Gang - Definition, Synonym, Meaning, Spelling, Information on Gang

a full set of things; a quantity or amount carried at one time; a group of persons doing the same work; a group of people or things connected to one another. See also company, set, team.


Examples: gang of ale; of beer; of buffaloes; of captives; of cartwheels [set of four]; a chain gang; of chronographers; of clerks; of convicts; of coopers; of criminals; of dogs; of elk; of heretics; of light harrows [set]; of horseshoes [set]; of housebreakers; of labourers; of milk; of oars; of peat [amount brought by ponies on one trip]; of ploughs; of porters; of ruffians; of saws [set]; of shrouds [suit of sails]; of slaves; of teeth; of thieves; of varlets; of water; of women [of silly women]; of workmen.