Nest - Definition, Synonym, Meaning, Spelling, Information on Nest

a number or collection of people; a number of birds or insects gathered in the same place; an accumulation of similar objects; a number of buildings or streets; a set of objects. See also aerie, bike, brood, swarm.


Examples: nest of alleys; of ants; of arguments; of boxes (which fit inside each other); of low bushes; of caterpillars; of chicken; of coffins (set inside each other, e.g., as in as Egyptian burial); of crocodiles; of dormice; of drawers; of eagles; of evils; of fish; of flowerpots; of fools; of foxes; of goblets; of hedgehogs; of hornets; of hummocks; of kittens; of mice; of miracles; of nightcaps; of outlaws; of partridge; of pirates; of profaneness; of quiet streets; of rabbits; of robbers; of rumours; of salmon; of scorpions; of seraphim; of shelves; of tables; of toads; of traitors; of trotters; of tyranny; of vipers; of wasps; of wharfs and warehouses.