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memorandum jforj th* honorable lyndon b. jchn.on


preparedness investigating subcommittee senate committee oa armed services

consultants ia tho soviet ballistic mia*lie field

during my tomimeay before tha preparedness investigating lubcommittea on march ii, there wu some dlieuilon regarding tha special panel ef outsid* consultants we tailed la to -dviss thaeaonmeaitr prior te preparing aur estimate af novemberuring whfah appear* aa pagesaf tha foheouiniittee's transiript, tha chairman suggested that tha names ofaaauluat* ha aahmitta4 far thaf sera mala to tha caaaultanta (page sot).

s have checked with each member af tho special eaael, aad they hava a* objeetloa to thecttheir auui. m therefore attoehing for yourist of tho so consultants, tog other win brief biographic information. uggesthe added to th* record af my testimony with the eame classification aan assy

th* matter of their possible appear once to testify before the subcommittee haa not bean token as by me with them.

allen w. dulles director

in addition to this special panel, ever the peat two years cia haa used approximatelyther appropriately cleared out aide con. sultanta in analysing various aspects of the missile problem. these include missile specialists largely from industry, the universities, and agencies of government.


- DCI-^

- Legis. Counsel


Mr. L. A. Hyiand. Ex*cutlve Vice-Preaidant,ircrafto* Angalaa, California. Mr. Hyiand baud high managariaJ and engineering post*dix Aviation CorporationTe haa held hit preaant position at Hughaa Aircraft He haa "rvedember ofoue panela of consultant* to the Departmei of Defease in the fields of aeronautics, guided mlaatlea, aad acieace. He waa oa th* advisory committee to the Argonne National Laboratories of the AXC, and haa servedonsultant to Or. Killlan.

air. Jimii w. McJUa,resident, Anooricaa Tel androadway, Hew York. Hew Tor*. Dr. McRao, who received his Ph. D. fron th* California Iaatituta of Techxelogy inperformed World War XX serviea with th* U. S. Army Signal Cory* aad subsaeueatly held research and developmeat posts at th* Bell Telephone Laboratories, wher* he was Vie* President ln charge of By atoms Organisation1 Ha waa President of th* Saadla Corporation3 to WM, and haa held his present post since than. Dr. McRao haa served on several technical advisory committees to government, and haa actedonsultant to Dr. XiUlea.

Dr. J. I. rroohllch. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Paaadena, California. Dr.h.rom the California Institute of Technology, baa been with JPL for ten years and ia at present Chief of I'i eld Test Operations.


Reuben f. Mettler. Ptamo- Wooldridgeawthorae, California. Dr.ervedavy electronics officer during Worldnd received his Ph. D. from th* California Iaatituta of Technology raduate studant aad instructor there haonsultant to Aero Physical Labs of North American Aviation. He engaged ia Airborne electronic cystoma development at Hughes Aircraft94 and haa been with Ramo-Wooldrldga aince then, with title of Vice President Dr. Mettlar has served on several technical advisory cornmittees to government, and has actedonsultant to Dr. Killian.

to. Char las R.vaaood Research Projeots Agamy, DopeVtmeat of OtfnM, Washington 2S, D. C. Mr.raduate of the University ol Utrhlgan, performed development and daalgzi work at Stlneon aad Voltaa1ad mi Chit* Development Engineer at VulUo2T. 74 Mr. Irvine hold Important engineering poste at Con*air,the so of Chief engineer aod Assistant Vice Proaldaat Cafiaaar. Ho haa boon with AAPAn leave of ahaamco tram Convair.

Brig. Pan. Q. J. Kitlaad, Air Toreo BolUstie Mlaaila Division, P. O. Bo* UZ, laglewood, California. General sUtland's experience prior* Included serviceost pilot, work In air research aad development at Wright field, and tost work ta atomic waapaaa at Ktrldaad Air Torce Baao. Ha waa Deputy Chiaf of Staff for Ooaratlou of tha aic4ad haaom at BUD, whore he ia bow Vica Cenamandor.

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