic Windows Sound System compatible

  • Generic Yamaha OPL3-SA1 (YMF701) based soundcard

  • Generic Yamaha OPL3-SA2 (YMF711) based soundcard (type-1, type-3, type-4)

  • Generic Yamaha OPL3-SA3 (YMF715) based soundcard

  • Generic Yamaha OPL3-SAx (YMF715/YMF719) non-PnP

  • Gravis Ultrasound

  • Gravis Ultrasound Extreme

  • Gravis Ultrasound 16-bit sampling daughterboard

  • Gravis Ultrasound MAX

  • Gravis Ultrasound ACE

  • Gravis Ultrasound PnP (with RAM), PnP Pro

  • HP OmniBook 2100 (CS4236)

  • Home Studio 64 (analog audio only)

  • IBM Audio Feature (CS423x)

  • Logitech SoundMan Games (SBPro, 44kHz stereo support)

  • Logitech SoundMan Wave (Jazz16/OPL4)

  • Logitech SoundMan 16 (PAS-16 compatible)

  • MED3201 audio card

  • Maxi Sound 32 PnP (analog audio only)

  • Maxi Sound 64 Dynamic 3D (analog audio only)

  • Media Sound SW/32 (non PnP mode)

  • MediaTriX AudioTriX Pro, 3D XG

  • Media Vision Premium 3D (Jazz16)

  • Media Vision Pro Sonic 16 (Jazz)

  • Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 (PAS-16)

  • Media Vision Pro Audio Studio 16

  • Media Vision Thunderboard

  • Microsoft Windows Sound System board (AD1848)

  • MiroSound PCM!-pro

  • MultiWave AudioWave Green 16

  • Music Quest MIDI connector card (MCC)

  • Music Quest MQX-16, MQX-16S MIDI adapter

  • Music Quest MQX-32, MQX-32M MIDI adapter

  • Music Quest PC MIDI card

  • NEC Harmony

  • Orchid SoundDrive 16EZ

  • Pine PT201

  • Primax SoundStorm FM 16, SoundStorm Wave

  • Pro Audio Spectrum 16, Studio 16

  • RME Digi32, Digi32 Pro, Digi32/8

  • Reveal SC300

  • Reveal WaveExtreme Pro (with RAM)

  • Roland MPU IPC-T MIDI adapter

  • S3 SonicVibes

  • Shark Mako

  • Sharp PC8800

  • Shuttle Sound System 48

  • Spacewalker HOT-255 PCI 3D (PCI)

  • TerraTec Maestro 32/96

  • Terratec EWS64XL (audio only)

  • Terratec Sound System Base 1 (AD1816)

  • Terratec Sound System Base 64 (AD1816)

  • Tomato Sound System (OPTi 82C930)

  • Trust Sound Expert De Luxe Wave 32

  • Turtle Beach Classic/Tahiti/Monterey

  • Turtle Beach Maui

  • Turtle Beach Monte Carlo 928, Monte Carlo 929

  • Turtle Beach Pinnacle/Fiji

  • Turtle Beach Tropez, Tropez Plus (audio only)

  • Turtle Beach Daytona (audio only)

  • Wearnes Classic 16

  • Yamaha Sound Edge SW20-PC

  • Zefiro Acoustics ZA2 (NOT RECOMMENDED)

  • Zenith Z-Player

  • AWE32/64 supports is started in kernel series 2.1.x (check the SoundBlaster AWE mini-HOWTO by Marcus Brinkmann for installation details)

  • MPU-401 MIDI Intelligent mode (don't enable blindly)

    • MPU IPC-T

    • MQX-32M

  • MPU-401 MIDI UART only dumb port (don't enable blindly)

  • Yamaha FM synthesizers (OPL2, OPL3, OPL3-SAx (since kernel series 2.1.x) and OPL4)

OSS supports all MIDI daughter cards including Wave Blaster, TB Rio and Yamaha DB50XG. The only requirement is that the "host" card is supported by OSS. Note that only the "host" card needs to be configured using soundconf. The daughter card will be automatically accessible through the MIDI of the "host" card.

14.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • 4Front Tech. Waveloop loopback audio device

  • Acer FX-3D (AD1816 based)

  • AVM Apex Pro card (AD1816 based)

  • Aztech AZT1008, AZT2320, AZT3000

  • Aztech SC-16 3D (AD1816 based)

  • Creative Sound Blaster Vibra16x

  • Creative Sound Blaster Live! and Live! Value Edition Creative Labs has beta driver for this card. They work with kernels 2.0.36 and 2.2.5 (and most probably newer kernels in these series). The drivers can be downloaded under the software download area at Creative's web site.

  • Highscreen Sound-Boostar 32 Wave 3D (AD1816 based)

  • Highscreen Sound-Boostar 16 (AD1816 based)

  • HP Kayak (AD1816 based)

  • IBM MWave

  • Newcom SC-16 3D (AD1816 based)

  • PC speaker / Parallel port DAC (driver)

  • Rockwell WaveArtist chipset

  • Sonorus STUDI/O

  • SY-1816 (AD1816 based)

  • Terratec Base 1, Base 64 (AD1816 based)

  • Terratec EWS64S (AD1816 based)

  • Turtle Beach Malibu (driver)

For the AD1816 sound chip based sound cards isapnptools is needed for configuration.

14.3. Unsupported

Please note that this section has not been updated recently. It is most likely incorrect.

  • A-Trend Harmony 3DS724 (PCI)

  • Actech PCI 388-A3D q

  • Adaptec AME-1570

  • Aureal Vortex (PCI)

  • Cardinal DSP 16

  • Contributed lowlevel drivers

  • Crystal CS4614 (PCI)

  • Cyrix MediaGX builtin audio

  • Diamond Monster Sound MX300

  • Diamond Sonic Impact

  • Dream 94PnP Home Studio

  • EON Bach SP901 (A3D)

  • ESS (PCI)

  • ESS Maestro-1 (PCI), Maestro-2 (PCI)

  • ESS Solo-1 (PCI)

  • Echo Personal Sound System

  • Generic ALS007, ALS100 based soundcard

  • Orchid NuSound 3D

  • Orchid SoundWave 32

  • Paradise DSP-16

  • Quicknet Internet LineJACK

  • Terratec XLerate (A3D)

  • Turtle Beach Montego

  • Turtle Beach TBS-2000

  • Videologic SonicStorm

  • Wearnes Beethoven ADSP-16

  • Western Digital Paradise DSP-16

  • Yamaha YMF724 (PCI)

The ASP chip on Sound Blaster 16 series is not supported. AWE32's onboard E-mu MIDI synthesizer is not supported.

Nathan Laredo <> is willing to write AWE32 drivers if you send him a complimentary card. He is also willing to write drivers for almost any hardware if you send him free samples of your hardware.

Sound Blaster 16's with DSP 4.11 and 4.12 have a hardware bug that causes hung/stuck notes when playing MIDI and digital audio at the same time. The problem can happen with either Wave Blaster daughterboards or MIDI devices attached to the MIDI port. There is no known fix.

15. Hard drives

All hard drives should work if the controller is supported.

(From the SCSI HOWTO) All direct access SCSI devices with a block size of 256, 512, or 1024 bytes should work. Other block sizes will not work (Note that this can often be fixed by changing the block and/or sector sizes using the MODE SELECT SCSI command).

Large IDE (EIDE) drives work fine with newer kernels. The boot partition must lie in the first 1024 cylinders due to PC BIOS limitations.

Some Conner CFP1060S drives may have problems with Linux and ext2fs. The symptoms are inode errors during e2fsck and corrupt file systems. Conner has released a firmware upgrade to fix this problem, contact Conner at 1-800-4CONNER (US) or +44-1294-315333 (Europe). Have the microcode version (found on the drive label, 9WA1.6x) handy when you call.

Many Maxtor and Western Digital IDE drives are reported to not happily co-exist on the same IDE cable with the other manufacturers drive. Usually one of the drives will fail during operation. Solution is to put them on different IDE cables.

Certain Micropolis drives have problems with Adaptec and BusLogic cards, contact the drive manufacturers for firmware upgrades if you suspect problems.

15.1. Unsupported

The following hard drives are mentioned as not supported by Linux. Read the bug report available.

  • NEC D3817, D3825, D3827, D3847 "These drives are slightly non-SCSI-2 compliant in the values reported in Mode Sense Page 3. In Mode Sense Page 3 all NEC D38x7 drives report their sector size as zero. The NEC drives are the first brand of drive we have ever encountered that reported the sector size as zero. Unfortunately, that field in Mode Sense Page 3 is not modifiable and there is no way to update the firmware on the D38x7 drives to correct this problem." Problems are mentioned for D3825 and D3827 (both revision 0407). Revision 0410 of these two hard drives seems to solve this problem.

16. Tape drives

16.1. Supported

  • SCSI tape drives (From the SCSI HOWTO) Drives using both fixed and variable length blocks smaller than the driver buffer length (set to 32k in the distribution sources) are supported. Virtually all drives should work. (Send mail if you know of any incompatible drives.)

    • Seagate Sidewinder 50 AIT (on ICP 6527 RAID-controller)

  • QIC-02 drives

  • Iomega Ditto internal (ftape 3.04c and newer)

16.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • QIC-117, QIC-40/80, QIC-3010/3020 (QIC-WIDE) drives Most tape drives using the floppy controller should work. Various dedicated controllers (Colorado FC-10/FC-20, Mountain Mach-2, Iomega Tape Controller II) are also supported here

  • ATAPI tape drives For these an alpha driver (ide-tape.c) is available in the kernel. ATAPI tape drives supported are

    • Seagate TapeStor 8000

    • Conner CTMA 4000 IDE ATAPI Streaming tape drive

16.3. Unsupported

  • Emerald and Tecmar QIC-02 tape controller cards - Chris Ulrich < >

  • Drives that connect to the parallel port (eg: Colorado Trakker)

  • Some high speed tape controllers (Colorado TC-15)

  • Irwin AX250L/Accutrak 250 (not QIC-80)

  • IBM Internal Tape Backup Unit (not QIC-80)

  • COREtape Light

17. CD-ROM drives

For more information on CD-ROM drives check the CDROM-HOWTO.

17.1. Supported

Common CD-ROM drives

  • SCSI CD-ROM drives (From the CD-ROM HOWTO) Any SCSI CD-ROM drive with a block size of 512 or 2048 bytes should work under Linux; this includes the vast majority of CD-ROM drives on the market.

  • EIDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM drives (IDECD) Almost all double, quad and six speed drives are supported, including

    • Mitsumi FX400

    • Nec-260

    • Sony 55E

Proprietary CD-ROM drives

  • Aztech CDA268-01A, Orchid CDS-3110, Okano/Wearnes CDD-110, Conrad TXC, CyCDROM CR520ie/CR540ie/CR940ie (AZTCD)

  • Creative Labs CD-200(F) (SBPCD)

  • Funai E2550UA/MK4015 (SBPCD)

  • GoldStar R420 (GSCD)

  • IBM External ISA (SBPCD)

  • Kotobuki (SBPCD)

  • Lasermate CR328A (OPTCD)

  • LMS Philips CM 206 (CM206)

  • Longshine LCS-7260 (SBPCD)

  • Matsushita/Panasonic CR-521/522/523/562/563 (SBPCD)

  • MicroSolutions Backpack parallel portdrive (BPCD)

  • Mitsumi CR DC LU05S (MCD/MCDX)

  • Mitsumi FX001D/F (MCD/MCDX)

  • Optics Storage Dolphin 8000AT (OPTCD)

  • Sanyo CDR-H94A (SJCD)

  • Sony CDU31A/CDU33A (CDU31A)

  • Sony CDU-510/CDU-515 (SOMYCD535)

  • Sony CDU-535/CDU-531 (SONYCD535)

  • Teac CD-55A SuperQuad (SBPCD)

17.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • LMS/Philips CM 205/225/202 here

  • NEC CDR-35D (old) here

  • Sony SCSI multisession CD-XA here

  • Parallel Port Driver here

17.3. Notes

All CD-ROM drives should work similarly for reading data. There are various compatibility problems with audio CD playing utilities. (Especially with newer low-end NEC drives.) Some alpha drivers may not have audio support yet.

