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A group of Ren on La taa yore behind the unsuccessful kttenpt oo Iito assassinate RubenHRO Ouardla.runanlan lovyeracquitted of the assassination of rneident Jose Antonio>

2*. Tho following Renonlatoa, supporters of Alexandre) RErCtl Canton, brother of deceased Presidentera behind the attempt on ttBtO's life. Efralnrc-AloJondn REMGfl deputy In the Rational Asocnolyj Henrique de OBARSIO, Alejandro REWS'sn-lnv and prraSrfif.tunerolsv* Ifa^onaii Diogenes Alberto PIHC, praaident ofational Asscciblyj Oonoroso SIrons,prealnent nonbor of the Partldo Coallclon Patiiotlca :UclonaL (rcw).as wallrustod confidant of. deceased President ZRWJi .and Victorenhor of tho KPtl,

3, Honcro VKLAfAj'JlZ received thofroa tho Renomistaandor Thelraalose personal friend of Alejandro REHW, to naks i, yjj* final arran-ctarnts tilth and pay the actual junaen. The poreon*m WUaIm ?UIQ and Carloo Rome ?.

U> 0 had boon Marriedersonal friend vho had

learned of certain activities of Alejandro CUELLAR Aro son era and AlbertsArosenenaf Rllrffrlrnd told hta to aTold frecpientlnjat certain tinea because hta life mm In

Si Hhilo ISRO feared an attenrtt on his life yould bo Bide at see* tine, ho'did not ftel that it would occur raeoa^nlt vas hTRO's belief that then voAA probably be trouble In Panama If President. Smeste OS LA OtlARPTA Jr. wie to atter4"etanBlt conference" at the "Jnlted Rations, and that sir/ -atteept on hta Ufa would probably be aade at*

6, KJROllod for permission to leave the wintry,'tat had'j qwilcd to rephrase hta petition and to shear hta brother's acVnavladxecent as sponsor.0 had prepared the petition and had lone to hta brother'a boas for hta alrruture. lie had Just left hta brother Rica

aad Ud entered hie oar end was seated beiilnd the wheel unenMTW) saw neither the ether ear ear the rmg,

but reeella horine heard the voices cf tire seel the otter carway, 'i soon aa tin ether ear had Alien Her, KTJIO eat no and drove et reener* or hew! had been wounded, lie did not try to follow the other ear but UioD*st only of setting :


MHO hoe none no otetornnta for the Ooarla HaolenaL (OH) er forallele Secret* noelonal (rSN)a lie did, however,the naoee ef NIO and Itowe to tlenavenee IKOSA, attorney Oeneral ef FarvCBe

feala hie request toho oountry

will ^roBtcev andhoento aa soon ea possible, although hoet not doelilad where to He belloroe that another atlonpt on his life will be aede ifla In rsntsaa vhea there la any

i iirTrdr^


1. Ill or these awn have traceable cloee relationships with "each" ether and with Alejandro tbtm, ahoworn aerial eneny of 0 originally eenfeasod to the assassination cf Presidentt later retracted hla cenfessien and via ultimately acquit tad

of thelu-.- . '

?. Itonrro VEXASQUIZecord of-iirrolteeenl'in enU-gorernaenl

plottlne, illicit ares deals, and;sets ofows vaa"onoe.o August lySo) head of.Colon' divisionrollcl* Secrete Heelonalduring whichne.willlaj. pvn vas HatedS" Colon division

that Rowe end hla aenaaaawnt-of .tho'by Thelaaa pollUcal epeortonlsH of longriwi tity press has reported the arrest, loUrrogatien/acdof Rove and puto. '

-r>s* v.

j. fb>ress has reported the arrest endCUHlAP Aroaynana,f- the hen. vho'Sharedeward for ths assassin of PresidentInfometlon' which lad to Uis arrestater0 at tho laller'e

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