Created: 6/13/1960

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lm . loc Bxpandlog Economic Ties With Cuba: In another move designee to proaote closer bloc-Cuban oconomlc relations, Czechoslovakia bas extonded the Castro0 long-term, low-interest credit, apparently to be usod for Industrial development purposes. The credit presumably will be repaid with commodities, possibly Including iron ore. maoganose, and nickel.

A technical assistance agreement providing for Czech tech-nlclans to work In Cuba was concluded at the same time. The CC 9 agreement may well Include provisions for Cuban students to take technical training in Czechoslovakia.




Czechoslovakia, formerly Cuba's chief trading partnorive-year trade agreement with Havana. anDOUQcement as to the size of this pact was made, IS Ol Sf-iJuJ8 unIikelT that actual trade will be great, since Czech-osxovaaia cannot use large amounts of Cuban sugar. Castro in-

trScks* tnat Cuba wouldtobacco for Czech

conOBlc credits

The USSR, Poland, and Easthave trade pacts with

Cuba, and Communist China haslarge cashsugar this year.

elevision interview onuno, Castro praised Czech equipment and hailed this and other bloc economicas facilitating an industrialization program under which machinery was already being purchased and Installedactories." Heosy economicsteel and oilCuba if its people work hard to produce goods the revolutionary government can sell to conserve foreign exchange. Castro claimed tbat Cuba now has0 In foreign exchange reserves; he ignored

that half or KOre ofmount is to OS suppliers.

Castro said In his television speech tbat nothing bad been decided about the date of Khrushchev's visit to Cuba and intimated that he expected the Soviet loader toLatin American Invitations beforeate. Be expressed gratification over the attentlveness shown ln Moscow to the Cuban commercial mission,.and over the honorary academic degree awarded to mission chief Nunez Jimenez, the director of the Cuban Agrarian Reform Institute.

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