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and Venezuela continuing attempts to oust Trujillo*

At More reports received of preparations in Cuba for efforts

against Dominican Republic, either directly or through Haiti. 1* According to one report, Castro now thinks Trujillo too strong for frontal assault, so he now preparing to open new front by invasion of Haiti by Haitian exiles and Cubans to overthrow Duvalier regime and set upgovernment.

Haitian government expects attack and army chief of staff privately admits country virtually defenseless. Attack would probably lead to Dominican military intervention in support of Haitian regime.

Report from Venezuela that Dominican exiles therefor new invasion of Dominican Republic*

Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Haitian exiles in Cuba are Communist-led or -infiltrated.

Venezuela is aware of this danger, but considers priority now goes to ousting dictators*

of American States (OAS) faces serious test.

A. Principle issue is to halt Cuban-Venezuelan efforts to oust dictatorships in Caribbean area, thus supporting principle of non-intervention.

strong sentiment in Latin America that dictatorships,by Trujillo's, must be eliminated from hemisphere.

of the governments, possibly even Cuban andsupport meeting of foreign ministers convened, notTreaty to consider specific charges against Cubabut under OAS charter to discuss both problemsubversion and ways of promoting democracy.

Cuba Fidel Castro facing intensifying domestic unrest.

of Communist infiltration in armed forcesby resigning air force chief>Uajor Diaz Lanz^pointsof growing concern to many informed Cubans.

1. Anti-Communist officers being purged from air force and probably from other services,

determination to push agrarian reform lawnd small-landowners. Castro has claimed heoffice of prime ministry and personallyof Agrarian Reform Institute.

terroristic acts in capital andof opposition guerrilla bands in two provincesto many arrests of alleged "counterrevolutionaries,"

Diaz Laos as head of the Rebel Air Force was right-handCastro during

defectedune and arrived inuly.

as ttsibcr AUC V

Immigration and Naturalization Service whoover to Eastland Committee. /Maniiaeodauue?^


Major Pedro Luis DIAZ Lauz

I. year old Diaz Lanz, who defected as chief of Cuban air force onune with bittor public blast against Communist penetration Cuban armed forces, arrived inuly,

been declared deserter and traitor by Castro andordered.

pilot for saall Cuban.

as co-pllot employed by US-owned MoaCompany.

to end of Castro's revolution, he ferriedrebels from "abroad." No previous military experience.

named him head of air force in January.

1, Apparently Lanz wasood administrator and this, as well as his employment of his brothers and ex-Batista pilots, have given Castro some basis for attacks on him.

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