Created: 3/30/1960

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Extending Cuba-based Activities lo Latin

America: Communists or pro-Communists from fifteencountries attended the closing ceremonies ofof Solidarity with the Struggles of tho LatinPeoples" In Havana onarch. The "solidarityproclaimed by tbe Cuban Labor ConfederationCommunist-infiltrated labor arm of the Castro regime,

warmly endorsed by the Cuban Communist party.

OLombardo Toledano, voteran Mexican Communist

leader and head of the Communist-front Confederation

of Latin American Workersas among the partici-

^in "solidarity week." During his stay in Havana he

eported to have met wltb six other Latin American labor

>toonstitutionroposed new regional

C/Jorganizationneutralist" orientation andthe United States. This project Is in accordance


plans discussed ln Moscow ln9 by represon-

ofatin American Communist parties, and has

tCbeen promoted by tbe principal labor organlza-

ln Cuba and Chile, both of which are stronglyinfluenced.

At the close of "solidarityanifesto was

calling for the Initiation of an "anti-imperlallst and anti-feudal revolution in all Latin America" and the strengthening of Latin American solidarity with the Cuban revolution, uban CTC leader announced plans

at tho same time for a "great Latin American congress to create the apparatus to fight the common enemy... lie said Cuban delegations will leaveay for other Latin American countries "to give thorn help and to request aid for the Cuban revolution." Hany of tho week's manifestations stressed the "unfortunate plight" of Puerto Rico, "still under tho bondage of the common enemy."

Cuba Is rapidlyase for Communistin the rest of Latin America. Tho "Latin Americanhich was promised at the "solidarity week" rally, could serve the purposes of the ostensibly non-Communist "peoples' conference" planned during the9 meetings in Hoscow. The Increased liaison among Latin American Communists, now possible in Cuba, and tho hemispheric "peace conference" planned for Havana in Hay or Junefrgjaj dnveloued _then in ^

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