Created: 8/24/1958

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FOR THE PRESIDENT SUBJECT: Taiwan Strait Situation


memorandum is based on aU sources available0 '

Saturday's Operations

The principal Communist shelling of the Guemoys occurred00 (Far East time) onugust. According to Peiping radio,rompted by the sightingationalist transport ship approaching Quemoy with reinforcements.

Reports co_nflict on tbe number of rounds fired. Heavyfell on both Big and Little Quemoy as well a. on Tatan and EhrUn two lesser islands in the Quemoy group. (See chart)


not all official reports are in as yet and it

is probable that th.vrun higher than'the 3

although0 figure reported by the MOBBl Ministry ol Defense appear, inflated Thi. latter figureovered Little Quemoy. Ehrlan and Tatan which appear to have been major targets.

5 The Communist barrage was directed against theDefense Command headquarters area. Nationalist andon Quemoy were disrupted; MA AG offices and thedamaged. adar site and one end of the airfield wereAmericans were

6. Press from Taipeiationalist ir00n. and 11

,e m 5eriou.! ft)


Approved tor

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wounded and many more slightly. Nationalist defense minister Yuslightly injured and the deputy chief of the Nationalistkilled. The shelling came while Yu was visiting theChing Kai-shek toured Qucmoy onugust on

inspecucSTnarnorale-building trip.) Thereeport, considered -doubtful by USAF officials in Taipei, that Ceramunist MIG's on Augusttrafed and killed Nationalist troops unloading material on Quemoy wharf during the shelling.

that the ChiNats in the Quemoy area returned the

ChiCom Tire. This would be usual procedure but we have no information as to the extent of such ChiNat action. There are no reports indicating that the ChiNat Air Force has taken any action either against the gun emplacements or airfields on the mainland. The only airstrip on Quemoy is at transport aircraft strip and not understood to be useable by jet aircraft.


B. Shelling from the mainland was resumed on the evening ofocal time, for aboutinutes. There are as yet no reports as to damage done by this bombardment.

9. At least eight communist jet fighters bombed andnorthwest tip of Big Quemoy at dusk (Far East Time)his is reported both through Air Force and Press channels. gunboats and six LCM landingdraft are

^Bc haine,r.ieerTdsin the Quemoy group, in the evening ofugust. The naval attacks are still in progress. the ChiNats believe an invasion has. Air Force official on Taiwan are inclined to see the activity as Peiping's probing for American reaction. They see no full-scale ir.vagion coming unless USA reaction is negative.

m hinese Nationalist LST ontotorpedoed. boat between Taiwan andast. o

Communist irogmen have landed in undisclosed strength.

far eaet timei

pa;ro: boats (YP's) andotorTzea^Rks were' sighted heading for Tungting Island.


take the off shore islands."

.thought this to be another propraga' imminent hostilities.

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