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TITLE: Book Review: Miscellany





A eoDection ol articles on the historical, operational, doctrinal, and theoretical aspects ol intelligence

All statements of faci, opinion or analysis expressed in Studies in Intelligence are iliose of

the authors They do not necessarily reflect official positions or views of the Central intelligence Agency or any other US Government entity, past or present. Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or implying US Government endorsement of an article's faciual statements and interpretations.


COMMANDER BURT OF SCOTLAND YARD. By himself {LeonardLondon: William. )

These episodes from the author's career Include several of peripheral Intelligencerepatriation,and character analysis of the wartime traitors William Joyce and John Am err; the interrogation and character analysis of the atom spies Alan Nunn May and Klaus Fuchs; some not very impressive operations against frogmenat Gibraltar, and the security measures for the Khru-shchev-Bulganin visit to England, with personal recollectionsuman General Serov. There are also some sensible tips on the art of interrogation, not well illustrated, however, in the excerpts from Interrogations actually quoted.

ase-Study In WartimeyDaihn and Ralph S. Mavrogordato. In The American Slavic and East European Review, Volume XVill, NumberS,. (New York: Columbia University Press (for The American Association of Slavic Studies. Inc.J)

Vladimir Rodionoved Army lieutenant colonelby the Oermans in the summernder thename Oil' heS-sponsored unit, Dnuhina I, In front line and German an ti-partisan operations2 andn3 he and his entire group suddenly rejoined the Soviets. Thereafter this unit fought Its former German sponsors with conspicuous success. Apparentlyhimself was killed in

From fragmentary German documentary sources and other material the authors piece together these activities andto analyze the motivational complexities of Rodlonov's double defection. The available documentation Is notto establish the hypothesis that Rodionov may have been


f rum tbeoviet provocation agent, although theretrong presumption that this was the case. .

"The Top-Secrety J. Tudm. (Moscow: New Times.

Yudin uses H. H. Ransom's Central Intelligence andSecurity and other recently published material toin typical fashion that the intelligence community, which "has brought all branches of government into itsweb of intrigue andrucial part in formulating. national policy of "cold war and constant threat to peace."

SUPPLEMENT TO CUMULATIVE INDEX to Publications of the House Committee on Un-American5th Congress). dds to the Cumulative Index, which covered thepublications8he references for the56 They are listed in threeindividuals, publications, and organizations.


A Man Escaped, by Andre Devigny (New of the better books on escape.

The Coast Watchers, by Commander Eric A. Feldt. (New York: Ballantine.opies of the6 edition are scarce.

yes, by Richard Collier. (New York: Pyramid Books,.ents) Probably the best book on intelligence activities of the French Resistance.

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