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Before Senate


1* Based on my observations yesterday during Secretary Herter'a eppe.?rance before the Senate Foreign Relationsost emphatically agree with you that in your appearance Tuesday, yon

go over to the attack and answer In your initial statement

as many of the outstanding questions as you possibly can. m sure you have clearly in Kind what you intend to include in this opening statement, but, at the risk of citing theould like to

suggest that the following points be specifically included:

The authority under which the Agency made the(NSC Directives steaming from the National Security Act. The Act was mentioned by Secretary Herter bat Senator Lausche quite quickly discovered that there Is no "actlcnR language In the Act which really covers the point.)

The background and history of the project with particular reference to the great care which was taken to shield the activity from public knowledge.

The system of clearances for the various flights leading to opecifio authorisation for an operation to

actually take off. (You will be pressed to explain who had the final say. Nr. Herter stuck to the point that his role was advisory and told tha Senators that they would have to ask you about the point of final authority. Senator Gorelocdhound on this one.)

D) The value of the targets which the May 1st flight was designed tout another way, wereargets so important that theylight so close to the time of the Sennit Conference? Onould strongly suggest that you identify specifically the main installations on the flight path and what they represent. 1

The instructions to the pilot. Senator Long wae interested in this and Mr. Herter gave an evasive answer which consisted ln saying that he understood the pilot had been given an option. Bs than said that they should ask for this information from you.

F) The cover mechanism for the project and how it operated after the events of May 1. m not thoroughly conversant regarding our relationship and understanding with NASI on the point of whether or not they want to publicly admit that before the May 1st tragedy they were witting that the Agency was making overflights of tha

Soviet Union vith their weather planes. s Bare that Qeneral Cabell or Dick Biesell knove thie in detail, and lt Is important that your statement is comprehensive on all NASA angles. Several Senators queried about thisariety of viewpoints. Doug Dillon hrv^i^ all questions on this one, and kept saying over and over again that the Agency handled all dealings with NASA and that theont had had no direct conversations with them.)

2. Tod askednumeratehought might besticky points. Cfcriously, certain of these are cited above,

ould Uks to identify the following:


ths President specifically approve the hay lou will Bftkra transcript bow Secretaryaround this question, but you will certainly be asked

confusion over news releases after hay 1.

I frankly think you shouldtatement that the Agency consulted and coordinated fully aod that ve cannot take responsibility for certain confusion vhich inevitably vas going to exist lnuzzling snd fast breaking situation.

- Ii -

C) When word was received tbat tbe plane vae mlaaing and bow aooo we knew It waa down Inside Russia* Since Mr. Herter talked about tracking of planes, which was ob-vioualy deleted from thehink you tight aa well give the Senators the true story. ecognize that this gets into the whole question of COMTsT clearances, but, in light of various newspaper stories and other leaks, these Senators suet know that things like thla go on and the less you have to take cover on grounds of security, the better.

3* Sons general impressions about tha Senators and their



A) id not sense tbat the agency vas on trial. Senator Wiley made it clear that there waa nothing the Russians would like better than to destroy tba CIA. In fact, be is opposed to these hearings and to hating you called at all. Senator Leaache feels we should be attacking the Rnnslans, not pawing over oar own Government* Senator Fulbright tries bard toiddle ground between Senator Lauscbe on one wing and Senator Gore on the other. This latter gentleman was the most persistent questiooer of all and be hangs onat terrier. Bis philosophy is set forth on7 of the transcript. Senator Morse scene to behave as one would expect him to* Ibe other

Senators did not participate sufficiently to establish exactly vfcat their interests were. hink they will be delighted with the aggressive approach yon plan. Underneath it all, thereot of adadratico and good will,eel certain that they vill react positively vhen they see that you are neither apologetic nor defensive.

Richard fielms Acting Deputy Director (Plans)


P. S. In his testimony yesterday. Mr. Herter, in replyuestion as to whether there had been any Russian protests about ouranswered "that there had been no protests of these particular flights. " aw theold Mr. Bohlen that this statement wasact which he verified with the Department on the telephone. By that time we were unable to revise the transcript. In point ofussian protest is in the public domain, and General Cabell has the press version.

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