String - Definition, Synonym, Meaning, Spelling, Information on String

a line or series of things or animals.


Examples: string of arguments; of ballads; of barges; of beads; of coral beads; of birds (flying in a single line); of camels; of captives; of carriages; of empty carriages; of cash; of codling; of doggerel; of elephants; of error; of excuses; of facts; of flounders; of gabble; of geese; of herrings; of horses; of houses; of islands; of lies; of life; of lumber (logs fastened together to be carried down river); of mules; of oaths; of onions; of packhorses; of pearls; of ponies; of questions; of racehorses; of rafts; of resolutions; of sausages; of schoolboys; of slaves; of stories; of teal; of violinists—Lipton; of visits; of waters; of words.