Created: 1/21/1959

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The past weektrong upsurgo of anti-US feeling.

tho nee govt contain*reBponsible mento US, anti-US sentiments are evident amongvith most ready to place worst possibleevery US action, private or official, past or present.

1. Anti-US feeling grew among rebel* during civil war over US supplies to Batista (until march) and US military missions.

upsurge stimulated largely by criticism in DS of

Castro sees criticism as threat of US intervention.

xecuted;waiting trial.

popular In Cuba but criticizedew responsiblebeing condemned all over hemisphere; but Castro la ignoring all bat OS criticism.

also demanding extradition ofho escaped.

1. Biggest in US is Rolando Hasferrar, hated pro-Batista senator and gangster whoso private army inProvince was responsible for many tortures and murders. ormerhe was assistant to French political commissar Andre mart! during Spanish civil war. II. Castro's anti-US campaign Is provoking misgivings among some flubana.

regarded Prime bin later Hiro Car dona Is angered; itof reasons for hisan threat to resign.

least two Havana newspapers have urged more- restraint.

Though most govt leaders anti-Cowaunist, Coamunlate tasTe beento exploit new opportunities, and Castro says their Popular Socialist partyInnow operate legally.

embers) surfaced ioraod latelyfall.

PSP has opened offices In Havana and Santiago; resumed publication of daily newspaper Boy; held first public rallyanuary.

Exiled Cuban Ccaoninbts, as well as Venezuelan, Dominican Communists, arriving Cuba.

opening for Coamninlet participation inonths.

1. sstro lieutenant, the argentineuevara, who sayommunist, says he would not oppose Coaamnlstin govt,

forces, being almost complete destroyed and rebuiltforces, likely to be Coamumlst-lnflltrated.

Several members new govt Increasingly irrxated, frustrated over

President Urrutiadeferring all decisions to Csstro, thus slowing


down govt operations.

main reason for Biro Cardona's threat to Biro terms Urrutia Incapable, stubborn, and stupid.

Sinister was also considering bis resignation.

this problem not settled, public confidence will boshaken, and period political instability cootinno.

situation exists In armed forces.

Castro's victory aoy bring new trouble for Latin American dictators. A. Exiles froa rlghflat regimes In Dominican Repablic and Elcaragua

have arrived In Cuba, expecting aid for plots, n. Haitian and Paraguayaa exiles also getting sympathetic ear

froa Castro.

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