Early (single speed) NEC CD-ROM drives may have trouble with currently available SCSI controllers.

PhotoCD (XA) is supported. The hpcdtoppm program by Hadmut Danisch converts PhotoCD files to the portable pixmap format. The program can be obtained from here or as part of the PBM utilities.

Also, reading video CD is supported in kernel series 2.1.3x and later. A patch is available for kernel 2.0.30.

Finally, most IDE CD-ROM Changers are supported.

18. CD-Writers

Many CD-Writers are supported by Linux now. For an up to date list of CD-Writers supported check the CD-Writing HOWTO, check here or check here. Cdwrite here and cdrecord here can be used for writing CD's. The X-CD-Roast package for Linux is a graphical front-end for using CD writers. The package can be found at

19. DVD drives

Most, if not all, ATAPI and SCSI DVD-ROM and writable DVD drives are supported.

Use dvdrtools to write DVDs.

Use Ogle, xine, MPlayer, or VideoLAN to play DVD movies.

Note that most of the notes in the CD-ROM section apply to DVD-ROM drives as well as CD-ROM drives.

20. Removable drives

All SCSI drives should work if the controller is supported, including optical (MO), WORM, floptical, Bernoulli, Zip, Jaz, SyQuest, PD, and others.

Removable drives work like hard disks and floppies, just fdisk / mkfs and mount the disks. Linux provides drive locking if your drives support it. mtools can also be used if the disks are in MS-DOS format.

CD-R drives require special software to work. Read the CD-R Mini-HOWTO.

Linux supports both 512 and 1024 bytes/sector disks. Starting with kernel 2.1.32 Linux also supports 2048 bytes/sector. A patch to kernel 2.0.30 is available at here.

The 2048 bytes/sector support is needed for

Starting with pre-patch-2.0.31-3 IDE/ATAPI internal Zip drives, flopticals and PD's are supported.

21. Mice

21.1. Supported

  • Microsoft serial mouse

  • Mouse Systems serial mouse

  • Logitech Mouseman serial mouse

  • Logitech serial mouse

  • ATI XL Inport busmouse

  • C&T 82C710 (QuickPort) (Toshiba, TI Travelmate)

  • Microsoft busmouse

  • Logitech busmouse

  • PS/2 (auxiliary device) mouse

21.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

21.3. Notes

Touchpad devices like Alps Glidepoint also work, so long they're compatible with another mouse protocol.

Newer Logitech mice (except the Mouseman) use the Microsoft protocol and all three buttons do work. Eventhough Microsoft's mice have only two buttons, the protocol allows three buttons.

The mouse port on the ATI Graphics Ultra and Ultra Pro use the Logitech busmouse protocol. (See the Busmouse HOWTO for details.)

22. Modems

All external modems connected via a RS-232 serial port should work. This includes external ISDN adapters, although some of the extended features of external ISDN adapaters (such as multilink) may or may not work.

Internal modems are another story, however. There are many so-called "winmodems" available now. In fact, it seems that most PCI modems are winmodems. Some of them do have drivers for Linux now, but many of the drivers are often binary-only. (See the note on binary-only drivers.) See for more information on Linux-supported winmodems.

Note that there are external USB winmodems on the market now, so be very careful when shopping for external modems.

Furthermore, many flash upgradable modems only have flash programs for Win95/NT. These modems cannot be upgraded under Linux.

A small number of modems come with DOS software that downloads the control program at runtime. These can normally be used by loading the program under DOS and doing a warm boot. Such modems are probably best avoided as you won't be able to use them with non PC hardware in the future.

Most 16-bit PCMCIA modems should work with the PCMCIA drivers. CardBus modems are usually winmodems much like PCI modems. Your best bet for now is to find a card that lists compatibility with DOS and Windows 3.1.

All that said, if a modem is known to have a real UART (or hardware UART emulation), whether it is ISA, PCMCIA, etc., it should work under Linux.

Fax modems need appropriated fax software to operate. Also be sure that the fax part of the modem supports Class 2 or Class 2.0. It seems to be generally true for any fax software on unix that support for Class 1.0 is not available.

An exception to this is the Linux efax program which supports both Class 1 and Class 2 fax modems. In some cases there can be a few (minor) technical problems with Class 1 modems. If you have a choice it is recommend to get a Class 2 modem.

See Appendix B Linux Incompatible Hardware for specific cards known not to work with Linux.

The following are other good resources for finding Linux-compatible modems:

Most of the information below is from those sites.

Other useful documents include the following:

Below is a very incomplete list of modems currently known to work under Linux.

ManufacturerModel nameChipsetBusDriverNotes
ActiontecPCI56012-01CW PCI  
MultitechMultiModem MT5634ZPX-PCI PCI  
IBM33L4618 PCI  
TopicFM-56PCI-TP PCI  
3Com3CP5610 PCI  
3Com3CP5613 Internet Gaming Modem PCI  
3Com3CP2976 PCI  
3Com3CP2977 PCI  
ArchtekSmartlink 5634PCV PCI  
Zoom2920 PCI  
Well CommunicationsFM-56PCI-TP PCI  

The following is old information and may not be entirely correct. It may be removed in a future revision of this document.

Also multimodem cards are supported by Linux.

The following modem is mentioned not to be supported

23. Printers/Plotters

The following is a list of printers from the database. See their web site and the Linux Printing HOWTO for more information.

