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the recent meeting of bloc leaders ln Moscow, oncerted line of action was developed for the pre-summit period. Khrushchev fJ^BBsasaVI IsranmmmVBputumber of new mo9es to be undertaken by the East Germans In an effort to strengthen his position in pressing the Westerman peace treaty and all-German negotiations. Hoew formula for concluding two basically similar peace treaties, one between the West and Bonn and the other between the bloc and East Germany.

This variation waspublicly by East German Premier Grotewohl on 10 Be explained that "both peace treaties" would beof the same contont, settle tbe same problems, and "lead to the same results." He added thatrocedure would do away with the objections which are being raised by some governments" toeace treaty with both German Btates. Pravda onebruary emphasized these aspects of Grotewohl's speech.

Khrushchev reportedly plans to elaborate on this formula at the summit conference and again to urge negotiations on the principleseace treaty, which could then be amplified, possiblyour-power East German party bossublic suggestions along these linesebruary were reportedly made atrequest to set the stage for Introducing theat the summit as an East German initiative.

Khrushchev and Ulbrichtl


_Jhaveeace treaty-fhich would legalize the division ofand would be one of their basic objectives in forthcoming summit talks, Ulbrlcht reported to his staff after his return from Moscow that Khrushchev will make no basic concessions on Gomany or Berlin but will urge that the Western powers persuade the Bonn government to begin negotiations with East Germany.

ree city in West Berlin, Khrushchev termed his offer of such an interimreal concession" to facilitate all-German talks. Herejected extension of the free city to Include East Berlin. In discussing the terms of an inter-Ira solution for Berlin, theleadereduction of troopsymbolic level, and control of hostile propagandaof the key points of the Soviet proposal at the Geneva foreign ministers' conference.

Khrushchev appears to have reinforced his threat toeparate treaty with East


carexully avoided-"tyingactioneace treaty to the May conference.

Moscow has moved to gain the adherence of aocbloc powerseparate peace treaty with East Germany. During Soviet President Voroshilov's visit to





approaching CHmbodia and possibly other neutrailBtcoun-tries on this question


iMosoow recently -ly sounded out armed forces only if weBt Germany would do likewise.

Charging that the Adenauer government has chosen the road leading to war, Rapackl said that Poland's defense effort depends on the Bcale of Test German armament. He reiterated that the "German issue" is tho main international problem ln East-Test relations and remains the key subject in Polish foreign policy.

rejected any erman settlement and disarmament. Tbo Soviet premier speculated that disarmament talks might last for four years, and that the USSR would notostponementerman Be Indicatedto begin with eitheror conventionalor both and* referred to Soviet bloc proposals to accept controls and limitations on arm-amontspecific zone ln Europe.

Poland has sought this past veek to maintain pressure on West Germany to acceptnegotiations on armament limitations ln Germany, byutbacks in its forces to aln Test German forces. Polish Foreign Ministernebruary declared that Poland would follow the Soviet Union's example and reduce its ,.

Touching briefly on the Tarsaw Pact conferencs intwo weeks ago, Rapackl said discussions on means of easing International tensions andpeaceful coexistence took precedence over defense matters.

West German Position

peech at Cologne onebruary, West GermanAdenauer made hispublic appeal to date for Western firmness ln regard to the issue of Berlin. He said the "crucial" faotor was whether the free nations, "above all the unitedill abide by their "word." Declaring be had usod such strong language1Adenauer added that to give In oa tho Berlin issue would be "the end."

He reiterated his stand of recent weeks that Germany, like other nations, should be granted the right"salf-determination.






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