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of Flub Factory . .

Shipyard No. UMk lmeni Nosenko

Favoring Domestic Construction





Comparison of Selected UK, Westnd Soviet Fish Factory Trawlers . .

Figure 2. USSR: Estimated Schedule ofFish Factory Trawlers atHo. UWt. .

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The USSR has embarkedrogram to add?ish factory trawlers to Its fishing fleeta programcope and magnitude unmatched by any other country in the world. The only known fish factory trawlers In countries outside the Sino-Soviet /Bloc are the UK trawlers: the Folrtry, currently in operation, and two others under construction. This type of trawler ie designed to combine fishing with the processing of the fish catch in .one vessel, thereby reducing the amount of loss from spoilage and generallythe quality of the fish products.

.'The estimates and-conclusions in this memorandum represent the best judgment-.of .tola. Office as

** Grose register .tonnageeasure whereby the entire1 internalcapacityessel is expressed la registererNot .included In the measurement are certain spacespeak tanks. and other tanks of water ballast, open forecastle,poop,-hatchway excess, certain light and airnchor gear, gear> ^wheelhouse, galley, cebloa for passengers,andspaceo specified

Unless otherwise indicated, ruble values throughout thisare givenubles and dollar values5 US dollars.

TJie.prices paid to shipyards outside the ussr are based on prices market and are believed to be less than Soviet costs of internal construction.

-The total tonnage of this class of vessel planned by the USSR for import and construction byio estimated atross register tonsnd. the total program mayRTt would costilliono construct the entire Sovietrawlers -in the USSR or more0 million to construct thesevessels in thehis tonnage for one type

of vesselighly significant addition in comparison with the estimated totalRT for the entire Soviet high seas fishing fleet at thc end These trawlers:'will increase substantially the fish products reaching the Soviet oartet _from the high seas fleet, thus contributing to the planned increase in proteins andreater variety ln the diet available to the Soviet consumer.

, 2Vfiish factory trawlers were obtained .fromand both Poland and the USSR are engaged Invessels. Poland is scheduled to constructhe USSRast Germany la scheduled toeriesfactory trawlers for the USSR beginningiththrough

I. Introduction. v "r

The USSR has embarked on an extensive program for construction and imports of fish factory trawlershef this program is to provide the .USSR with trawlers capable offishing with the processing of the fish catch in one vessel) thereby, reducing the amount of lose from spoilage and generallythe Quality of fish products. Substantial increases in.the fish products: reaching the Soviet market from the high seasleet will contribute to the planned, increase In proteins available to the Soviet consumer and .also will add greater.variety to his diet.

Although much consideration has been given by countries engaged in high seas fishing to proposed methods for preserving the quality of the catch, few improvements actually have been made. Betterof cargo holds, better refrigeration, and increased speed of vesselsew of the Improvements proposed. Some of these improvements, however, have added to the cost of operations.

Because of poor fishing and the great distance from the mainland, fishing vessels equipped with insulated holds and using crushed Ice

for chilling and preserving tha catch and vessels equipped to freeze mechanically part of the catch .often are forced to return to home port withartial load.

To permit fishing vessels to remain on the fishing groundsull load is caught and at the same time to preserve the quality of the catch, the UKish factory trawler designed tothe entire catch either by mechanical freezing or by canning. The first experimental UK vesselonversion. Because of thc success of thispecially designed fish factory trawler, the Falrtry, was constructed and completed in early

he fishing industry of the USSR .recognized the:value ofto.its own fishing enterprise, -particularly, for the region. tho fishing groundsreat distance from the homeland, Immediately began an extensive:program for construction and lm- of fish factory. wo-sj:

i 'f,

. The UK fish factory trawler Falrtry and .two .other fish factory .constructionor. the owners ofare the only known, fish factory trawlers: In. countriesSlno-Soviet-si


A Soviet press notice9 states that by the-the Soviet.Sevenhe.fleetwill numberrawlers. The.extent of thisis not known. Reports/ however, .indicate.that' thencarried on5 nndinimum ofdditionalbe added. y*

essels actually were constructed,'

45 thecontracted with theowaldtswerke Aktiengesellschaft shipyard, at Kiel in. West .Germany* fish factoryhese fish factoryere. In design, .almost identical to the UK fish factory trawler Falrtry, which was completed in the first halfU.