ManufacturerModel NumberFunctionality
AlpsMD-1000Works mostly
AlpsMD-1300Works mostly
AlpsMD-1500Works mostly
AlpsMD-2000Works mostly
AlpsMD-2010Works mostly
AlpsMD-2300Works mostly
AlpsMD-4000Works mostly
AlpsMD-5000Works mostly
AlpsMD-5500Works mostly
AnitechM24Works perfectly
ApolloP-1200Works perfectly
ApolloP-1220 BarbieWorks perfectly
ApolloP-1250Works perfectly
ApolloP-2100Works perfectly
ApolloP-2150Works perfectly
ApolloP-2200Works perfectly
ApolloP-2250Works perfectly
ApolloP-2500Works perfectly
ApolloP-2550Works perfectly
ApolloP-2600Works perfectly
ApolloP-2650Works perfectly
Apple12/640psWorks perfectly
AppleColor StyleWriter 1500Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 2200Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 2400Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 2500Works mostly
AppleDot MatrixWorks perfectly
AppleImageWriterWorks perfectly
AppleImageWriter IIWorks mostly
AppleImageWriter LQWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter 16/600Works perfectly
AppleLaserWriter 4/600Works perfectly
AppleLaserWriter IINTXWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter IIgWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter NTWorks mostly
AppleLaserWriter Pro 630Works perfectly
AppleLaserWriter Select 360Works perfectly
AppleStyleWriter 1200Works mostly
AppleStyleWriter IWorks mostly
AppleStyleWriter IIWorks mostly
AveryPersonal Label PrinterWorks mostly
AveryPersonal Label Printer+Works perfectly
Brother4550None - Paperweight
BrotherDCP-1200Works partially
BrotherHJ-400Works mostly
BrotherHL-1020Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1030Works mostly
BrotherHL-1040Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1050Works mostly
BrotherHL-1060Works mostly
BrotherHL-1070Works perfectly
BrotherHL-10VWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-10hWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1240Works mostly
BrotherHL-1250Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1260Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1270NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1440Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1450Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1470NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1650Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1660eWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1670NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-2060Works perfectly
BrotherHL-2400CeNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-2460Works perfectly
BrotherHL-2460NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-3400CNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-4VeWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-630Works perfectly
BrotherHL-660Works perfectly
BrotherHL-720Works perfectly
BrotherHL-730Works perfectly
BrotherHL-760Works perfectly
BrotherHL-8Works perfectly
BrotherHL-820Works perfectly
BrotherHL-960Works perfectly
BrotherMC-3000Works partially
BrotherMFC 7150CWorks partially
BrotherMFC-4350Works partially
BrotherMFC-6550MCWorks partially
BrotherMFC-8300Works partially
BrotherMFC-9050Works partially
BrotherMFC-9100cWorks partially
BrotherMFC-9500Works partially
BrotherMFC-9600Works partially
BrotherMFC-P2500Works partially
BrotherMP-21CNone - Paperweight
CItohM8510Works perfectly
CalCompArtisan 1023 penplotterWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-100Works perfectly
CanonBJ-10eWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-10vWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-15vWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-20Works perfectly
CanonBJ-200Works perfectly
CanonBJ-30Works perfectly
CanonBJ-300Works partially
CanonBJ-330Works perfectly
CanonBJ-35vWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-5Works perfectly
CanonBJC-1000Works mostly
CanonBJC-2000Works mostly
CanonBJC-2010Works mostly
CanonBJC-210Works perfectly
CanonBJC-2100Works mostly
CanonBJC-210SPWorks partially
CanonBJC-2110Works mostly
CanonBJC-240Works mostly
CanonBJC-250Works perfectly
CanonBJC-250exWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-255SPWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-265SPWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-3000Works mostly
CanonBJC-4000Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4100Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4200Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4300Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4310SPWorks mostly
CanonBJC-4400Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4550Works perfectly
CanonBJC-50Works mostly
CanonBJC-5000None - Paperweight
CanonBJC-5100None - Paperweight
CanonBJC-55Works mostly
CanonBJC-600Works perfectly
CanonBJC-6000Works mostly
CanonBJC-610Works perfectly
CanonBJC-6100Works partially
CanonBJC-620Works perfectly
CanonBJC-6200Works partially
CanonBJC-6500Works partially
CanonBJC-680JWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-70Works perfectly
CanonBJC-7000Works partially
CanonBJC-7004Works mostly
CanonBJC-7100Works partially
CanonBJC-80Works mostly
CanonBJC-800Works perfectly
CanonBJC-8200Works mostly
CanonBJC-85Works mostly
CanonBJC-8500None - Paperweight
CanonBJC-880JWorks perfectly
CanonGP 335Works perfectly
CanonGP 405Works perfectly
CanonLBP-1000Works perfectly
CanonLBP-1260Works perfectly
CanonLBP-1760Works perfectly
CanonLBP-310Works perfectly
CanonLBP-320 ProWorks perfectly
CanonLBP-350Works perfectly
CanonLBP-4+Works perfectly
CanonLBP-430Works perfectly
CanonLBP-460None - Paperweight
CanonLBP-4UWorks perfectly
CanonLBP-4sxWorks mostly
CanonLBP-600None - Paperweight
CanonLBP-660None - Paperweight
CanonLBP-800None - Paperweight
CanonLBP-8A1Works perfectly
CanonLIPS-II+Works perfectly
CanonLIPS-IIIWorks perfectly
CanonLIPS-IVWorks perfectly
CanonLIPS-IVvWorks perfectly
CanonMultiPASS C2500Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C3000Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C3500Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C5000Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C5500Works partially
CanonMultipass C50Unknown
CanonMultipass L6000None - Paperweight
CanonS100Works mostly
CanonS200None - Paperweight
CanonS300Works partially
CanonS400Works mostly
CanonS450Works partially
CanonS4500Works partially
CanonS500Works partially
CanonS600Works partially
CanonS630Works partially
CanonS800Works partially
CanonimageRunner 330sWorks mostly
CitizenProJet IIWorks perfectly
CitizenProJet IIcWorks perfectly
Citizenprintiva1700Works mostly
Citizenprintiva600CWorks perfectly
Citizenprintiva600UWorks perfectly
Citizenprintiva700Works mostly
CompaqIJ1200Works mostly
CompaqIJ300None - Paperweight
CompaqIJ750Works mostly
CompaqIJ900Works partially
DEC1800Works mostly
DECDECWriter 500iWorks perfectly
DECDECwriter 110iWorks perfectly
DECDECwriter 520icWorks perfectly
DECLA50Works perfectly
DECLA70Works perfectly
DECLA75Works perfectly
DECLA75 PlusWorks perfectly
DECLJ250Works perfectly
DECLN03Works perfectly
DECLN07Works perfectly
DECLN17Works mostly
Dymo-CoStarASCII 250Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarASCII+Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarEL40Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarEL60Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarLabelWriter IIWorks perfectly
Dymo-CoStarLabelWriter XLWorks perfectly
Dymo-CoStarLabelWriter XL+Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarSE250Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarSE250+Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarTurboWorks perfectly
EpsonActionLaser 1100Works perfectly
EpsonActionLaser IIWorks perfectly
EpsonActionPrinter 3250Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C1000None - Paperweight
EpsonAcuLaser C2000Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C2000PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C4000Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C4000PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C8500Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C8500PSWorks perfectly
EpsonCL 700Works perfectly
EpsonCL 750Works perfectly
EpsonDot MatrixWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 900CWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 900CNWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 930CWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 930CNWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-5200Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5200+Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5500WNone - Paperweight
EpsonEPL-5700Works mostly
EpsonEPL-5700LNone - Paperweight
EpsonEPL-5800Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5800LNone - Paperweight
EpsonEPL-5800PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-5900Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5900LNone - Paperweight
EpsonEPL-5900PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-7100Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N1600Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N1600PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050+Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050PS+Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2120Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2750Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2750PSWorks perfectly
EpsonL-1000Works perfectly
EpsonLP 8000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-2000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-3000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-7000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-7000GWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-xx00Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-24Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-2550Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-500Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-570+Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-850Works perfectly
EpsonLX-1050Works perfectly
EpsonMC 10000Works partially
EpsonMC 2000Works partially
EpsonMC 5000Works mostly
EpsonMC 7000Works perfectly
EpsonMC 9000Works partially
EpsonMJ 5100CWorks mostly
EpsonMJ 520CWorks mostly
EpsonMJ 6000CWorks perfectly
EpsonMJ 8000CWorks perfectly
EpsonMachJetWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 10000Works partially
EpsonPM 2000CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 2200CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3000CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3300CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3500CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 4000PXWorks mostly
EpsonPM 5000CWorks mostly
EpsonPM 7000CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 700CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 730CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 750CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 760CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 770CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 780CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 790PTWorks mostly
EpsonPM 800CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 820CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 850PTWorks mostly
EpsonPM 880CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 9000CWorks partially
EpsonPM 950CWorks partially
EpsonPX 7000Works partially
EpsonPX 9000Works partially
EpsonSQ 1170Works perfectly
EpsonStylusWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus 800Works perfectly
EpsonStylus B/W 820Unknown
EpsonStylus C20SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C20UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C40SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C40UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C41SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C41UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C42SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C42UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C60Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C61Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C62Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C70Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C80Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C82Works perfectly
EpsonStylus CX3200None - Paperweight
EpsonStylus ColorWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 1160Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 1500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 1520Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 200Works mostly
EpsonStylus Color 300Works mostly
EpsonStylus Color 3000Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 400Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 440Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 460Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 480Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 580Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 600Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 640Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 660Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 670Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 680Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 740Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 760Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 777Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 8 3Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 800Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 850Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 860Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 880Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 900Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 980Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color IWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Color IIWorks mostly
EpsonStylus Color IIsWorks mostly
EpsonStylus Color PROWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus PhotoWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1200Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1270Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1280Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1290Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1290SWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 2000PWorks partially
EpsonStylus Photo 2100Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 2200Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 700Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 720Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 750Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 780Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 785Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 790Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 810Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 820Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 825Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 830Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 870Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 875Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 890Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 895Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 915Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 925Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 950Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 960Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo EXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo EX3Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Pro 10000Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 5000Works mostly
EpsonStylus Pro 5500Works mostly
EpsonStylus Pro 7000Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Pro 7500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Pro 7600Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 9000Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 9500Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 9600Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro XLWorks mostly
EpsonStylus Scan 2000Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Scan 2500Works perfectly
Fujitsu1200Works perfectly
Fujitsu2400Works perfectly
Fujitsu3400Works perfectly
FujitsuFMLBP2xx Page PrinterWorks perfectly
FujitsuFMPRWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 10VWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 16DVWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 20WWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 8000Works perfectly
HP2000CWorks perfectly
HP2500CWorks perfectly
HP2500CMWorks perfectly
HP2563Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2200Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2230Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2250Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2250TNWorks perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2280Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2600Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 3000Works perfectly
HPColor Inkjet Printer CP1160Works perfectly
HPColor Inkjet Printer CP1700Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 2500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4550Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4600Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5000Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 8550GNWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 230Works mostly
HPDesignJet 3500CPWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 350CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 5500Works partially
HPDesignJet 5500psWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 650CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 750CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 750C PlusWorks mostly
HPDesignJet ColorPro CADWorks perfectly
HPDeskJetWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1000CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1100CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1120CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1125CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1200CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1220CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1600CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1600CMWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 200Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 310Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 320Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3320Works mostly
HPDeskJet 340CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 3420Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3425Works mostly
HPDeskJet 350CWorks mostly
HPDeskJet 3810Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3816Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3820Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3822Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 400Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 420CWorks mostly
HPDeskJet 450Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 500Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 500CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 505J PlusWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 510Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 520Works mostly
HPDeskJet 540CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 550CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 5550Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5551Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 560CWorks mostly
HPDeskJet 600Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 610CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 610CLWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6122Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 6127Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 612CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 630CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 632CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 640CUnknown
HPDeskJet 640CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 648CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 656CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 660CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 670CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 670TVWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 672CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 680CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 682CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 690CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 692CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 693CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 694CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 695CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 697CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 710CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 712CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 720CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 722CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 810CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 812CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 815CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 816CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 820CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 825CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 830CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 832CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 840CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 841CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 842CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 843CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 845CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 850CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 855CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 870CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 880CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 882CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 890CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 895CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 916CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 920CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 930CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 932CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 933CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 934CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 935CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 940CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 948CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 950CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 952CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 955CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 957CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 959CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 960CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 970CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 975CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 980CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 990CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 995CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet PlusWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet PortableWorks perfectly
HPLaserJetWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 1000Works partially
HPLaserJet 1100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1100AWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 1200Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1220Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2 w/PSWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 2100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2100MWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 2200Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2DWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 2PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 2P PlusWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3100None - Paperweight
HPLaserJet 3150None - Paperweight
HPLaserJet 3200Works mostly
HPLaserJet 3200mWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 3200seWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 3300 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3310 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3320 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3320N MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3330 MFPWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 3DWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3P w/ PCL5Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3P w/PSWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4 PlusWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4050Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4MWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4MLWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4SiWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4VWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4V/4LJ ProWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5MWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5MPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5SiWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 6Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 6LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 6MPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 6PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 8000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 8100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 8150Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 9000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet PlusWorks perfectly
HPMopier 240Works perfectly
HPMopier 320Works perfectly
HPOfficeJetWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet 300Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 330Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 350Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 500Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 600Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 625Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 635Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 710Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D125Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet D135Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D145Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D155Works mostly
HPOfficeJet G55Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet G85Works mostly
HPOfficeJet G95Works mostly
HPOfficeJet K60Works mostly
HPOfficeJet K80Works mostly
HPOfficeJet LXWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet Pro 1150CWorks perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro 1170CWorks perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro 1175CWorks perfectly
HPOfficeJet R40Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet R45Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet R60Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet R65Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet R80Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet T45Works mostly
HPOfficeJet T65Works mostly
HPOfficeJet V40Works mostly
HPOfficejet LXUnknown
HPPSC 2110Works perfectly
HPPSC 2150Works perfectly
HPPSC 2210Works mostly
HPPSC 370Works perfectly
HPPSC 380Works perfectly
HPPSC 500Works perfectly
HPPSC 750Works perfectly
HPPSC 950Works mostly
HPPaintJetWorks perfectly
HPPaintJet XLWorks perfectly
HPPaintJet XL300Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmartNone - Paperweight
HPPhotoSmart 7150Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7350Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7550Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1000Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1115Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1215Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1218Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P130Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1315Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P230Works perfectly
HPThinkJetWorks partially
HPe-printer e20Works perfectly
HeidelbergDigimaster 9110Works perfectly
HitachiDDP 70 (with MicroPress)Works perfectly
IBM3853 JetPrinterWorks perfectly
IBM4019Works perfectly
IBM4029 030 LaserPrinter 10Works partially
IBM4029 10PWorks perfectly
IBM4303 Network Color PrinterWorks perfectly
IBMExecjet 4072Works perfectly
IBMInfoprint 12Works perfectly
IBMPage Printer 3112Works perfectly
IBMProPrinterIIWorks perfectly
ImagenImPressWorks perfectly
Infotec4651 MFWorks perfectly
KodakDigiSource 9110Works perfectly
KodakIS 70 CPIIWorks perfectly
KyoceraF-1010Works perfectly
KyoceraF-3300Works perfectly
KyoceraF-800TWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-1000Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1000+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1010Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1200Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1700+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1750Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1800Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1900Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3500Works mostly
KyoceraFS-3750Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3800Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-5900CWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-600Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-600 (KPDL-2)Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-680Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-800Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-9100DNWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-9500DNWorks perfectly
KyoceraP-2000Works perfectly
LaserMasterLM 1000None - Paperweight
Lexmark1000Works partially
Lexmark1020Works partially
Lexmark1020 BusinessWorks mostly
Lexmark1100Works partially
Lexmark2030Works partially
Lexmark2050Works partially
Lexmark2070Works partially
Lexmark3000Works mostly
Lexmark3200Works mostly
Lexmark4039 10plusWorks perfectly
Lexmark4076Works mostly
Lexmark5000Works partially
Lexmark5700Works partially
Lexmark7000Works partially
Lexmark7200Works partially
LexmarkE210Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra C710Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 1200Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 1275Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 40Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 45Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra EWorks perfectly
LexmarkOptra E+Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra E310Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra E312Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra EpWorks perfectly
LexmarkOptra K 1220Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra M410Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra M412Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra R+Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra S 1250Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra S 1855Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra S1650Unknown
LexmarkOptra Se 3455Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T610Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T612Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T614Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T616Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra W810Works perfectly
LexmarkValuewriter 300Works perfectly
LexmarkWinwriter 100None - Paperweight
LexmarkWinwriter 150cNone - Paperweight
LexmarkWinwriter 200None - Paperweight
LexmarkWinwriter 400Works partially
LexmarkX73Works partially
LexmarkZ11Works partially
LexmarkZ12Works partially
LexmarkZ13None - Paperweight
LexmarkZ22Works partially
LexmarkZ23None - Paperweight
LexmarkZ31Works mostly
LexmarkZ32Works partially
LexmarkZ33None - Paperweight
LexmarkZ42Works mostly
LexmarkZ43Works partially
LexmarkZ51Works partially
LexmarkZ52Works perfectly
LexmarkZ53Works perfectly
LexmarkZ82Works partially
MinoltaPagePro 1100Works perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 1100LNone - Paperweight
MinoltaPagePro 6Works perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 6LNone - Paperweight
MinoltaPagePro 6eWorks perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 6exWorks perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 8Works perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 8LWorks perfectly
MitsubishiCP50 Color PrinterWorks perfectly
NECMultiWriterWorks perfectly
NECP2XWorks perfectly
NECPC-PR1000Works perfectly
NECPC-PR150Works perfectly
NECPC-PR2000Works perfectly
NECPC-PR201Works perfectly
NECPICTY180Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P6Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P6 plusWorks perfectly
NECPinWriter P60Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P7Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P7 plusWorks perfectly
NECPinWriter P70Works perfectly
NECPinwriter P20Works perfectly
NECSilentWriter LC 890Works perfectly
NECSilentwriter 95fWorks perfectly
NECSilentwriter2 S60PWorks perfectly
NECSilentwriter2 model 290Works perfectly
NECSuperScript 100CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 1260Works partially
NECSuperScript 150CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 1800Works perfectly
NECSuperScript 4600NWorks perfectly
NECSuperScript 610plusNone - Paperweight
NECSuperScript 650CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 660None - Paperweight
NECSuperScript 660iWorks perfectly
NECSuperScript 660plusNone - Paperweight
NECSuperScript 750CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 860Works partially
NECSuperScript 870Works partially
Oce3165Works perfectly
Oce9050Works perfectly
OkidataDP 5000Works mostly
OkidataML 320Works perfectly
OkidataML 321Works perfectly
OkidataML 380Works perfectly
OkidataMicroline 182Works mostly
OkidataMicroline 192+Works partially
OkidataMicroline 600CLWorks perfectly
OkidataMicroline 620CLWorks perfectly
OkidataMicroline IBM compatible 9 pinWorks perfectly
OkidataOL400Works perfectly
OkidataOL400eWorks perfectly
OkidataOL400exWorks perfectly
OkidataOL400wWorks mostly
OkidataOL410eWorks mostly
OkidataOL600eWorks perfectly
OkidataOL610e/PSWorks perfectly
OkidataOL610e/SWorks mostly
OkidataOL800Works perfectly
OkidataOL810e/PSWorks perfectly
OkidataOL810exWorks perfectly
OkidataOL820Works partially
OkidataOL830PlusWorks perfectly
OkidataOkijet 2010None - Paperweight
OkidataOkijet 2500Works mostly
OkidataOkipage 10eWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 10exWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 12iWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 14exWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 20DXnWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 4wWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 4w+Works mostly
OkidataOkipage 6eWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 6exWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 6wWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 8cWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 8pWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 8wWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 8w LiteWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 8zWorks mostly
OkidataSuper 6eWorks mostly
OlivettiJP350SWorks perfectly
OlivettiJP450Works partially
OlivettiJP470Works perfectly
OlivettiPG 306Works perfectly
PCPI1030Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1123Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1124Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1150Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1180iWorks partially
PanasonicKX-P1624Works partially
PanasonicKX-P2023Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P2123Works mostly
PanasonicKX-P2135Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P2150Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P4410Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P4450Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P5400Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P6100None - Paperweight
PanasonicKX-P6150Works mostly
PanasonicKX-P6300 GDINone - Paperweight
PanasonicKX-P6500Works partially
PanasonicKX-P8410None - Paperweight
PanasonicKX-P8420Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P8475Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-PS600Works partially
PanasonicKX-Pxxxx 24-pinWorks partially
PentaxPocketJet 200Works perfectly
PentaxPocketJet IIWorks perfectly
Printrex820 DLWorks partially
QMS2425 Turbo EXWorks perfectly
QMSLPK-100Works perfectly
QMSmagicolor 2None - Paperweight
QMSmagicolor 2+Works perfectly
QMSps-810Works mostly
RavenLP-410Works mostly
Ricoh4081Works perfectly
Ricoh4801Works perfectly
Ricoh6000Works perfectly
RicohAficio 220Works perfectly
RicohAficio 401Works mostly
RicohAficio 700Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP2000Works perfectly
RicohAficio Color 2206None - Paperweight
RicohAfico FX10None - Paperweight
RicohRPDL I Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL II Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL III Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL IV Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
SamsungML-1000Works perfectly
SamsungML-1010Works perfectly
SamsungML-1020Works perfectly
SamsungML-1200Works perfectly
SamsungML-1210Works perfectly
SamsungML-1220Works perfectly
SamsungML-200Works perfectly
SamsungML-210Works perfectly
SamsungML-4500Works perfectly
SamsungML-4600Works perfectly
SamsungML-5000aWorks perfectly
SamsungML-5050GNone - Paperweight
SamsungML-5080Works perfectly
SamsungML-6000/6100Works perfectly
SamsungML-6040Works perfectly
SamsungML-7000/7000P/7000NWorks perfectly
SamsungML-7050Works perfectly
SamsungML-85Works perfectly
SamsungML-85GWorks mostly
SamsungQL-5100AWorks perfectly
SamsungQL-6050Works perfectly
SamsungQL-85GWorks mostly
SamsungSF/MSYS/MJ-4700/4800/4500CNone - Paperweight
SamsungSI-630AWorks perfectly
SeikoSLPWorks mostly
SeikoSLP 120Works mostly
SeikoSLP 220Works mostly
SeikoSLP EZ30Works mostly
SeikoSLP PlusWorks mostly
SeikoSLP ProWorks mostly
SeikoSLP-100Works mostly
SeikoSLP-200Works mostly
SeikoSLP-240Works mostly
SeikoSpeedJET 200Works perfectly
SharpAJ-1800Works mostly
SharpAJ-1805Works mostly
SharpAJ-2000Works mostly
SharpAJ-2005Works mostly
SharpAJ-2100None - Paperweight
SharpAR-161Works perfectly
SonyIJP-V100Works partially
StarJJ-100Works perfectly
StarLC 90Works mostly
StarLC24-100Works perfectly
StarLC24-200Works mostly
StarLS-04Works perfectly
StarLaserPrinter 8Works mostly
StarNL-10Works perfectly
StarNX-1001Works mostly
StarStarJet 48Works mostly
StarWinType 4000None - Paperweight
TallyMT908Works perfectly
Tektronix3693d color printer, 8-bit modeWorks perfectly
Tektronix4693d color printer, 2-bit modeWorks perfectly
Tektronix4693d color printer, 4-bit modeWorks perfectly
Tektronix4695Works perfectly
Tektronix4696Works perfectly
Tektronix4697Works perfectly
TektronixPhaser 350Works mostly
TektronixPhaser 780Works perfectly
TektronixPhaser 850Works perfectly
TektronixPhaser IISXWorks perfectly
TektronixPhaser PXWorks perfectly
Xerox2700 XESWorks perfectly
Xerox3700 XESWorks perfectly
Xerox4045 XESWorks perfectly
XeroxAble 1406Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint 4508Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint C11Works partially
XeroxDocuPrint C20Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint C55Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint C6Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint C8Works partially
XeroxDocuPrint M750Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint M760Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint N17Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint N32Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint N4512Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint N4512 PSWorks perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint P12Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint P1202Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint P8None - Paperweight
XeroxDocuPrint P8eWorks mostly
XeroxDocuPrint XJ6CWorks partially
XeroxDocuPrint XJ8CWorks partially
XeroxDocument Centre 400Works perfectly
XeroxDocument HomecentreWorks partially
XeroxWorkCentre 385None - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre 450cpWorks partially
XeroxWorkCentre 470cxWorks partially
XeroxWorkCentre XD120fNone - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre XE80None - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre XE90fxNone - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre XK35cWorks partially

