School - Definition, Synonym, Meaning, Spelling, Information on School

the body of pupils in a school; a group of painters or musicians; the disciples of a teacher; a collective body of teachers; a company of thieves; a set of persons who agree on certain philosophical, scientific, or other opinions; a herd of sea mammals or fish.


Examples: school of abuse; of beggars; of bream; of card players; of clerks; of dolphins; of ducks; of experience; of fish; of gladiators; of gulls; of haddock; of hell; of herrings; of hippopotami; of oysters; of painters; of pamphlets; of patience; of patterers (thieves); of pheasants; of pickpockets; of pigeons; of pilchards; of politics; of porpoises; of scolds; of shallow coves (thieves); of smolt; of thieves; of troop of the Imperial Guard; of whales.