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Cubaenter lor Latin American Communist activities.

A. Hemispheric "peace" conference planned for Havana In Hay or June


Representatives of seven LA affiliates of gorier Peace Council net In Havana last week to prepare for conference.

A visiting Soviet "Jurist"rench woman member of WPC also attended preparatory session.

Details of preparatory meeting reported immediately by New China News Agency (Chinesehich has branch offices In Havana.

Conference would Implement one of plans developed byof LA Communist parties at clandestine sessions In Moscow at timet CPSU Congress In

At Uoscow meetings. Communists agreed to strengthen "peace" movement, launch ^attacks on US missions and bases, andontinental peace conference by

Peace conference could serve as vehicle to promote some of objectivespeople'slso planned In Moscow in

C. Popular Socialist party (Communist) of Cuba held plenary session beginningebruary, which other LA Communist leaders attended. 1. Scheduled 8th PSP congress foruly; last congress was

D. PSP giving open support to "week of solidarity with the struggles of the LAarch, called by Communist-infiltrated Cuban Labor Confederation.

B. "Casa de las Americas" in Cuba, run by pro-Conuaunist wife of education minister, is promoting "friends of Cuba" societies in most other LA countries,

1. Societies are, in effect, Communist fronts. Active in propaganda, "cultural" affairs. II. Sino-Soviet bloc continues active support for Castro.

A. Sino-Soviet propaganda repeating Castro's anti-US charges.

Representatives of Polish foreign trade organization reported

by OS Embassy^ Warsaw to be departing soon for Cuba to discuss supplying foundry and rolling mill installations and other capital goods.

Polish press reports recent purchase0 tons Cuban sugar and that Cuba wants Polish "investment goods" in exchange.

East Germans and Czechs already active commercially in Cuba.


1. Cubans providing lodging,xpense money.

fff iclally-lnsplred anti-US frenzy continues.

A. Union of Guantanamo base workers issued statementarch criticizing working conditions on base and alleged abuses of US military personnel.

1. Volume of rumors of Cuban Intention to provoke an Incident at base has markedly increased in last ays and nay presage formal demand for US evacuation.


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