The following is old information and will be removed in a future revision of this document:

23.1. Ghostscript

Many Linux programs output PostScript files. Non-PostScript printers can emulate PostScript Level 2 using Ghostscript.

23.1.1. Ghostscript 5.1 supported printers

  • Apple Imagewriter

  • Apple Dot Matrix printer

  • Apple StyleWriter 2x00 (bjc600)

  • Brother HL-660 (ljet4)

  • C. Itoh M8510

  • Canon BubbleJet BJ10e, BJ20 (bj10e)

  • Canon BubbleJet BJ100, BJ200, BJC-210 (B/W only), BJC-240 (B/W only), BJC-250 (B/W only), BJC-70 (B/W only) (bj200)

  • Canon BubbleJet BJC-600, BJC-610, BJC-4000, BJC-4100 (B/W only), BJC-4200, BJC-4300, BJC-4400, BJC-4550, BJC-210, BJC-450, MultiPASS C2500, BJC-240, BJC-70 (bjc600)

  • Canon BubbleJet BJC-800, BJC-7000 (bjc800)

  • Canon Bubblejet BJC-610 (uniprint)

  • Canon LBP-8II, LIPS III

  • DEC LA50/70/75/75plus

  • DEC LN03, LJ250 (decl250)

  • Epson 9 pin, 24 pin, LQ series, AP3250

  • Epson Stylus Color/Color II/400/500/600/800 (stcolor)

  • Epson Stylus Color/Color II/500/600/800/1520 (uniprint)

  • Fujitsu 3400,2400,1200

  • HP 2563B

  • HP DesignJet 650C

  • HP DeskJet, Deskjet Plus (deskjet)

  • HP Deskjet 500, Deskjet Portable (djet500)

  • HP Deskjet 500C (cdeskjet)

  • HP Deskjet 550C (uniprint)

  • HP DeskJet 400/500C/520C/540C/690C/693C (cdj500)

  • HP DeskJet 550C/560C/600/660C/660Cse/682C/683C/693C/694C/695C/850/870Cse (cdj550)

  • HP DeskJet 850/855/870Cse/870Cxi/890C/672C/680/1100C (cdj850)

  • HP DeskJet 500C/510/520/5540C/693C printing black only (cdjmono)

  • HP DeskJet 600 (lj4dith)

  • HP DeskJet 600/870Cse, LaserJet 5/5L/6L (ljet4)

  • HP Deskjet 600/1200C/1600C (pjxl300)

  • HP Deskjet 500/500C/510/520/540/550C/560C/850C/855C and other PCL3 printers here

  • HP Deskjet 710, 720, 820 and 1000 series here

  • HP Paintjet (pjtest)

  • HP Paintjet XL (pjxltest)

  • HP PaintJet XL300 (pjxl300)

  • HP LaserJet/Plus/II/III/4/5/6

  • IBM 3853 Jetprinter color

  • IBM Proprinter

  • Imagen ImPress

  • Lexmark Optra E+ (ljet4)

  • Mitsubishi CP50 color

  • NEC P6/P6+/P60

  • NEC Pinwriter P2X (uniprint)

  • NEC SuperScript 860 (ljetplus)

  • Oki OL410ex LED (ljet4)

  • Okidata MicroLine 182

  • Ricoh 4081/6000 (r4081)

  • SPARCprinter

  • StarJet 48 inkjet printer

  • Tektronix 4693d color 2/4/8 bit

  • Tektronix 4695/4696 inkjet plotter

  • Xerox XES printers (2700, 3700, 4045, etc.)

23.1.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • Epson Stylus Color 440

24. Scanners

For scanner support there is the package SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy). Information can be found at here. It can be downloaded from here. This is a universal scanner interface. It comes complete with documentation and several frontends and backends.

More information on handheld scanners can be found at here

Many scanners also have their own, scanner specific, software packages which include drivers.

24.1. Supported

  • A4 Tech AC 4096 / AS 8000P (a4scan) here

  • Adara Image Star I ??? here ??? here

  • Conrad Personal Scanner 64, P105 handheld scanners (scan-driver) here

  • Epson GT-5500 (SANE epson)

  • Epson GT-6000 here

  • Escom Image Scanner 256 (SANE umax)

  • Fujitsu SCSI-2 scanners contact Dr. G.W. Wettstein <>

  • Genius ColorPage-SP2 ??? here ??? here

  • Genius GS-B105G handheld scanner (gs105) here

  • Genius GeniScan GS-4500, GS-4500A handheld scanners (gs4500) here

  • HighScreen Greyscan 256 handheld scanner (BW only) (gs4500) here

  • HP ScanJet II series SCSI here

  • HP ScanJet IIc, IIcx, IIp, 3c, 4c, 4p, 5p, 5pse, plus here

  • Linotype Hell Jade, Jade2 (SANE umax)

  • Logitech Scanman+, Scanman 32, Scanman 256 handheld scanners (logiscan) here

  • Microtek ScanMaker E3, E6, II, IIXE, III and 35t models ??? here ??? here E3 and E6 scanners are also supported by here

  • Mustek M105 handheld scanner (scan-driver) here

  • Mustek HT800 Turbo, Matador 105, Matador 256 handheld scanners (scan-driver) here

  • Mustek Paragon 6000CX here

  • Nikon Coolscan SCSI 35mm film scanner here

  • Nikon AX-210 (SANE umax)

  • Pearl 256 handheld scanner (scan-driver) here

  • Polaroid DMC (SANE dmc)

  • Vobis/Highscreen Scanboostar Premium (SANE umax)

  • UMAX SCSI scanners here

  • UMAX Vista S6, S6E, T630, Supervista S-12 (SANE umax)

  • UMAX S-6E, S-6EG, S-12, S-12G (SANE umax)

  • UMAX Astra 600S, 610S, 1200S, 1220S (SANE umax)

  • UMAX UC 630, 840, 1200S, 1200SE (SANE umax)

  • UMAX UG 80, 630 (SANE umax)

  • UMAX PSD, Gemini D-16 (SANE umax)

NOTE: The Mustek drivers work only with GI1904 interface cards. Eric Chang has created a patch to use them with IF960 interface cards.

