Created: 1/14/1959

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usually reliable CIA sourca with high contacts la new govt believes urrutia and most collasgueebut/coupletoly] unaware realhraat.

Oq other hand,labor organizer has indicated aim of replacing thru union elections all Coamiea sow in union off loo.

XX. Files of Batista's BureauAW Repression of Cosaaualst Activities ^ (oiiAC) taken by Guevara to bla fortrose where Oosaalss reported by CIA source to aw active.


uban "war crialaala" essoutsd alter aiiBBiTj trials by Caatro Jarees.

L Trials and exeeatloos teaporarlly suspendedanuary. 1. Pew judicial regulations being proparod.

j KS/f '

t&Z* waitiag trial.

a. efends executions in response to crltlcisa OSastro says executloaa nsoetssary to "purify tbeT. Coxruptloa is soart of tradltrmal Cuban politics that Castro will probably be forced to coann-eeUne hie ouch-toutedand cose to tarns with grafters and reward bis followers with pay-off.

would bring eventual public dUbllloailoejsast.

governaainta suocuaibed to corruption afterisa.

has already OC'd opening of gambling casinosonly."

0. Lottery tickets Btraln openly being soldree to.

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