Created: 1/16/1959

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MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence

Mr. Robert Lovott'e Report on Mikoyan

to New York City

1. Mr. Lovett called at. onanuary to adviae you of the reaulta ofvia it to New York. He aald that he thought they bad succeeded in accomplishing your request tonited front on Berlin. Mr. Lovett said there were two occasions when they could be blunt about this Issue and that he had passed on six question! to be used at both events. Tbe first eventuncheon given by Howard Shephard of the National City Bank, at which event unfortunately Mr. Lovett could not be present himself becauserior commitmentoard roasting. The second was the reception given by Averell Mr. Lovstt rsportsd that at both of these there was some pretty frank talk. He aaid that at tha Shephard luncheon Mikoyan said that "about all that was needed waa for us to trust them."wns ashed the question, "Why shoulde replied, "Your hands aren't cbsanr. Lovett aald tbat Mr. Harrimanarticularly good job because while some of the others present phrased ths questions too generally or too politely. Harriman made them direct and pointed. He said, "Why do you fellows act this way? In this room there are democrats and republicans1 ail of whom ara aquarely behind President Elsenhower. Whether we were for Roosevelt and Truman, or were republicans, wa all squarely support the President on Berlin. While ws ara peace lovingll go to any extreme to keep Berlinne oi tbe guests was altting next tcssistant and noted that be took down the exchange on Berlin verbatim.

2. Mr. Lovett said there was another aspect of Mlkoyan's visit that he thought should be noted. He aald there seemed to be some feeling that the reception given Mikoyan by tba bus Loess circles had been overly generous and that some areas seem to fool that American businessmen were ready to do business with Russia. He said that thla was not true. Mr. Lovstt said that he also felt the American press had given an expended stature to this Armenian trader. He noted that the prsssull account ofthat Mikoyan says but does not necessarily report fully on theor ether comments.

3. Mr. Lovett .aid that it should be recognleed that Mikoyanextremely favorable impression. Heoldaesa ln The content of hit answers ls always vary good. Hs hasand knowledge of pertinent /actsgurss about tba Unitedwell as-v

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