24.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • Abaton Scan 300/S (SANE abaton)

  • Abaton Scan 300/GS (SANE abaton)

  • Agfa Focus, Focus II (SANE agfafocus)

  • Agfa Focus Color, Focus Color Plus (SANE agfafocus)

  • Agfa Focus Lineart (SANE agfafocus)

  • Agfa Arcus II (SANE microtek)

  • Agfa StudioScan II, IIsi (SANE microtek)

  • Agfa SnapScan 300, 310, 600 (SANE snapscan)

  • Apple Scanner, OneScanner, ColorOneScanner (SANE apple)

  • Artec/Ultima AT3, AT6, AT12 (SANE artec)

  • Artec A6000C+ (SANE artec)

  • Canon CanoScan 300, CanoScan 600, CanoScan 2700F (SANE canon)

  • Genius Colorpage-Vivid+ Info can be found on here. The driver can also be found here.

  • Genius GS-4000, ScanMate/32, ScanMate/GS handheld scanners (gs4500) here

  • HP ScanJet IIc, IIp, IIcx, 3c, 4c, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6100c, 6200c (SANE hp)

  • HP PhotoSmart PhotoScanner (SANE hp)

  • Kodak DC210 (SANE dc210)

  • Kodak DC20, DC25 (SANE dc25)

  • Microtek Scanmaker E2, E3, E6, II, IIG, IIHR, IISP, III, 35t+, 600Z(S), 600G(S) (SANE microtek)

  • Microtek ScanMaker E3plus, 330, 630, 636, X6 (SANE microtek2)

  • Microtek Phantom 636 (SANE microtek2)

  • Mustek MFC-600S, MFC-600CD, MFC-800S (SANE mustek)

  • Mustek MFS-6000CX, MFS-6000SP, MFS-8000SP, MFS-1200SP, MFS-12000CX (SANE mustek)

  • Mustek SE-6000SP, SE-12000SP (SANE mustek)

  • Mustek HT105, M800 handheld scanners (scan-driver) here

  • Nework Scanny MM100 Info can be found on here. The driver can also be found here.

  • Nikon LS-20, LS-30, LS-1000 (SANE Coolscan)

  • Plustek OpticPro 4830P, OpticPro 4831P, OpticPro 9630P/PL, OpticPro 600P, OpticPro FBIII, OpticPro FBIV (SANE plustek) The sane driver can be found at here

  • Primax Colorado Direct 300, Colorado Direct 600/30bit, Storm Totalscan Info can be found on here. The driver can also be found here.

  • Siemens S9036 (SANE agfafocus)

  • Tamarack Artiscan 6000C, 8000C, 12000C (SANE tamarack)

  • UMAX Vista-S8, UC-1260, Mirage IIse, PL-II (SANE umax)

  • Vobis HighScan (SANE microtek2)

  • Voelkner Personal Scanner 64 handheld scanner (scan-driver) here

  • Vuego 310S (SANE snapscan)

24.3. Unsupported

  • Acer scanners. Acer is not releasing any programming information.

  • Escom 256 (Primax Lector Premier 256) handheld scanner

  • Genius ScanMate/256, ScanMate/Color, EasyScan handheld scanners

  • Mustek CG 8000 handheld scanner

  • Primax Colorado Direct 9600, Colorado 1200p, Colorado USB 19200 Info can be found on here

  • Trust Ami Scan handheld scanner

  • UMAX parallel scanners

25. USB

USB is supported in all 2.4.x kernels, as well as 2.2.18 and higher. The kernel driver supports both the Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI, used by Intel and Via motherboard chipsets) and the Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI, used by Compaq, Apple, SiS, OPTi, Lucent and ALi chipsets).

For more information, see

Below is a very incomplete list of USB hardware known to work with the Linux USB driver.

25.1. Digital Cameras

ManufacturerModel NameDriverNotes
SonyDSC-F505Vusb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-S70usb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-S50usb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-S30usb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-P1usb-storage Information from

25.2. Miscellaneous

ManufacturerModel NameDescriptionDriverNotes
SanDiskImageMateCompactFlash readerusb-storage 
SonyMSAC-US1Memory Stick Standalone USB Adaptorusb-storage Information from

26. IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.Link)

For information on using IEEE 1394, see

27. PCMCIA/Cardbus cards

The following is quoted directly from SUPPORTED.CARDS distributed with David Hinds's PCMCIA package.

Linux PCMCIA Supported Device List

Last updated: 2002/10/25 07:38:21

The following cards are known to work in at least one actual system.
Other cards may also work -- if you can get a card to work that is not
on this list, please let me know.  This list is complete to the best
of my knowledge.

CardBus cards are listed towards the end of each section.  All 16-bit
PCMCIA drivers have names ending in "_cs", while CardBus drivers have
names ending in "_cb".  Beware that some cards have 16-bit and CardBus
versions with similar names, but completely different implementations.
If the CardBus version is not specifically listed as supported here,
then you should not expect it to work.

Next to each driver, I've tried to indicate which system architectures
(x86,ppc,axp) are known to be supported.  This information is likely
to be incomplete, and additions/corrections would be very welcome.

-- David Hinds <>

Ethernet cards:

[3c589_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
3Com 3c589, 3c589B, 3c589C, 3c589D
3Com Megahertz 3CXE589D, 3CXE589EC, 3CCE589ET, 3CCE589EC
Farallon EtherWave, EtherMac
Hitachi HT-4840-13

[fmvj18x_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
Access/CARD Ethernet
Eagle NE200 Ethernet
Eiger Labs EPX-10BT, EPX-ET 10BT, EPX-ET 10TZ
Fujitsu FMV-J181, FMV-J182, FMV-J182A
Fujitsu Towa LA501, FMV-1080, FM50N-183
Hitachi HT-4840-11 EtherCard
NextCom NC5310, NC5310B
RATOC REX-9822, REX-5588A/W, REX-4886, REX-R280
TDK LAC-CF010 Compact Flash

[nmclan_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
New Media EthernetLAN
New Media LiveWire [ NOT the LiveWire+ ]
Portable Add-ons Ethernet+

[pcnet_cs driver] [x86,ppc,axp]
4Lan EP100 Ethernet
Accton EN2212, EN2216 EtherCard
Actiontec FastNet PE200A
Addtron Ethernet
Allied Telesis CentreCOM CE6001, LA-PCM, LA-PCM V2
AmbiCom AMB8002, AMB8002T, AMB8010, AMB8610
AnyCom ECO Ethernet
Apollo RE450CT
Archtek Ethernet
Argosy EN210
Ark Sky-Link Express PA2100
Arowana RE 450 Ethernet
Asante FriendlyNet [ new cards seem to not work!! ]
AST 1082 Ethernet
Atelco ethernet
Belkin F5D5020
Billionton LNT-10TB, LNT-10TN
Buffalo LPC2-CLT, LPC3-CLT
California Access LAN Adapter
CNet CN30BC, CN40BC Ethernet
Compex/ReadyLINK Ethernet Combo
Compex LinkPort Ethernet
Connectware LANdingGear Adapter
Corega Ether PCC-T, PCM-T
CyQ've ELA-010 10baseT
Danpex EN-6200P2 Ethernet
Datatrek NetCard
Dayna Communications CommuniCard E
Digital DEPCM-AA, PCP78-AC Ethernet
Digital EtherWORKS Turbo Ethernet
D-Link DE-650, DE-660, DE-660CT, DE-660+
DynaLink L10C, L10BC Ethernet
EagleTec ET-LE10BT, ET-LE10BT2
Edimax Technology Ethernet Combo
EFA InfoExpress 205, 207 Combo
Eiger Labs EPX-ET10T2 Combo
EP-210 Ethernet
Epson Ethernet
EtherPRIME Ethernet
Explorer NE-10000 Ethernet
EZLink 4109 Ethernet
Fiberline FL-4680
Gateway 2000 Ethernet
Genius ME3000II Ethernet
Grey Cell Ethernet
GVC NIC-2000P Ethernet Combo
Hawking PN650TX
Hypertec HyperNet
IBM CreditCard Ethernet Adapter
IC-Card Ethernet
Infotel IN650ct Ethernet
iPort 10Mbps Ethernet
Katron PE-520 Ethernet
KingMax Technology EN10-T2 Ethernet
Kingston CIO10T CF Ethernet
KTI PE-520 Plus
LanPro EP4000A
Lantech Ethernet
Level One EPC-0100TB
Linksys EtherCard, EC2T Combo, NP10T
Logitec LPM-LN10T, LPM-LN10BA, LPM-LN20T Ethernet
Longshine ShineNet LCS-8534TB Ethernet
Macnica ME-1 Ethernet
Macsense MPC-10 Ethernet
Maxtech PCN2000 Ethernet
Microdyne NE4200 Ethernet
Micronet SP122, SP125
NDC Instant-Link
NEC PC-9801N-J12
Network General "Sniffer"
Network Everywhere NP10T
New Media LanSurfer
Novell/National NE4100 InfoMover
OvisLink Ethernet
Panasonic CF-VEL211P-B
Planet SmartCOM 2000, 3500, ENW-3501-T, ENW-3502-T
Planex ENW-3503-T
Pretec Ethernet, CompactLAN Ethernet
PreMax PE-200 Ethernet
Proteon Ethernet
Psion Gold Card Ethernet
Relia RE2408T Ethernet
Reliasys 2400A Ethernet
RPTI EP400, EP401, 1625B Ethernet
SCM Ethernet
Sky Link Express
Skymaster DPP216
SMC 8022 EZCard-10, 8040TX
Socket Communications EA LAN Adapter
Socket Communications LP-E Ethernet
Socket Communications LP-E CF+ Ethernet
SOHOware ND5120-E Ethernet
SuperSocket RE450T
Surecom Ethernet
Target 24007 Ethernet
Thomas-Conrad Ethernet
TRENDnet Ethernet
Trust Ethernet Combo
Vegas Technology Ethernet
Volktek NPL-402CT Ethernet
W-LINX LinxPRO Ethernet
Xircom CompactCard CFE-10

[smc91c92_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
Farallon Enet
Megahertz XJ10BT, XJ10BC, CC10BT Ethernet
New Media BASICS Ethernet
Ositech Four of Diamonds
SMC 8020BT EtherEZ [ NOT the EliteCard! ]

[xirc2ps_cs driver] [x86,axp]
Compaq Ethernet Adapter
Xircom CreditCard CE2, CE IIps, RE-10

Fast Ethernet (10/100baseT) adapters:

[3c574_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
3Com 3c574TX
3Com Megahertz 3CCFE574BT, 3CXFE574BT, 3CCSH572BT, 3CXSH572BT

[axnet_cs driver]
AmbiCom AMB8110
Billionton LNA-100B
Buffalo LPC3-CLX, LPC4-TX
CNet CNF301
Corega FEther PCC-TXD
EagleTec ET-LE100BT2
Edimax EP-4101
FEP501 Fast Ethernet
KingMax Fast Ethernet
Linksys NP100 Network Everywhere v2
Linksys PCMPC100 EtherFast v3
Melco LPC3-TX
New Media LiveWire 10/100
Planex FNW-3700-T
Repotec RP-1638
Surecom EP-427X
Topcom Xplorer 2700
W-Linx FE1500

[pcnet_cs driver] [x86,ppc,axp]
Abocom LinkMate FE1000, FE1500
Allied Telesis CentreCOM LA100-PCM-T V2
Alloy FE-6305M
AnyCom ECO Ethernet 10/100
Apollo Fast Ethernet
Aprotech Fast Ethernet
Ark Sky Link Express PA2600
Belkin F5D5020
Corega FastEther PCC-TX, FEther PCC-TXF
CyQ've ELA-110E 10/100
Digicom Palladio
D-Link DFE-650, DFE-670-TXD, DRP-16TX
EXP ThinLan 100
Fiberline Fast Ethernet
Hamlet FE1000, FE1500 10/100
Hawking PN652TX
iPort 10/100 Ethernet
Laneed LD-10/100CD
LevelOne FPC-0100TX
Linksys PCMPC100 EtherFast
Linksys PCM100H1 HomeLink 10/100
Linksys NP100 Network Everywhere
Logitec LPM-LN100TX
Melco LPC2-TX
Microcom TravelCard 10/100
Micronet EtherFast Adapter
Micronet SP162A
NetGear FA410TXC, FA411
Net-Lynx 10/100 Fast Ethernet
New Media LiveWire 10/100
Planex FNW-3600T, FNW-3600TX
SMC 8041TX
Socket CF+ 10/100
WiseCom iPort 10/100
ZONET Fast Ethernet

