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The followingthe full text ofitea vhleb appeared lo Oslo Conservative Af.enpasten of l69 (WI edition):

Several bright objects vere observed In tbe sky ncer Eergea by several persons on tte evening ofirch.

According to Blreer Storesund, of Storesisd, nesr Bergen, there vere five of tts bright bodies, ell of vhlcb crossed tbe sky froa north to south. Tie firstich vas first seen0 hours, tooko Dlautes to cross the sky and disappear beceath tbo horizon. In size ari appearance, it could be coapared to the Soviet sputniks. About five aiautes later, object cumber tvo appeared, later to be followed ty objectsour and five.

According to StoresuEi, several of his neighbors also saw tbe objects. sc%xd ves to be heard froa the object*.

's dog, vhlcb vsually reacts to the presence of aircraft, jold no attention. The objects vere also observed In binoculars.


The following la tba full text of aa ltea which appeared Id Oslo Conservative Af.engostgn of l69 (AM edition) I

Several bright objects were observed in tbe sky near Bergen by several persons oa tbe evening ofaren.

According to Birder Storesund, of Storesund, near Bergen, there were flee of the bright todies, all of which crossed tbe sky froa north to eouth. Tie firstch vas first seen0 hours, took about tvo cinutM to cross the sky and disappear beneath tbe boriton. In sit* t could be coapaxed to the Soviet sputniks. About five alnute* later, object ouster tvolater to t* followed by objects three, end four and five.

According to Stores-^ri, several of hi* neighbor*aw the objects. Zioi vas to b* heard froa the objects.

fitores^il'a dog, which usually reacts to the presence of aircraft, paid no attention. Tte objects vere also observed in binoculars.

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