Created: 10/17/1960

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MEMORANDUM FOR: Representat1ves to USIB Berlin Reactivation

At th* DSIB Beating of0 tbe decision was madectivat* the Berlin Sub-Committee with tbe firat report to be presented at tbe USIB Beating ofctober, and reports to be submitted monthly thereafter.

Accordingly the first Besting of tbe Berlinwill be held on Friday afternoon,ctober,0 hours ln the NIC conference rooa. inal wrap-upwill be held Monday afternoon,ctober,0 hours ln the NIC conference room for the purpose of putting together the final report and conclusions to be submitted to USIB for its approval at ita Beating onctober.

While the sub-committee will for the time beingto the USIBonthly basis, USIB has directed that, should conditions warrant an interim report, the sub-committee may do so orally or ln writing.

Since USIB claimed to be well satisfied with the esrller reports of tbe sub-committee, the natural inclination would be to return to our previous method of operation. since these reports will now beonthly basis the amount of detail to be included under our previous method of operation would tend to sake our report unwieldy. ropose for your consideration that we follow the old format, since

It is familiar and will provide the speediest means of getting underway with the leaat confusion. uggest that where possible we suramarlxe the situation in one sentence rather thanaragraph of complex detail. Therefore, even though w* will discuss monthly developments ln any particular category ln detail, when tbey appearormalentence to tbat effect should aufflce. nderstood the remarks of Oen. Cabell and others at thectober USIBthe Sub-Committee was being reactivated ln order toa aore detailed appraisal through tbe Sub-committee events connected with Berlin. eel that our conclusions based on our detailed discussions will satisfy th* present requirements of our principals.







last report was dated enblano* of continuity It is necessary tbat

we provide sane coverage of tbe intervening months. To douggest we divide tbe period atugustdate when tbe ODR began their recent and specific moves against Berlin. Therefore, representatives should bring toeeting: (a)rief statement in writing as to bow tbe situation ln their respective areas ofhas changed between9 andb) pertinent and concise submissions for discussion covering the period ofugust to CIA willbronology of all developments sincefor circulation on or about Monday,ctober, so thatcan also bring any addltlona, corrections ortbe chronology could then be an annex to our report ofctober.

have in CIA copies of the old distributionand will circulate these for your corrections,perhaps even deletions.

questions pertaining to the Sub-committee can

be addressed to

Acting Chairman USIB Berlin Sub-committee


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