[smc91c92_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
Argosy EN220
dit Co., Ltd. PC Card-10/100BTX
Dynalink L100C
EXP ThinLan-110
Lantech FastNet/TX
Ositech Seven of Diamonds
Psion Gold Card NetGlobal 10/100
WiseCom WC-PC400

[xirc2ps_cs driver] [x86,axp]
Accton Fast EtherCard-16
Compaq Netelligent 10/100
Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Mobile Adapter 16-bit
Toshiba IPC5008A, Advanced Network 10/100
Xircom CreditCard CE3-100, CE3B, RE-100, R2E-100BTX, XE2000

[pcmcia-cs driver: 3c575_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: 3c59x]
3Com 3c575TX
3Com Megahertz 3CCFE575BT, 3CXFE575BT, 3CCFE575CT, 3CXFE575CT
3Com Megahertz 3C3FE575CT

[pcmcia-cs driver: eepro100_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: eepro100]
Fujitsu FMV-J185
Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 CardBus II

[pcmcia-cs driver: epic_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: epic100]
Ositech Seven of Spades CardBus

[pcmcia-cs driver: tulip_cb] [x86,ppc]
[2.4+ kernel driver: tulip]
Accton EN2220 CardBus
Allied Telesyn AT-2800
AmbiCom AMB8100, CB100-EZ EzPort
Apollo FE2000
Asante FriendlyNET CardBus
Billionton LND-100B
Compex Linkport TX
Corega FEther CB-TXL
D-Link DFE-660TX, DFE-680TX
Farallon EtherTX
Fujitsu FMV-J184
Genius MF3000
Gericom Fast Ethernet
Kingston KNE-CB4TX
Laneed LD-10/100CB
LevelOne FPC-0101TX, FPC-0103TX 10/100Mbps CardBus
Linksys PCMPC200 EtherFast CardBus
Macsense MPC-200
NDC Communications Sohoware NCB100
Neteasy DRP-32TXD
NetGear FA510C, FA511
OvisLink LFS PCM 32
PrimeXpress Fast Ethernet
Siemens SpeedStream SS1012
Silicom Fast Ethernet
SMC EZ CardBus 10/100 Ethernet
SVEC FD606 10/100 Ethernet
TDK NetworkFlyer LAK-CB100X, LAK-CB100AX CardBus
UMAX Technologies UMAX250
ZEUS CardBus 10/100 LAN
[2.4+ kernel driver: xircom_cb]
[ Not recommended: support is experimental and unreliable ]
IBM 10/100 EtherJet CardBus
Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 CardBus
Xircom CBE2-100BTX, RBE-100BTX, R2BE-100BTX

Token-ring adapters:

[ibmtr_cs driver] [x86]
3Com 3c389 TokenLink Velocity
3Com 3c689 TokenLink III
IBM Token Ring Adapter
IBM Token Ring 16/4 Credit Card Adapter
IBM Token Ring Auto 16/4 Credit Card Adapter
IBM Turbo 16/4 Token Ring PC Card

Wireless network adapters:

[airo_cs driver] [x86]
Aironet PC4500, PC4800
Cisco 340
Xircom Wireless Ethernet Adapter

[netwave_cs driver] [x86]
Breezenet SA-PX
Xircom CreditCard Netwave

[ray_cs driver] [x86,axp]
BUSlink Wireless LAN Adapter
Raytheon Raylink
WebGear Aviator 2.4, Aviator Pro

[wavelan_cs driver] [x86,smp]
AT&T / NCR / Lucent WaveLAN version 2.0
DEC RoamAbout/DS

[orinoco_cs driver] [x86,axp,ppc,smp]
3Com AirConnect
ARtem Onair ComCard STD & EMB versions, 128- & 64-bit
Avaya World Card
Cabletron/Enterasys RoamAbout 802.11 DS
Compaq HNW-100
EagleTec ET-WL300NE-CC
ELSA AirLancer MC-11
Ericsson WLAN Card C11
HP F2136B
IBM High Rate Wireless LAN
Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
Lucent Orinoco WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11(b)
NCR WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11
Netgear MA401RA
Nortel Networks eMobility
Proxim Harmony 802.11b
Safeway Wireless
Samsung 11Mbps WLAN
[ PrismII based cards: limited functionality ]
Addtron AWP-100
Ambicom WL1100 PC
Belkin F5D6020
Compaq WL100
Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series
D-Link DWL-650, DRC-650, DCF-650W
Farallon SkyLINE
HyperLink Wireless
LA4111 Spectrum24 Wireless LAN
Linksys WPC11 Instant Wireless
Netgear MA401
Efficient SpeedStream SS1021
ZCOMAX AirRunner/XI=300

Modem and serial cards:

[ Virtually all modem cards, simple serial port cards, and
digital cellular modems should work.  The only exceptions are
so-called "WinModems" that require special drivers.  ISDN
modems that emulate a standard UART are also supported.  Some
Winmodem drivers do exist (i.e., the ltmodem driver for Lucent
chipsets).  For more information about WinModems, drivers,
etc, see either,, or ]

[serial_cs driver] [x86,axp,ppc,smp]
Advantech COMpad-32/85 dual port, COMpad-32/85B-4 quad port
Anycom ECO II dual serial
Argosy dual serial
Black Box I114A RS-422/485
Brain Boxes 2-Port RS-232
Brain Boxes BL-500 Bluetooth Adapter
National Instruments PCMCIA-232, PCMCIA-232/2, PCMCIA-232/4
National Instruments PCMCIA-485, PCMCIA-485/2
Omega Engineering QSP-100
Quatech, IOTech dual RS-232 cards
Quatech quad RS-232 card, dual and quad RS-422 cards
Socket Communications dual RS-232 card
Trimble Mobile GPS

[pcmcia-cs driver: serial_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: serial]
Xircom RBM56G, CBM56G

[ The following cards are WinModems and are NOT supported by
  the serial drivers included in the PCMCIA package ]
3Com/Megahertz 3CXM356/3CCM356, 3CXM656/3CCM656
3Com/Megahertz XJ/CC2560, 3013, 3014
3Com/USRobotics 3014A, 3056, 3057
Abocom FM560CB
ActionTec CM560LH
Billionton 56K HSP
Com1 Platinum MC221 Discovery 56K
Compaq 192
IBM 10L7393, 10L7394
Lucent LT Winmodem
Motorola Montana
New Media WinSurfer
Paradise CW56K HSP
Xircom R2BM56W, R2BM56WB

Parallel port cards:

[parport_cs driver] [x86]
[requires a 2.2 or later kernel]
Quatech SPP-100
IOtech DBK35, WBK20A
Trans Digital Trans PC Card

Memory cards:

[ All SRAM cards should work.  Unsupported flash cards can be
read but not written. ]

[memory_cs driver] [x86,axp,ppc]
Intel Series 2, Series 2+, and Value Series 100 Flash
Maxtor MobileMax 16MB Flash
IBM 8MB Flash
TDK Flash Memory SFM20W/C 20MB

SCSI adapters:

[ Be careful.  Many vendors. particularly CD-ROM vendors, seem
to switch controller chips more or less at will.  Generally,
they'll use a different product code, but not always.  Older
New Media Bus Toaster cards use the aha152x_cs driver; medium
old ones use the sym53c500_cs driver; and new ones are not
supported at all. ]

[aha152x_cs driver] [x86]
Adaptec APA-1460, APA-1450A, APA-1460A/B/C/D SlimSCSI
Iomega Zip and Jaz Cards
New Media Bus Toaster SCSI [ older cards ]
New Media Toast 'n Jam [ SCSI only ]
Noteworthy Bus Toaster SCSI
Sony CD-ROM Discman PRD-250
Toshiba HandyCard SCSI

[fdomain_cs driver] [x86]
Future Domain SCSI2GO
Simple Technologies SCSI

[qlogic_cs driver] [x86]
Eiger Labs SCSI [ only cards w/FCC ID LXL... ]
Epson SC200
Midori CN-SC43
NEC PC-9801N-J03R
Qlogic FastSCSI
Panasonic KXL-D740, KXL-DN740A, KXL-DN740A-NB 4X CD-ROM
Panasonic KXL-D745, KXL-810AN, KXL-783A
Pioneer PCP-PR2W
Raven CD-Note 4X
Toshiba NWB0107ABK, SCSC200A, SCSC200B

[not sure which driver]
Digital SCSI II adapter
Logitec LPM-SCSI2
Logitec LCD-601 CD-ROM
Taxan ICD-400PN

[pcmcia-cs driver: apa1480_cb] [x86,ppc,smp]
[2.4+ kernel driver: aic7xxx]
[ recommend 2.2 or later kernels.  With 2.4.19 or later
kernels, you must use the kernel PCMCIA subsystem and the hot
plug PCI aic7xxx driver ]
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480 CardBus

IEEE 1394 (FireWire) cards:

[ These only work for a limited range of 2.2 and 2.4 kernel
versions, due to kernel driver API drift.  With 2.4.19 or
later kernels, use the hot plug PCI IEEE1394 drivers (and the
kernel PCMCIA subsystem) instead. ]

[pcmcia-cs driver: pcilynx_cb] [x86,ppc]
[2.4+ kernel driver: pcilynx]
Newer Technology FireWire 2 Go

[pcmcia-cs driver: ohci1394_cb] [x86,ppc]
[2.4+ kernel driver: ohci1394]
Belkin F5U512
Cherri IEEE-1394
Evergreen Technologies fireLINE CardBus Kit
Good Man VT6306
Margi 1394-to-Go Adapter
Orange Micro OrangeLink
Western Digital 1394 Adapter

Multifunction ethernet/modem cards:

[3c589_cs driver] [x86]
3Com 3c562, 3c562B/C/D, 3c563B/C/D
3Com Megahertz 3CCEM556, 3CXEM556, 3CCEM556B, 3C3FEM556C
Motorola Marquis

[3c574_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
3Com Megahertz 3CCFEM556B

[fmvj18x_cs driver] [x86,ppc]
TDK Global Networker 3410/3412

[pcnet_cs driver] [x86,axp]
Accton EN2218, UE2218
ActionTec ComNet 33.6
AnyCom Fast Ethernet + 56K Combo
Asus combo card
Azia LM560
Billionton LM5LT-10B
Dayna Communicard
D-Link DME-336T, DMF-560TX, DMF-560TXD
Dynalink L1433 VQC 33.6K
Grey Cell GCS3400
GVC LAN modem
Hamlet LM560
IBM Home and Away
IBM Home and Away 28.8
Linksys LANmodem 28.8 (PCMLM28), 33.6 (PCMLM336)
Linksys EtherFast LANmodem 56K (PCMLM56)
Net-Lynx LM560
New Media LANSurfer 10+56 Combo
Psion V.34 Gold Card
Rover ComboCard 33.6
SMC 8034TX-56K 10/100
Socket Communications ES-1000 (E-I/O) Ethernet/RS-232
TDK 3000/3400/5670
TDK DFL5610WS Fast Ethernet/Modem
Telecom Device SuperSocket LM336

[smc91c92_cs driver] [x86]
Gateway Telepath Combo
Megahertz/U.S. Robotics EM1144, EM3288, EM3336
Motorola Mariner
Ositech Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts
Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10Mb 

[xirc2ps_cs driver] [x86]
Compaq Microcom CPQ550 Modem + 10/100 LAN
Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 16-bit LAN/Modem
Xircom CreditCard CEM28, CEM33, CEM56, XEM5600
Xircom RealPort REM10BT, REM56G-100

[pcmcia-cs driver: 3c575_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: 3c59x]
[ ethernet only: the modem is a WinModem! ]
3Com 3CCFEM656B, 3CXFEM656C

[pcmcia-cs driver: eepro100_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: eepro100]
Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 CardBus LAN/Modem

[pcmcia-cs driver: epic_cb] [x86]
[2.4+ kernel driver: epic100]
Ositech Jack of Spades CardBus
Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10/100Mb

[pcmcia-cs driver: tulip_cb] [x86,ppc]
[2.4+ kernel driver: xircom_cb]
[ ethernet only ]
Silicom FEM56 Fast Ethernet
[ Not recommended: support is experimental and unreliable ]
IBM EtherJet CardBus with 56K Modem
Xircom RBEM56G-100BTX, CBEM56G-100BTX, R2BEM56G-100

ATA/IDE card drives:

[ide-cs driver] [x86,ppc,smp]
Most cards should work fine, including adapters for external
IDE devices.  Both Flash-ATA cards and  rotating-media cards
are supported, including "Smartmedia" flash and Compact flash

The very old Western Digital 40MB drives are not supported,
because they do not conform to the PCMCIA ATA specification.

