Created: 5/27/1960

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Eighty Russians arrived Ln Cuba onay to Join the Soviet Trade Commission established during Mikoyan's visit In February, according to information consideredy the US service attaches in Havana. Caracas newspapers this week reported that groups of Russians and Czechs have recently been passing through Venezuela en route to Havana by several airlines. -Their documents described them as mechanics, technicians, and experts in varying fields,diplomatic mission of technicalilflfflSfrgg^gi

The attache's report that the influence of Russians isto be felt all over Cuba, and they believe thatdvisers assisted in the planning which led to the recent order for substantial use of Soviet crude oil ln all refineries In Cuba, Five Soviet tankers have already delivered oil; and others are en routeeported agreement callingons to be received by Cubahis probably Includes some refined products. Cuban-flag vessels will commence direct trade with Russia this month.

unverified report thatooung Cubans have been sent to the USSR for jet training has added tothat the soviet bloc may soon provide Castro with Jet pLanes--probably through Czechoslovakia, with which he has just resumed relations.^The same report adds that university students from all Cuban provinces are In the USSR for an "indoctrinationhey may alsotechnical training, which Castro officialsrimary need since many trained technicians have broken theHBHBHHBSBv '"

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