The West GciTsan-eonfcraet was completed by-the-endho roported prices"of thooo vposelo'vary somewhat, ithat the average price per trawler'io-tbe-USSR vim about -USl million..

ii$au bKLiWQi xdidal'x ana no aJx*oii'.'q

Information av&ilabletat this-and Soviet' shipbuilding will make up theravlers obtained frcm West -Oenattny end' the" apparent goal .nolciwncn a ;

Durlng the early stages of the Went OersKsn. contract'the Soviet.decided to undertake construction of fish factoryone of its ownhis decision" van-evident-in oneexhibits at Uie All-Unlon Agricultural and"held in tt>scov Thisodel ofshipbuilding shopommonly referred to afl Shopx-prlconers of varn "ikolayev ShlpjErd

Rosenko. This modelish factory trawler in the process of being moved out of the vest end .of Shop2 andloating dry-dock fort is noteworthy that atine' of thisShopctually war. engaged In constructionubmarines, and it is estimated thatubmarines werein this shop Con at ructioneries of Mayakovskly-class fish factory travlers actually got under vayshop -in

Poland announced-hat it-would construct morefish factory travlera for the USSR, and'the keel of the -first fishrawler was laid in Poland In ^ lavoosl

In6 it was reportedroject had oeenast Germany, by the USSR, toeries of fish factory travlers at the Volksverft Stralaund Shipyard and that this program would begin' These trawlers vere to be-similar to-those con- -structed by West Germany forthe USSR. Alterations to thein the Btralound Shipyard would be required before construction of the trawlers could begin, and the reported estimated cost of thevas3eutsche Mark East (dhe). In9 it vaa reported that the ussr had placed orders with the Stralsund Shipyard tootal oflab factory travlera to Startingrawlers were to be delivered every year. Total cost of the contract was reported to amountillion EKE, orraj lit on DMEtrawler. -Other reports lndj -catcd that aboutravlers of this program were scheduled forby the end



Thc size of the Soviet high seas fishing fleet at the endincluding all classes and types of fishingan averageRT per fishconstructed In West GermanyRT per trawler toln Poland, East Germany, and theleetP would amount0 GRT, and anrawlers' byCRT.willighly significant addition tocapability.

HI. Comparison of Fish Factory Trawlers.

The following trawlers Are designed to trawl over there equipped for the completeof the fish catch: theish factory trawler Falrtry; 'the West German trawlers, referred to as the Pushkin class; and'the' Soviet' version, referred to as the >toyakov6kiy class. The processing of the fish includes gutting, washing, heading, filleting, skinning, weighing, packaging, and freezing. Fish meal is nado of the waste products, and cod liverextractedoiling plant. -Most of the processing .work is done by machinery. omparison of the three types of trawler' is shown ln

, The Mayakovskiy-class trawlers are reported toons of frozen fishilogramcans of canned fish, lh metric tons of semifinished coiliver Oil,etric tone of fish meal. Thc fish processing equipaentapacity ofetric- tons of fish products inhours. Thc trawler is designed to operateother ship forays fishingays en route to and from fishing grounds, 'on thisour trips per year are possible.

IV- NUtolaycv Shipyard Ho. kkh imeni Hosenko.

Soviet preoG0 have publicized construction of fish factory trawlers-at'Hlkolayev Shipyard Ko. kkh imenionstruction'and the first trawler was delivered in c*t :


* No fish factory trawlers were included In this estimate, although eevcral had been delivered' from West Germany.

he Polish and Eatft German vessels are believed to be comparable to the Mayakovskly class.