ATA/IDE Interface Cards:

[ide-cs driver] [x86,ppc,smp]
Apricorn ATA card, EZ-GIG transfer kit
Archos Zip100 MiniDrive
Argosy PnPIDE card, HD530 HardDisk
Microtech International XpressDock
DataStor Technology PCMCIA ATA/ATAPI Card
Creo DNBoy
IBM Portable Drive Bay [ only CD-ROM tested ]
Iomega Zip-250
MCE DataShuttle
Shining Technology CitiDISK 250PE, PMIDE-ASC
Sicon Periperal Micro Mate
Sony MSAC-PC2 Memory Stick Adapter

ATA/IDE CD-ROM and DVD adapters:

[ide-cs driver] [x86,ppc,smp]
Archos 24x MiniCD
Caravelle CD-36N
CNF CARDport CD-ROM [ 6/10/20/32X, but NOT 2X! ]
Creative Technology CD-ROM
Digital Mobile Media CD-ROM
EXP CD940 CD-ROM [ Some work, some do NOT! ]
EXP Traveler 620, 3220 CD-ROM
Freecom IQ Traveller CD-ROM
H45 Technologies Quick 2X CD-ROM
H45 Technologies QuickCD 16X
Microtech International MicroCD
Microtech Mii Zip 100
NOVAC NV-CD410, DVD Powerstation
Panasonic KXL-807A
Sony CRX75A [ 16-bit mode only! ]
Toshiba PA2673UJ CD-ROM

The following cards have contributed drivers which are distributed as
separate packages.  The drivers are not included in the base PCMCIA
package for maintenance reasons: they are for less common cards and I
cannot test them.  Most are available on the Linux PCMCIA FTP site, at; some have
their own web sites.

[asplus_cs driver]
Netwave AirSurfer Plus wireless network adapter
  (Jay Moorman <>)

[brzcom_cs driver]
BreezeCOM BreezeNet SA-PCR Pro.11 Series wireless adapter,

[cs89x0_cs driver]
IBM EtherJet
  (Danilo Beuche <>)

National Instruments DAQcard700
  (Steve Rosenbluth <>)

[das16s driver]
Computer Boards PCM-DAS16s/16 ADC
  (Steve Rosenbluth <>)

[elsa_cs driver]
Elsa MicroLink ISDN adapter
  (Klaus Lichtenwalder <Klaus.Lichtenwalder@WebForum.DE>)

[floppy_cs driver]
Y-E Data FlashBuster floppy drive adapter
  (David Bateman <>)

[iscc_cs driver]
IBM Smart Capture
  (Koji Okamura <>)

[mpsuni_cs driver]
MPS ISLINEnote ISDN adapter
  (Detlef Glaschick <>)

[nsp_cs driver]
IO Data PCSC-F SCSI adapter
IO Data CBSC-II in 16-bit mode
  (Yokota Hiroshi <>)

[sedl_cs driver]
Sedlbauer Speed Star ISDN adapter
  (Marcus Niemann <>)

Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 2 Mbps wireless adapter
  (Lee Keyser-Allen <>)

3Com 3CRWE737A AirConnect
Intel PRO/Wireless
Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 11 Mbps wireless adapter
  (Tim Gardner <>)

[ss5136dn_cs driver]
SST 5136-DN-PC DeviceNet Interface
  (Mark Sutton <>)

[sym53c500_cs driver]
New Media Bus Toaster SCSI [ new version ]
  (Tim Corner <> or Bob Tracy <>)

[teles_cs driver]
Teles ISDN adapter
  (Christof Petig <>)

[wavelan2_cs driver]
Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE wireless network adapter
  (Lucent Technologies <>)

[xircce_cs driver]
Xircom CE-10BC Ethernet (maybe also CE-10BT)
  (Stanislav Meduna <>)

The following drivers have their own web sites.  For more information
about wireless network adapters, see the Wireless-HOWTO at

GemPlus GPR400 Smart Card Reader
  (Wolf Geldmacher <>)

[ Ines GPIB IEEE-488 cards ]

[ Intersil PrismI wireless cards ]
Harris PRISM/AM79C930 IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN
Nokia/InTalk ST-500A
Nokia C020
Samsung MagicWave SWL-1000N
Zoom Telephonics ZoomAir 4000
  (Mark Mathews <>)

[ Intersil PrismII wireless cards ]
Addtron AWP-100
Ambicom WL1100 PC
Compaq WL100
D-Link DWL-650
Linksys WPC11 Instant Wireless
Samsung MagicLAN

Proxim RangeLAN2 and Symphony wireless LAN cards
  (Dave Koberstein <>)

Silicom SPE ethernet, SEM EtherModem, SES EtherSerial

Winnov Videum Traveler camera
  (Jim Zajkowski <>)

People are working on the following cards:

Roland SCP-55 MIDI (Toshiaki Nakatsu <>)
CyberRom CD-ROM (David Rowntree <>)
DAQCard-AI-16E-4 (Shao Zhang <>,
  Cyrus Patel <>)
Quatech DAQP-308 (Michael Richards <>)
IO DATA PCSC-II (Katayama Nobuhiro <>)
Macnica mPS-1x0 (Katayama Nobuhiro <>)
Proxim RangeLAN/2 (Jim Duchek <>

The following cards are NOT supported.  This list is not meant to be
comprehensive: I list these cards because people frequently ask about
them.  In general, there are no technical reasons why a card is not
supported: simply put, as far as I know, no one is working on these
cards, therefore, drivers will not be written.  Most cards on this
list have been there for a very long time, so please do not send me
email just to ask if their status has changed.

Adaptec/Trantor APA-460 SlimSCSI
Eiger Labs SCSI w/FCC ID K36...
New Media .WAVjammer and all other sound cards
New Media LiveWire+
Nikon CoolPix100
Panasonic KXL-D720
RATOC SMA01U SmartMedia Adapter
SMC 8016 EliteCard
Xircom CEM II Ethernet/Modem
Xircom CE-10BT Ethernet [ but try xircce_cs contrib driver ]
Xircom CBE-10/100 CardBus

The following vendors have assisted in the development of the Linux
PCMCIA driver package by contributing hardware and/or technical
documentation about their products.  It could be inferred that since
these vendors support Linux development and have provided technical
help, that their cards are likely to be better supported under Linux.

3Com/Megahertz  [ ethernet and multifunction cards ]
Adaptec [ SCSI adapter cards ]
Intel [ linear flash memory cards ]
Linksys [ ethernet and multifunction cards ]
Ositech [ ethernet/modem combo cards ]
Sandisk [ ATA/IDE flash cards ]
Quatech [ parallel port, data acquisition cards ]
Xircom [ ethernet and multifunction cards ]

28. Other hardware

28.1. Amateur Radio

The following cards etc. are supported:

  • KISS based Terminal Node Controllers

  • Ottawa PI card

  • Gracilis PacketTwin card

  • Other Z8530 SCC based cards

  • Parallel and serial port Baycom modems

  • Soundblaster cards

  • Soundcards based on the Crystal chipset

28.2. VESA Power Savings Protocol (DPMS) monitors

Support for power savings is included in the Linux kernel. Use setterm to enable support in the Linux console, and xset to enable support under X.

28.3. Touch screens

The Metro-X X-server is supporting the following touch screen controllers:

  • Carrol Touch serial touch screen here

  • EloGraphics

  • Lucas Deeco

  • MicroTouch

28.4. Terminals on serial port

Old terminals can easily be used under Linux by connecting them to the serial port of your system. At least the following terminals will be supported:

  • VT52

  • VT100

  • VT220

  • VT320

  • VT420

28.5. Joysticks

Joysticks are now supported as input devices in the new Linux console project. For a list of supported hardware, see the Linux Input Drivers Supported hardware list (alternate site here).

The following is outdated. Please see the link above for up-to-date information.

Joystick support is in recent XFree86 distributions (3.3.x and higher) and in kernel versions 2.1.x and higher. For older kernels the links below are useful.

  • Joystick driver For information check here. An FTP archive can be found at here.

Currently supported joysticks are:

  • Amiga joysticks on Amiga

  • CH Flightstick Pro compatibles with additional two hats and two buttons

  • DirectPad Pro parallel port joystick interfaces ( here)

  • FP Gaming Assasin 3D ( here)

  • Gamepads with 6 and 8 buttons

  • Genius Flight2000 Digital F-23 ( here)

  • Gravis Blackhawk Digital ( here)

  • Gravis GamePad Pro ( here)

  • Gravis Xterminator GamePad ( here)

  • Logitech CyberMan 2 ( here)

  • Logitech ThunderPad Digital

  • Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital ( here)

  • MadCatz Panther ( here)

  • MadCatz Panther XL ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder GamePad ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro ( here)

  • Multisystem joysticks (Atari, Amiga, Commodore, Amstrad)

  • Multisystem joysticks using hw interface

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (and clone - SVI, Pegasus ...) gamepads

  • PDPI Lightning L4 gamecard ( here)

  • Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) gamepads

  • Sega Master System gamepads

  • Sega Saturn gamepads

  • SNESKey parallel port joystick interfaces

  • Sony PlayStation gamepads

  • Standard joysticks with 2, 3 or 4 axes, and up to 4 buttons

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System gamepads

  • ThrustMaster FCS compatibles with additional hat

  • ThrustMaster Millenium 3D Inceptor ( here)

  • ThrustMaster Rage 3D ( here)

  • TurboGraFX parallel port joystick interface ( here)

28.6. Video devices (capture boards, frame grabbers, TV tuners, etc.)

These devices are all supported by the Video for Linux (v4l)/Video for Linux Two (V4L2) subsystem. For more information, see the Video for Linux resources page.

Bt848/849/878/879-based TV tuner cards are supported by the bttv driver. For a full list of cards supported by this driver, see Documentation/video4linux/bttv/Cards in the Linux kernel source tree.

saa7130/34-based capture/TV boards are supported by the saa7134 driver. Cards supported by this driver include the following:

  • Proteus Pro (Philips reference design)

  • LifeView FlyVIDEO3000

  • LifeView FlyVIDEO2000


  • SKNet Monster TV

  • Tevion MD 9717

  • KNC One TV-Station RDS

  • Terratec Cinergy 400 TV

  • Medion 5044

  • Kworld/KuroutoShikou SAA7130-TVPCI

  • Terratec Cinergy 600 TV

The Logitech (formerly Connectix) Color QuickCam is supported by the c-qcam driver. See Documentation/video4linux/CQcam.txt in the Linux kernel source or the Logitech QuickCam color and Linux mini-HOWTO for more information.

