Created: 9/24/1959

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Intelligence Weekly Summary

central intelligence agency OfrlCt Of CURRENT INTEUIGENCE



long-smoldcrlngbetween Archbishop Makarlos. representing tbeGreek Cypriotand former SOU loader General George Grlvas, to whom extreme right-wing nationalists look for leadership, has broken into th* open at last.

The expected break follows disclosures by Makarlos of an alleged plot against himself and other moderate leaders presently working with the Turks and British to implement the Cyprus settlement of last February. The disclosures linked with the conspiracy the ir.mes of General Grlvas,n Athena and forbidden by the Jyprua agreements Ironto Cyprus prior toof the new republic, and Bishop Kyprianos ot Xyrenla, long-time adversary of within the Cypriot Orthodox Church hierarchy.

Grlvas responded to the tJiscloeuroh Immediately,them as "fairy tales" sad calling on Makarlos to come to Greece for publicwith him on means for 're-establishing peace" between the two factions. Thehaa declined the request to dlscuks tho conflict in the open on the grounds that Grivas' conditions make the meeting lm-posslblo and, for the first, ho has publicly deplored

the former underground loader's "disruptive tactics "

Grlvss, apparently hoping to profit by adopting his new conciliatory role and having thrown both Makarlos and th* Greek Government on theive, returned to the attack by claiming that th* Greek Intended to arrest blm on the pretext that heilitary coup against tbe Karamanlls government. The*harply denied theand accused Grlvas of either lying or sufferingersecution mania.

Meanwhile, there lathat Athens Is worried by report* that Grlva* ha*topics of secretsigned last February at the time tho basic settlement was reached. Disclosure of theseegarding non-bershlp of Cyprus In NATO, the continued proscription of the Coonunlet* on Cyprus, executive powers for the president and vice president, and British base rights, could be used by Grlvas to disrupt presentforypriot republic and tothe position of theGreek Government. In an attempt to diminish the hostile reaction which could b* expected to follow Grlvas' revelation of the term* of the secret th* government Itself

thoir provl-

nay reveal sionn.

OneadlockIn theongnd Cypriot lenders aimed at writing the new Cypriot constitution. The controversy revolves around differing Interpretations of the powers of th* Turkishvice president, Makarlos and the other Moderate Greek

Cypriot loaders are prevented by the existence of the extremist right wing from accepting any settlement of the dispute which could appear to the Greek Cypriot public to go beyond the basic agreement signed in Zurich. The Turks, meanwhile, arewith concern the apparent revivaltronglyGreek Cypriot campaign and are becoming more intransigent In their interpretationthi Zurich agreements.r

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