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the bondage of the common enemy."

Manifesto publishedarch, last day of "Solidarity Week.

vowed an "anti-imperialist and anti-feudal revolution In

Latin America."

3. Cuban labor leader announced that Cuban groups will leave

ay for other Latin American countries, "to give them

help and to request aid for the Cuban revolution."

a. "Friends of Cuba" societies, virtual Communist fronts,

now Identified inatin American countries.

3. Veteran Communist labor leader Lombardo Toledano of Mexico,


in Havana for "Solidarityeportedly met there with other labor leaders to prepare constitution for newhemispheric labor movement.

1. An "Independent" labor movement to replace discredited CoiamunistYcTOU, WaB planned at clandeutine meetings of Latin American Communists in Moscow early last year.

2. Increased liaison among Latin American Coohu' es oot taking place in Cuba and the hemispheric "peace" conference planned for Kay or June in Havana were also parts of program developed at the Moscow meeting.

German newspaperman says Cuba and GDH willtrade missions in next two months, aftor whichbe easy for GDR to open "ambassadorial" officefor Latin America similar to one it has in Egypt.

Cuban TV commentator Luis Conte Aguero, whosebroadcasts drew expressions of approval fromCubans, announcedarch he forced to give upof charges that he was sowing division in the (He has since gone into asylum in Argentine embassy.)

bad lod to riots onarch between pro- and

^aoti-Communist students. , ^

Cuba's last independent TV channoiyiikely to be seized by

regime followingarch freezing of bank accounts of ownc of best known radio-TV network. II. Efforts to whip up anti-US fervor continue, with emphasis on allege threat of OS-directed invasion.

A. Speeches by Fidel and Faul Castro onarch obviously intende to give Impression invasion is virtual certainty.

1. Both Insisted Cuba will not be "anothernd

both referred to "volunteers" in other countries.

a. Raul said: "Brigades of volunteers to defend the Cubao revolution are forming in Venezuela and Bolivia because these people know that by defending the Cuban revolutlc

they are defending the LA revolution. They

is the first nation to start the second revolution."

Tho "first revolution" was for independence from Spain and Portugal; the "second" is against US. Other reports have mentioned groups In Venezuela and

Chile volunteering to fight in Cuba against expected

"imperialist aggression."

Mlnlstor Boa, loarch TV appearance, charged USdesigns on Cuba over since Pres.S would solze Cuba in the event of an Anglo-Spanish war.

workers' delegates meeting onarch accepted freezeand said they would even accept wage reductionsby "tho aggression which the imperialisticinternational reaction are preparing."

arch speech, Fidel Castro reiterated his completoall forms of private Investments as help in solvingand social problems.

A. Moa Bay nickel mining and refining company (valuedubsidiary of Freeport Sulphurlans to close downpril if Cuban financial restrictions not eased.

defections of Castro officers continue.

attache in Mexico and two aides defectedarch.

CbiDca, commander of air base in Plnar del Rio, andofficers defected and took asylum in Brazilian embassyMarch.

1. Before going to Brazilian embassy, ChineaS embassy officer that although discontent Is spreading, especially among Junior officers, there is still no cohesion because of the lackeader and rallying point.

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