Created: 8/18/1958

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SD3JECTi umIco oX Soviet and us Long Range DalUatio niaaila Programs V

PRKSEHT: Director of Central InUUlgtnc* Canstor Stuart Symington

Col. Teaanphler (formerly an aaalaUnt to Mr. Symington.

formerly Pratident of the Air Force Association, now

Assistant to tho President of ConTalr) Bovard Stoerts,NE Staff

PUCE ARD TECi dci'e8

Senator Symington opened by describing Col. Lanphior's background and aiperlanea, hia knowledge of the Atlas program, aad his long Interest In the relstlro strength of the us and ths USSR. Tho Senator oxproaaed hio great confidence la Lanphler, based on long porsonal association. Lanphler had come to hi* only ths day before with information on Soviet IRitt and ICBH progress whioh did not agree with what the DCI had tolahort time before (onuly, also in DCI's office). The Senator folt the only thine to do was to lay tho problem on the table with tho XI, and bad cleared hie Intention with Saaabor RuassU before coming. Lanphler addad that Senator Syaingbon and tha XI wore tho first people to whom ho had voiced his concern. The fenator indicated that they both plannod to talk with Henry Kissinger that night.

Lanphler aald his information on C3 program came fromand hia information on what tho Soviets are doing cansln the os intelligence services. It baesme clear duringthat he referred to people ln the intelligence coaponantsmilitary cervices, in thoand ln cia. He did not further

Lanphler aald the Atlas program toautical mils missile began officiallyoara ago. Last weak,ew weeks of tho originalelatively complete Atlas was successfully fired, testing all the elements of tha system for the first tlm. TMs missile wentCO miles.

The next milestone, deliveryilitary base of an operational roloaila that can react in less thanhour and cover the target area in Russia, will occur some time0 at ths earliest. (Unphier

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