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An unconfirmed reportissilenorthwest of Jueterbog, East Germany provides the first informationautical mile (nm) missile launching site. Earlier reports indicated the presence in East Germany of missiles and missile transport equipment comparable in size tom SHYSTER missile and its carrier which appoared in70 Moscow May Day Parades.

A two floor underground bunker and three concrete missile launching pads wore reportedly completed in05 kilometers northwest of Jueterbog, near NeuhelmDorf/ The siteleared and slightly concave keyhole shaped area concealed by low hills and trees. Fourconcrete platforms from which imbedded anchor boltsapparently for the attachmentuperstructure, were associated with each pad. These four platformsquare with one side basedoncrete pad which extendedmall service or dolly track connecting the three pads with thobunker.

Indditional work was required to strengthen the floor between the two underground levels of the bunker. Overloading of tho upper level resultod in tbe collapseupporting beam. At thisumber of large missilesby canvu) about8 feet) longeet) in diameter were alleged to have been observed on the lower level of the bunker. Theao dimensions are close to those estimated form SHYSTER missile which appeared in70 Moscow May Dayoeet in length50 feet in diameter).

The Juoterbog area has boen associated with Soviet missile activity In East Germany but this ls the first report of aSHYSTER launching site thoro. The Soviet militaryat Altes Lager is located several miles west of the site. Strict security precautions have boen reported at the military railroad station at Forst Zlnna, several miles north of the Neuhelm sitend missile-associated equipment reportedly has been unloaded at this point. 3/ Possible missile-relatedand storage activity has boen reported at soveral Soviet military installations in the Jueterbog areather than at the site southwest of the town at the Juetorbog-Damm airfield where thereonfirmed Soviet surface-to-air missile Installation.

Shortly after midnight on the morning ofh ofery slow moving column of Soviet military vehicles, led by twoype trucks, was observed proceeding from the direction in which the Jueterbog-Damn airfieldailroad loading ramp are locatedorthwesterly direction along the western outskirts of Jueterbog. (The possible SHYSTER missile site is located northwest of Jueterbog). Following the trucksistance ofetersheeled prime moverspecially" constructed trailer of well-wagon designissile.he missile resembled the Moscow May Day Parade SHYSTER in size and configuration; the prime mover and trailer appoarod to be of




a new and possibly operational design in comparison with those observed previously. The total length of the carrier was8 feet). The missile appeared to be6oot). ank truck, longer than the ordinary Soviet tank truck and with unique centrifugal pump and pipeline attachments, followed the missile carrier. At tho roar of the columnype personnel carrier.

xled missile trailer had two heavy hydraulic lifting devices visible behind the cab of the prime moverabledevice. The missile waB heldradle the front end of which rested on the two hydraulic lifting devices. The nose cone extended beyond the end of the cradle and over the cab of the prime mover. Tho rear sections of the missile and carrier were canvas covered,river was clearly visibleabin on the left rear side of the trailer. This drlvor operated the rear steering wheel as the missile carriereft curve In the road.

Lateissile trailer of similar design but shorter than the trailer observedossible SHYSTER missile in Juotorbog was reportedly tested for on- and off-loading near the aMeged miSBile launch site at Neuhoim. 6/ eries of such trailers, varying in carrying capacity, some of which arobeing produced at tho Fahrzougwerk in Treuenbreitzen for tho Soviet military, appear toewer and possibly moreconfiguration than the one used to carry the SHYSTER in70 Moscow Parades. An operational trailer capable of both transporting the missile and serving as part of tbe launch mechanism after emplacement of the missileaunching platform wouldogical developmentemi-mobile operational SHYSTER missile system.

A number of special military train shipments, suspected of carrying unidentified Soviet missiles and related equipment, were observed at several other locations in East Germanyeveral rail shipments of unusually long crates which could havoissile of SHYSTER dimensions were observed in tho Gross Doelln-Vogelsang area of major Soviet installations north of Berlin in the early months/ roup of eight trailers probably identical to the SHYSTER Parade trailer, based on analysis of available photography, was observed entering East Gormany by rail at Frankfurt-Oder,/ This was the first firm indicationossible Soviet intention to deploy them range missile in East Germany. eries of rail shipments, each carrying three canvas-coveredeet long, were observed entering the Toepchln ammunition depot located approximatelyiles northeast of Jueterbog. These shipments were observed from9 to/ The SHYSTER missile iseet long without the nosocone.

volume of possible liquid oxygen whichxwas transported to East Germany in Soviet military tank9 provides >ther indication that the Soviet SHYSTER/ioisslle is deployod it Germany. The/SHYSTER is believed tp/utllize liquid oxyge an oxidizer. At is estimated that the shorter-range Soviet Burface-to-surf-ace missiles, with tho/possible exception at thom SCUD, dd not utilize liquid oxygen. The Soviet GUIDELINE surface-to-air missile deployed irKEast Germanyon-cryogenic/bi-propellant in the sustainer; itoPid-propellant booster. The number^of military shipments' of liquid

11 August CB3

oxygen appears^to be in excess of normal^SoiTietequire ments Inlorae of the tarik cars werejdeTivered known Soviet POX. depots, including--Gross Doelln^afia Biesenth. norjaTof Berlin >rid Pfafnd Mixdorfxfiouth of Berlin. 1

It Is estimated that Soviet surface-to-surface missiles ofm range have been available for Tom range SHYSTER launch sites have not been positively identified in the USSR. The use of SHYSTER missiles from bases in East Germany would strengthen the Soviet missile capability against many NATO targets in Western Europe and England.





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