Created: 7/1/1960

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lo Peru: Pro-Castro Cubans in Peru are oncoTjfSflng exfromeand political groups which oppose the conservative regime of President Manuel Prado. Cuban funds support some antlgovernment *nd propaganda media, and are believed to aid leftist student and labor demonstrations. CubanLuis Bicardo Alonso is directly Involved lo theseand dissident pro-Castro elements frequently meet at the embassy.

One of the principal recipients of Cuban favors has been "APRAroup formed by radicals expelled from the leftist but anti-Communist APRA party last APRA itself, in an effort to retain tbe support of its younger and more revolutionary members,olicy in support of the Cuban revolution, but its leaders have privately deplored both the Castro regime and Cubanin Peru, many of which are aimed at undermining APRA influence. "APRAhich has received Cuban funds andromise of armsebellion, has cooperated with other extremist groups in fomenting student and labor disorders.

A small political party of leftist and pro-Communist Intellectuals, known as the Progressive Social Movements also enthusiastically pro-Castro. Onune the MSP was quoted in the Cuban press as declaring its intention tofor popular support of Cuba in Peru.

Pro-Castro elements, which Include Communists andleftist student aod labor groups, are represented in congressmall number of deputies who have aroused strong nationalistic and anti-American expressions fromdeputies.

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