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followtn- klcar^unan* were charged v/ theowrment ub leodera of tflo student -rieiry; on and tho burnir< of the hone* and cat ofistaaloeon polio* chief, on hobertoloader of tho group that burned the houaei juan sakotval, kooie, rogoberto puka, lcls angelh. police are

the following klearaguana wore arrested onuly for connuelty in the student uprising inand the unsuccessful attenpt totudent uprisingansgua5 kwo arendano, Adolfotero, andarouxuo penelbe.!

betweenndulyINCNQ and rolando SaNBIK) aredeno were arrested for distributinganphut eonaeaning the nlca-rafuan qo*erment for killing lilcaragusn studente. the president of the cvrtro unleeraltarlo la protesting theeo erreau in an effort to obtain release of the prisoners.

li. the cenlro vnlnreltarlo cancelled dasaee for eight daya, and theof the atudente returned to their bone*. those renaming planned to join the townspeople to continue with tectlca designed to eaberram tie government, such aa holding maaea and reciting the roesry in ehurohee and thon going into the street*, police warned oltlaena onuly that no publlo demonstrations or lame rath*ringa would be per* it tod.i

1. IaKOBAOroninent pro-connunlstl sahdcvalomumet who la secretary of the carnunlt-doejoconatruotlon union, in >oni koujsabor leaden fauu alsotenber of the





iti-jotlon Union in Uon and la eeld to hareall letdar ia tba ferlyTlvtX la arapraaantaUva to the DnlTaraltj BcarO ofeftletcniar praeldent of tha Cantro OnlraralUrlo.

Wllommit wfe an adrleor to tha now defontt Jarentndan unlit-dominated revolutionary Ktonp. Thar* la no Indication that. Initially, tha Laon denoneU-atlon <nehovaror, the fact nit not be diaeouoted that, onct an art of rtolooee occurred, pro-Coananlati atte-apted, andatlll oonUnalnc toto exploit tha eltuetlon. Tha political baekcround of thoa* an-eated and taoee about to ba arreeted, coup lad irtth latarracaUona of tana* pervone.oaaflni thaci*rfa that tha demonstration* war* Con-aalat-lnaplrad.

ecitation of tha Hoaary ath in Usn

nae baan soiled for on Jlrtth plananto tha atreaUody afterward.

Cement. If the plana *ra carried out they oonld tha iumerlooa ontoward Incident.

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