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resignation of two under secretaries In the Cuban Foreign Hlnlatrv, announced onune, appeara to be tbe precursoreneral ehskeup tbat la likely to end in lncreaaed Communistover Cuba's foreign policy, foreign Minister Raul

apparently haa been heldfor various recent foreign policy failures,tbe collapse of Cuba's effort toonference ofnations; be willbe renoved ahortly.

One of the newly appointed underRodriguez Lloapart--la believed tooaaunlst; the other recently voiced strong anti-US sentimentsour of Latin America. Both may have been selected by Raul Caatro, who hasey role ln Communist inroads ln tht military,labor, and othar areas.

The Castro regime, with tbe support of the Soviet bloc, is making evident progress lnits long-standing goal of reducing Cuba's traditionaldependence on the United States. Cuba, which used to conduct aa aucb aaercent of its foreign trade with the United States, Dow La turning to the Soviet bloc forf theformerly bought elsewhere. Data for the first three months of this year indicate0 imports fros the United States will probably be half what they werebe laat full year before Castro came to power. The decline results only partly fros an over-all reduction In imports to conserve foreign

Agreements for trade,assistance, and credits0 have been signed with the USSR, Caechoslo-vakla, Poland, and Eaat Oerasny since laat February. The effects of these agreeaenta will befait ln the letter half of the year, but the credits will.not contribute substantially SeallaatLon tbat Scv'.ot oil shipments to Cuba will significantly reduceshare of the Cuban sarket has already ledharpfrom the Venezuelan minister of mines. He said Cuba could not count on access to Venezuelan crude oil ln the future if it reduced lmporta now.

A Cuban economic mission headed by agrarian reformNunez Jimenez haseries of agreements ln Hos-cow giving substance to the Soviet-Cuban trade and aidconcluded last February. It alaoulturalaccord, tbe details of vhlch are to be worked out later, and reached agreementhrushchev-Castro exchange of visits.

Ho formal announcement of datea baa yet been made, but Soviet Aabaasador Bazykin ln Mexico is quotedrogovern-ment radio in Cuba aa aaylng that tbe Soviet Union will open its embassy lo Havana before Khrushchev visits Cuba "ln Auguat." The nlsslon arrived in Warsaw onune, and is also scheduled to visitand Kaet Germany to negotiate for tbe Implementation of the agreements signed *lth thooe countrlee.


nate the Castro-sponsored Latin American Youth Conference, scheduled to open In Havana onuly. Accordingsually reliable source. Invitations to attendg have been sent covertly toational youth organization outside Latin Aaerlca, Including the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Communist China, and overtly to the Communist-dominatedUnion of Students, "orld Federation of Deoocratlc

Youth, and World Fei Trade Unions.

Invitations were also sent to soma non-Communist organizations, probably to camouflage Coaaunlst control of the conference. The Communists of Latin America will thus be given anotherto coordinate their efforts to win sympathizers amongof the hemisphere with the guidance and assistance of lnter-nunist agenc!

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