Bunch - Definition, Synonym, Meaning, Spelling, Information on Bunch

a cluster or tuft, properly of things of one type growing or fastened together; a group of things or animals of the same type gathered close together. See also bundle, nosegay.

Bumf, Bumph

Examples: bunch of bananas; of cards; of cattle; of charity; of cherubs; of ducks [up to 130 in a group]; of fives [‘a clenched fist’]; of flowers; of grapes; of hair; of imbecility; of judges; of keys; of kings; of linen yarn [60 hanks]; of copper or tin ore; of machinery; of patriarchs; of prophets; of raisins; of reeds; of slate; of straw; of teal [small group on the water]; of teazles; of tunes; of vapours; of violets; of waterfowl; of widgeon.