Created: 12/31/1958

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Vicente Lombardo Toledano

This individual's tartar as tnnd orgtntter of Com mufti itltl ni prigHfts tit interesting case study of the manner In whichand Uetlca hive been Applied in Latin America. Lcn^hjifoTO considers Marxism

tooctrine which muit be apnlied^Vhe reality of each country. Although he has never deniedat-Wtt beliefs or his admirat.on


for ths Soviet Union and Ita leade^r'ar Lombardo haiever belonging toIt Party of Mexico,

Despite thisLombardo has headed since

Its inceptiona liaison channel betweenCommunWorganisations and the Mexican or otherCommun^parties, tn Latin America,tnall proportion of the total population,

the - CTAL affiliates and the local Communist parties ls often --

, Lombardo Toledano is of Interest because of his aetlvityjJn the Peace Mcement snd the establishment of Friendship foeifaafi.

te material on Lombardo Toledano ls quiteWe, 4hp

8 ths Houtt Committee on Un-American activitiesepnrt entitled "Who Are They" which contains a

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