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former South Korean President Rhee's flight to Hawaii onay led low* student demonstrators to demand the resignation of the govern- -ment of Acting Chief of State Huh Chung and the recall of American Ambassador McConaughy, the largely negative public response to the demonstrations reflects the high degree of public support enjoyed by the provisional government and its reform program. Tne demonstra-tors were easily dispersed by other students, and still others subsequently toured Seoultheir opposition to further disturbances. When Huh was Interpellated by the National Assembly regarding Rhee's departure, thewas not unfriendly andmore for the record than to harass him.

The ant1governmentmay have been acting under tbe Influence of radical elements. by the new air of political freedom sinceumber of small leftist and neofasclst political parties have sprung to life. Such groups, however, appear unlikely toa major political influence ln the near future, although they may receive considerable support in the larger cities ln the electionsew Rational Assembly expected to be held next month.

With the approach of the elections. Huh may find itdifficult toorderly processes of Muckraking involving persons formerly and still in the government service has in-

creased and appears likely to continue. Although Huh seems determined to prevent the Irresponsible ouster ofgovernment personnel,by politicalirants of popular resentments against the Rhee regime might force him to expand the purge of civil and military officials tainted by association with the old government.

Recognizing tbe stabilizing role of tha army. Huh has given strong indication of desiring to curtail the ouster of top military officers so as to minimize the adverse effect of command changes on army However, General Peek Son-yop has submitted hisas chairman of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the, ouster of other senior officers appears likely. The June graduation of senior officers from themilitaryime of large-scales, offers the occasion for such politically Inspired personnel changes.

Tbe new army chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Choe Yong-hul, is the former commanding general of the South Korean Armycommand and has had wide command and combat experience. He has attended the Command and General staff School at Ft. Leavenworth and isto be etrongly pro-American. However, he has been Involved ln numerous shady financial transactions and In this respect does not n

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