The cpia driver supports many parallel and USB webcams, including the following:

  • Aiptek HyperVcam Fun USB (Note: some use the OV511, which is not supported)

  • Creative Video Blaster WebCam II (parallel or USB)

  • Digicom Galileo USB

  • Dynalink Digital Camera (USB)

  • Ezonics EZCam (USB - Note: not Pro or Plus)

  • Intel Play QX3 Microscope (USB)

  • Microtek EyeStar (USB)

  • Pace Colour Video Camera (USB)

  • SuperCam WonderEye (USB)

  • TCE Netcam 310 USB

  • Terracam USB (Note: not Pro)

  • Trust SpaceC@m Lite (USB)

  • Utobia USB Camera

  • ZoomCam (parallel or USB)

  • CVideo-Mail Express (parallel)

  • CU-SeeMe Cam Kit (parallel)

  • Digicom Galileo Plus (parallel)

For more information, see the CPiA webcam driver for Linux site.

The following information is likely to be out of date.

All cards with Bt848/Bt848a/Bt849/Bt878/Bt879 and normal Composite/S-VHS inputs are supported. Teletext and Intercast support (PAL only) via VBI samples decoding in software.

  • Adlink 7200 Digital I/O device here

  • Adlink 7300A Digital I/O device here

  • CMOS Video Conferencing Kit. The video capture card has a Bt849 chipset. It comes with a CCD camera.

  • Data Translation DT2803

  • Data Translation DT2851 Frame Grabber here

  • Data Translation DT3155 here

  • Diamond DTV2000 (based on Bt848)

  • Dipix XPG1000/FPG/PPMAPA (based on TI C40 DSP). Most add-on cards are supported. here or here. The driver can be found at here

  • Epix SVM

  • Epix Silicon Video MUX series of video frame grabbing boards here

  • FAST Screen Machine II here

  • Hauppage Wincast TV PCI (based on Bt848) here

  • Imaging Technology ITI/IC-PCI here

  • ImageNation Cortex I here

  • ImageNation CX100 here

  • ImageNation PX500 here

  • ImageNation PXC200 here

  • Imaging Technology Inc. IC-PCI frame grabber board here

  • Matrix Vision MV-Delta here

  • Matrox Meteor here

  • Matrox PIP-1024 here

  • MaxiTV/PCI (based on ZR36120) here

  • Miro PCTV (based on Bt848) here

  • MuTech MV1000 PCI here

  • MuTech MV200 here

  • Philips PCA10TV (not in production anymore) here

  • Pinnacle PCTV (based on Bt848)

  • Pro Movie Studio here

  • Quanta WinVision B&W video capture card here

  • Quickcam here

  • Nomadic Technologies Sensus 700 here for common information. Alas, Nomadic Technologies has removed the page about the Sensus 700.

  • Smart Video Recoder III (based on Bt848) here

  • STB TV PCI Television Tuner (based on Bt848) here

  • Tekram C210 (based on ZR36120) here

  • Video Blaster, Rombo Media Pro+ here

  • VT1500 TV cards here

28.7. Digital Camera

Currently there are five programs which can be used in combination with digital cameras.

  • Camediaplay ( here) You can download it from here

  • Photopc ( here) It can be downloaded from here

  • Qvplay ( here) It can be downloaded from here

  • JCAM, a Java application which allows digital camera owners to access and download pictures from a wide variety of popular digital cameras ( here) It can be downloaded from here

  • gPhoto ( here) It can be downloaded from here

Photopc can be extended with a graphical Tk frontend. This can be found at here. Also Qvplay cab be extended with a graphical Tk frontend, which can be found at here

28.7.1. Supported

  • Agfa ePhoto line of cameras (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM)

  • Apple QuickTake 200 (JCAM)

  • Casio QV10, QV-10A, QV-11, QV-30, QV-70, QV-100, QV-200, QV-300, QV-700, QV-770 (qvplay) here

  • Casio QV-10A, QV-11, QV-30, QV-70, QV-100, QV-300, QV-700, QV-770 (JCAM)

  • Chinon ES-1000 (same hardware, protocol and image format as Kodak DC20) (JCAM) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-100 (PhotoPC) (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-200 (PhotoPC 500) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-200 (PhotoPC 550) (JCAM)

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-500 (PhotoPC 600) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-500 (PhotoPC 700) (JCAM)

  • Epson PhotoPC 550 (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Fuji DS-7, DX-5 (DS-10), DX-7 (DS-20), DX-9 (DS-30), DS-300, MX-700 (JCAM)

  • HP Photo Smart Digital Camera (Some people say it is supported, others say it isn't !!??)

  • Kodak DC-20, DC-25, DC-200/210 (JCAM) here

  • Olympus C-300L, C-320L, C-420L, C-800L, C-840L, C-1000L, C-1400L (JCAM) here

  • Olympus "Camedia" C-400L (D-200L) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Olympus "Camedia" C-820L (D-320L) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Olympus C2000Z (photocd)

  • Sanyo VPC-G200/G200EX (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Sanyo DSC-V1 (VPC-G200E) (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Sanyo DSC-X1 (VPC-X300) (JCAM)

  • Sanyo DSC-X300 (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Nikon Coolpix 600/900 (Coolpix 600 untested) (photopc) here and here

  • Sierra Imaging SD640 (photopc) here

  • Toshiba PDR-2 (not sure: photopc) here

28.7.2. Unsupported

  • Casio QV-120, QV-5000SX, QV-7000SX

  • Kodak DC40, DC50, DC120

28.8. UPS

Various other UPS's are supported, read the UPS HOWTO or see the Network UPS Tools site (specifically their compatibility list).

  • APC SmartUPS here

  • APC-BackUPS 400/600, APC-SmartUPS SU700/1400RM here

  • Fenton PowerPal here for downloads and manuals. Web site information can be found at here

  • Fenton Tele-UPS here for downloads and manuals. Web site information can be found at here

  • Fenton PowerOn here for downloads and manuals. Web site information can be found at here

  • UPS's with RS-232 monitoring port (genpower package) here

  • MGE UPS's here and here

  • A daemon to shut down and up computers connected to ups's. It's network aware and allows server- and client-mode here

28.9. Multifunction boards

  • Pro Audio Spectrum 16 SCSI / Sound interface card

28.10. Data acquisition

The Linux Lab Project site collects drivers for hardware dealing with data acquisition, they also maintain some mailing lists dealing with the subject. I have no experience with data acquisition so please check the site for more details.

  • CED 1401


  • IEEE-488 (GPIB, HPIB) boards

  • Keithley DAS-1200

  • National Instruments AT-MIO-16F / Lab-PC+

  • Analog Devices RTI-800/815 ADC/DAC board contact Paul Gortmaker < >

28.11. Watchdog timer interfaces

  • Berkshire Products PC Watchdog Card (ISA cards rev. A and C) Check here for the PC Watchdog program. A driver is included in recent kernels. More information on this product can be found at here

  • ICS WDT500-P here

  • ICS WDT501-P (with and without fan tachometer) here

  • Outsource Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. Basic Watchdog Timer Board (ISA) Information can be found at here. Drivers currently running on 2.0.29, 2.0.33 and 2.0.36 kernels

28.12. Miscellaneous

  • Mattel Powerglove

  • AIMS Labs RadioTrack FM radio card here

  • Reveal FM Radio card here

  • Videotext cards here

29. Appendix A. Supported Parallel Port devices

More and more, the parallel port is used to connect other devices than printers. To support this parallel port drivers are written for the devicesto work. This appendix presents devices for which parallel port support is written.

To be clear: printers are not presented in this appendix as they are not supported by parallel port support projects.

Also, check the Linux Parallel Port support pages for more information here. Here you can find

29.1. Ethernet

  • Accton EtherPocket adapter

  • AT-Lan-Tec/RealTek parallel port ethernet adapter

  • D-Link DE600/DE620 parallel port ethernet adapter

29.2. Hard drives

  • H45 Quick HD

  • KingByte IDE/ATAPI disks

  • KT Technologies PHd portable hard disk

  • MicroSolutions backpack hard-drives

  • SyQuest EZ-135

  • SyQuest EZ-230

  • SyQuest SparQ

  • ValueStor external hard-drive

29.3. Tape drives

  • Hewlett-Packard Colorado Tracker 250 tape drive (all except the T1000e)

  • Hewlett-Packard HP Colorado 5GB tape drive

  • Iomega Ditto tape drive

  • MicroSolutions backpack 8000t, 8000td tape drives

29.4. CD-ROM drives

  • Freecom Power CD

  • Freecom Traveller CD-ROM

  • H45 Quick CD

  • Hewlett-Packard HP 7100e/7200e CD-R

  • KingByte IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs

  • MicroSolutions backpack CD-ROM. Models 163550 and later are supported by the paride driver. For models 160550 and 162550 seperate drivers are availavble.

  • MicroSolutions backpack PD/CD drive

  • SyQuest SyJet

29.5. Removable drives

  • Avatar Shark 250

  • Imation Superdisk

  • Iomega ZIP, ZIP Plus drives

29.6. IDE Adapter

  • Arista ParaDrive products

  • DataStor Commuter disks

  • Fidelity International Technologies TransDisk products

  • Freecom IQ Cable Parallel

  • Shuttle Technology EPAT/EPEZ parallel port IDE adapter

  • Shuttle Technology EPIA parallel port IDE adapter

29.7. SCSI Adapters

  • Adaptec APA-348 mini-SCSI plus adapter cable Driver available at here

  • Adaptec APA-358 mini-SCSI EPP adapter cable Driver available at here

  • Shuttle Technology EPSA-2 parallel port SCSI adapter Driver available at here

  • Shuttle Technology EPST parallel port SCSI adapter Driver available at here

29.8. Digital Camera

  • Connectix QuickCam

29.9. PCMCIA parallel port cards

The parport_cs driver requires kernel 2.2.x or later

  • Quatech SPP-100

  • IOtech DBK35, WBK20A

30. Appendix B. Linux incompatible Hardware

Some hardware manufacturers have created devices which are compatible with MS-DOS and Windows 95/98 only. They seem to emulate part of the normally available hardware in the devices by software packages sold together with the device. Specification on these devices are not presented to the world so it is almost impossible to write drivers for these devices. Below a list of devices reported as being Linux incompatible will be given.

Simply put, it is best to avoid hardware which states things like "Needs Windows" or "Windows only".

31. Glossary


Accelerated Graphics Port. A bus interconnect mechanism designed to improve performance of 3D graphics applications. AGP is a dedicated bus from the graphics subsystem to the core-logic chipset. here


AT Attachment Packet Interface. A new protocol for controlling mass storage devices similar to SCSI protocols. It builds on the ATA (AT Attachment) interface, the official ANSI Standard name for the IDE interface developed for hard disk drives. ATAPI is commonly used for hard disks, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, and other devices.


Asynchronous Transfer Mode


Compact Disk Digital Audio. Capability of CD-ROM/Writer to read out audio tracks.


Direct Memory Access


Enhanced Graphics Adapter


Enhanced IDE


Extended Industry System Architecture


Fiber Distributed Data Interface. High-speed ring local area network.


Integrated Drive Electronics. Each drive has a built-in controller.


Industry System Architecture


Integrated Services Digital Network


MicroChannel Architecture


Modified Frequency Modulation


Multimedia Extensions. Extra instructions meant to speed multimedia.


Pheripheral Component Interconnect. 32-bit bus designed by Intel. Information can be found here.


Redudant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks. The basic idea of RAID is to combine multiple small, inexpensive disk drives into an array of disk drives which yields performance exceeding that of a single large expensive drive. There are five types of redundant array Architectures; RAID-1 through RAID-5. A non-redudant array of disk drives is referred to as RAID-0. Some RAID systems can mix formats. (more info)


Printing Performance Architecture. Protocol developed by Hewlett Packard for their series of Deskjet printers. In essence, the protocol moves the low-level processing of the data to the host computer rather than the printer. This allows for a low-cost printer with a small amount of memory and computing power and a flexible driver. However, this comes at the price of compatibility. HP's decision was to develop drivers only for Windows 95 for this printer.


Run Length Limited


Small Computer Systems Interface. A standerd interface defined for all devices in a computer. It make it possible to use a single adapter for all devices. (more info)


Super Video Graphics Adapter


Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter


Universal Serial Bus.


Video Graphics Adapter


VESA Local Bus. Used in some 486 PC's.


Write Once Read Many