The shop in vhlch these trawlers are being constructed, isof one long assemblyfl0 ftt, and two: abut ting vInge, one composed of four bays and one of seven bays,ee total's? square footage of the entire building la0 squareccording to the Moscow exhibit tho vessels constructedording to the positional method, and all work will be doneiln>itbrcc: positions, after vhlch the vessel will be launched-y'toessel is started at one position and moved byarriages on rails to other positions, is not unique to construction in this shipyard. It is used In many other Soviet shipyards and Is becoming standard practice wherever conditions permit.framO

On the basin of Soviet press notices of launchlngo and delivorieB of Soviet-constructed fish factory travlers and of observations of-these trawlers passing .the Bosporus straitconstruction schedule has been established and la ahovn**

Figure V; 'JSn.

Eight trawlers were completed It is estimated,trawlers will be delivered9 and thatbe constructed by Hikolayer Shipyard Bo. hkk by the end ofor not this program in the USSR will continue is notit would appear that It Is to end at about the time that theprogram gets under

V. TiJ-'- VtvZ Jn':


The fish factory travlers purchased from West .Germany cost the no. USai about8 Billion each. Because West German shipbuilding: coots5 were estimated to beercent of US shipbuilding costs, construction of these trawlers would have cost0ion in the US.

Prices of vessels in the world market also were estimated to be

oercent of US prices of vessels. Because fishrawlersev type of vessel, no vorld market price vasble Tor this type of vessel. The USSRrice consistent, with average West German shipbuilding prices for vessels of similar

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Figure t

Comparison of Selected UK, West German, and Soviet Fish Factory Trawlers










A (eel






metric Ions

metric tons

metric tons














orse power


knots (service)


Several studies of the cost of construction of merchant types of vessels in the USSR have yieldedratios ofo If these ratios are applied to US costs, the cost per light* amountsubleso 1. On the basis,ounded averageubles per light ship ton, thef Constructing in theishtrawler of the Pushkin class would be aboutillion rubles, or more than kCO ml]lion rubles for therawlers.

Indications are that the USSR will construct aboutish factory trawlers. Data on these vessels in the Soviet presslightly heaviersd comparedSD for the Pushkin class. Again, on the basis5 costs,ubles per light ship ton, each Soviet-constructed .trawler will cost the USSR aboutillion rubles, or moreillion rubles forrawlers.

Aa previously stated, Poland Is constructing for therawlers which are similar to the Hayakovskiy class. Soviet trade with Poland indicate that the USSR paysmarket prices for vessels -built in Poland. The cost oftheserawlers. In the USSR at aboutillion rubleswould amount0 million

he East German, contractforrawlers, which is by far thecontract for construction'-of- fish factory trawlers; would cost USSR moreillion:rubles to construct in the USSR. rawlers were constructed during the Seven Year Plan,trawlers would cost the USSRillion rubles tothe .

* Light ship displacement (LSD) is the weight (in metric tons)essel complete, ready for service in every respect. Includingballast and liquids in the machinery at operating levels but excluding the crew and their offects and all items of consumable or variable load such as stores, fuel, and cargo.

he estimated total Soviet fleetieh factory trawlers7 would costillion rubles to construct In the USSR. This fleet would- cost -moreillion to construct ln the USi



Sources of material used in this memorandum largely were Soviet and UX press reports. Ruble-dollar ratios were obtained from ORRreferred to herein, and comparison of U3 and West Germancosts were obtained from unpublished studies of construction-differential cost made by the US Maritime Administration.

Evaluations, following the classification entry and designatedave the following significance;

of Information


ompletely reliable

sually reliable

airly reliable

ot usually reliable

ot reliable

annot be .Judged




5 6

Confirmed by other sources

Probably true

Possibly true


Probably false

Cannot be Judged

Evaluations not otherwise designated are those appearing on the cited document; those designated "RR" are by the author of this memorandum. No "RR" evaluation is given when the author agrees with the evaluation on the cited document.

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3- Piyayuiacnno-ckoiiiHi.irhc'.kaya.

Kval. RR

4. Wavy, Warsaw. 5 U. Kval. RRUeOBik BaltveH. IP he* U. Kval.9.

58. OFV'USE. Eval. RR 7.

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