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ions to latin american coawunist parties cia has obtained valuable information on developments at 2ls: congress of soviet communist partyan - eb), and ai. special clandestine meetings of representatives of latin araern cp's held in moscow and peiping in february and march. a. source, long-term cia penetration agent and high official of his own party in free world country, was








to source, prior to congress cpsuocumen among all foreign delegations pointing out need to eliminate fro. communist literature "directing" role of ussr and cpsu in order to counter charges by ussr's "imperialist and revisionist" enemi-that ussr was exploiting other bloc countries and that cpsu was directing all other cp's.

a. as result. congress apparently adopted formula to effect thai

all cp's are independent and equal. in accordance with new formula la cp's set forth new tactics and action program for la in special meetings in moscow, in presence of soviet "observers."

a. they decided to hold "people's congress" prior ftoin defense of latin american resources."

1. communist promotion of this congress is to be concealed in order to attract support of leading liberal figures such as cuban prime minister castro, former costa ftican president fikueres, venezuelan president retancourt. Tl

2. Coaminiala void inliir, congress but final resolutions to Im*. LA "peace movement" to bo strengthened and labor unity taction emphasized.

1. Peace caepeigna io in- launched against US military aiksionH and base*.

C. Soviet "observers" who attended meetings made lolLovings:

Thereno need for LA CP's to defend USSR in IHolr programs,

The course of the Cuban Revolution would depend on the work of the Cuban CP. oviti offlci.il ciled Nosir as cas* ot anti-imperialist who betrayed his re-volution aiul reached agreement with imperialists.

itepres^ntativos ofA CP's Later visitedn*Id mcctinga With Mao Tsc-tung, Liu Shao-ehi, Other Chines*. . Chinese stressed similarity of LA to Asia andrelevance of ChiCom experience and methods for LA.

They arranged to finance LA rcprescntaiivoa to axuiti: course on "practical experLeneee" of Chineaaas distinct from Marxoa inlet theory which iney noted could be "learned in any

They arranged to establish network oi LA correNpondcui* to service poipm-'s official New China Ncev Agency.

Theyo establishment of clanduttt Luc parties In LA io function parallel io establishedChinese*ployt-d.

11. Mao and oilier CIlineHi-e-HSOtl use OI lio I Itimloii and "oi-inI fur norr ol ii."


They emphasized conflict in Taiwan area, attacks on Vice President Nixon in LA and Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions as beneficial developments.

Mao cited Cuban revolution as proof tbat "imperialists puppets arc paperut recommended that LA CP's try peaceful methods bofore resorting to force.

CP's will probably attempt to carry out lines of action laidMoscow and Peiplng within their generally limited However, stepped up Chineso propaganda and training program

might loave them looking in two directions for guidance. 1, Example of Communist China has had increasing appeal for some of them in recent years.

representative of CIA briefed Fidel Castro in New York on

A. Castro showed an interest but still unclear whether he will change his complacent attitudeoward Communism.

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