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Argentine Official Suggests Basis for Anti-Cuban Action

Fidel Castro told the Argentine ambassador in Havana that Raul Castro is tomilitary pact" withduring his current visit to Prague, according to Luis De Pablo Pardo, an influential official of the ArgentineMinistry. De Pablo Pardo considersmilitary pact" wouldasis for united Latinagainst Cuba in the Organization of American States (OAS) because of "clear incompatibility with the Rio Treaty."



Ambassador Julio Amoedo haslose friendship with Fidel Castro, although he has beenof Castro's actions. Amoedoeeting in May betweenatin American ambassadors and Fidel Castroto impress Castro with their concern over evidence of Cuba's abandoning the "Latin American family" and over itsrelations with the United States.

Raul Castro, who arrived in Prague onune, isseeking military equipment, including aircraft, which the Czechs may be willing to provide. The American army attache in Havana was toldeliable source onune that eight Cuban officers are shortly to leave for Czechoslovakia as tbe firsteries of Cuban teams to undergo training there in artillery methods. Several Cuban air force mechanics are also reportedly to receive training there soon in aircraft maintenance.

De Pablo Pardo did not say what he meantmilitaryut any military agreementloc nation, even if limited to training and supplies, would be regarded by many Latin American leaders as politically incompatible with the Rio Treatyhich provides for the mutual defense of themerican republics. Strong OAS action against the Castro regime, however, would require the support of such countries as Venezuela which have insisted that certain Cuban policies are erroneous but that the Dominican dictatorship problem must be resolved before CAS action is taken against Castro.

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