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THE HOUSE OF SECRETS. By Gordon Young. (New York: Duell.ierce.

Gordoneteran foreign correspondent whose name frequently appears on these pages, gives in this book anof ihe Narodno Truuovol Soyuz (People's Alliance of Russianr NTS, as the group is more commonly known. The NTS is an organization of Russian emigres who believe that Communism in the Soviet Union can eventually be overthrown through popular revolution. To hasten this day. it has been active0 in trying to introduce propaganda into the USSR.

During Worldembers of the group reachedareas of Russia and attempted tocells. By infiltrating various German institutionstheyirect influence on tbe initiation andof the Vlasov movement. This period ofwith the Germans was ended by the Gestapo'sSolidarlst leaders. After the war the NTS wasWest Germany,oisterous search for WesternIn all quarters, and in recent years has carried onpropaganda program through leaflets,radio, and personal contacts with Soviets .

Mr. Young's description of tbe NTS organization, of the ideology of Solklarism which It proposes as an alternative to Communism, and of the group's propaganda operations is highly readable If somewhat superficial. Tbe author hasmoat of his Information from Interviews with NTS leaders and members, rather than from the fairly huge mass of available documentary material. Necessarily, the picture of tbe NTS that emerges Is an extremely favorable one.

Recent Boots

Available mformation does corroborate the bulk of thematerial in Mr. Youngs book. There arc exceptions, such as the grossly exaggerated claim that within the past five years moreillion copies of NTS newspapers and leaflets have been dispatched Into the Soviet Union.illion figure Is more probably the amount of literature printed by the NTS Posev publishing house for the five-yeary and large, however, the story of the group'soften tragic, sometimes heroic struggle against the Soviet Goliath is told without the wishful thinking that has characterized pro-NTS publicity in tbe past.

For the professional mteUigence man. The House oj Secrets will be useful as an easy-to-read, rapid review of this rrulltant emigre" group.


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