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delegation at the test ban talks provide furtber evidence that the USSR hopes to have major unresolved issues presented at the summit for decision. In an interview with an East German correspondent, Soviet delegate Tsarapkin hailed Westernln principle'* of the Soviet moratorium proposal ofarchurning point in the test ban talks, and he claimed that the conference was on the threshold of aof intensive negotiations.

Tsarapkin also asserted that all the delegations had stated the negotiations should be speeded up, and he outlined "an extensive program of work" to be accomplished during the next few months. He listed in this program technical meetings for spelling out the details of the research program onunderground teats, "precise formulation" of the moratorium, determination of the composition of all control bodies, and the fixing of an on-site inspection quota. He pointed out that tbe American delegation's assurance that all candidates for the presidency have declared their agreement with the moratorium concept "allows ua to bope"sensible" time limit for it can be established.

Test Ban Talks

Recent public and private remarks by members of the Soviet

Taking the same optimistic line on tho chances for an early agreement, another member of the Soviet delegation saidthat the main outstanding lasues must be settled at the summit level. He listed all the points set out by Tsarapkin, with the exception of theof spelling out the details of the research program, as falling within these main He added that if they could be resolved by the heads of government, the conference could then quickly settle other

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andreaty for signature by August. Hefavorably, nevertheless,uggestion that these problems be discussed atinformal meetings of the three delegations.

The delegate declined to set forth Moscow's view on tbe number of annual inspections and contended that thisshould be left to the heads of government. He stressed the expense that would be Involved ln each inspection, however, and said he doubted that Moscow would agree to as many asnspections each year ln the USSR. He indicated that the quota should apply tofor small tests coveredoratorium as well as to the larger ones bannedby the treaty.

At the final meeting of the conference before the recess, Tsarapkin agreed to forming an ad hoc technical group forthe research andprogram. While stating that he waa without Instructions on whether to acceptay as the starting date for the group, he urged the Western delegations to proceed under the assumption that it would be acceptable to Moscow.

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