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Exchange of Ambassadors Evidently Imminent The Castro reglao evidently Is preparing italno-Sovlet bloc count;

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Vladimir Pavlicek^asCiech ambassador In Havana. pril tho socretary general of tho Cuban Communist party, In Prague en route to Moscow, told Czech newsmen that he hoped "the Cuban ambassador would soon arrive In Prague on the basis of an agreement to ostablisb diplomatic rotations."

a loader In bloc and was the firstommercial repre^enta-trlos have Dot yet signed boon increasing economic, en them since Castro'a rous unconfirmed reports ers from Czechoslovakia, rd-country arraugement.

The Czechoslovak: Government has penetration of underdeveloped areas nlst country toermanen tlon In Cuba. Although the twoormal trade agreement, tbere has cultural, and military contact betwe assumption of power. There are nume that Cuba has tried to buy Jet fight either directly or by moanshl

*Cflreer diplomat in his forties, is a Latinrlcan specialist who has served as Czechr to ilxfco,

Argentina, Bolivia, and Guatemala, While In Mexico hetho clandestine Czech arms shipment to tho Arbonz government In Guatenala In the past: years Pav-llcek has served as.chief of the American Affairs Division of tho Czech Foreign Ministry.

In recent months Cuba has signed trade agreements with the USSR, Poland, and East Germany andoviet credit, Castro undoubtedly plans to establish diplomatic relations soon with other satellite countries and probably Communist China. There is no evidence that the USSR has taken any action to follow up thethoat the close of Mikoyan's visit toaof Soviet-Cuban diplomatic relationsonvenient time." Mlkoyan stated in Cuba onebruary that this is merelyechnical question" and implied Cuba would take the initiative. Moscow may wish to assess reaction to tho Czech move and may prefer to wait until after the summit conference In May. Mlkoyan stated that he had invited Castro to theUnion. isit could provide the oc< announcenoatof^thqiesumpt Ion of relate

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