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At lew Orleans, Xonislsr.a:

Ouyof STOJECT company, is enfa^ec in the

business of private in vestlrations of oil types. of the operation is very United and hebt tbe only employee at tbe present tine. afayette Street isosrercial, low-rent section of theoffice is on tbe first floor and is tbe onlythis floor. His office ia directly across thethe main ?ost Office. Be left his Salteron St. Charles Street abort ei<+it or nine He had occupied two rooms on tbe fourth floorfour-storyocatedourt rcialthe city and across the street fron the "asonicnow houses many United States uovernnentpencral business reputation is pood but ithis business is not very sound. His businesson he ishares of stock and Ms wifebares. Tne Sec re tarr-Treasurer at tbeincorporation was Josephovmshares.

A Dun and Sracstreet report reflected that Guy r

hired one investigator, "emor. GkPTZS, and the company wasinancial success. ien has been placed on the company and i'SF (not sufficient funds) checks have been returned, four confidential informants were-interviewed. They advised Ouywas suspended fron bin position as Assistant Superintendent of tbelOlicebecause be was involvedowntown bar incident, he was accused of beinp drunk and ofun in public. There were manystories and favorable and darorstory newspaper articleso tbe incident.

suspension iror; the Policewas lifted and be was re-In statedifferent position with no authority. Ue verted for two days and then resigned. r> thenewspaper In Gretna which he operated forearalf, en he was the owner of this paper he was charged with defamation and was acquitted on (Seeeferring to this case). Ke eventually sold the newspaper, probably for financial reasons, and bepan his privatebusiness. Cue in^ errant stated Guyin recent years has aliened hisself with Aent QLl'RTiQ, publisher of tbe Independent Arerican which is anright-wing publication, and whose editorial policy is against desegregation and for strong States* Rights. Credit records were checked in the name of

Guyand his two former employees. Guy

rating was "slow." The credit records on Joseph CSTEP. reflected he was (rployed aa Vice-President of the Sou then:earch Coroany,nd earnedearly. Ke hadomey accounts which were eventually paid. reVit report on Vernon GUIDES reflected that he was employed for an insurance corpany and had been an investigator for the SF3JSCT company and other investigation firms. TheCredit Company files contained additional back-pround irforv.rtion on both Joseph CSTUi and Vcmon GERI&S. Police records were checked in the nane of GuyJoseph OSBB and vemon GEPTES with negative results.

herewith attached arehich contain background information pertaining to Guy



At Hew Orleans^ Louisiana:

On0 Confidential Infonrjintas This Irfomant has fumishec reliable information in tbe past.

tated he has known SUBJECT since5 when SDiVlOT became Assistant Superintendent of the Sew Orleans Folice Department. Frior to this rprolntment SI'EJECT bad been an FBI Aeent and had retired afterears' service. SUBJECT had been hired by Provosty A. LAiP IS, Superintendent of the hew Orleansartnent, for ' purpose ofp the policewhich had bee accused of being corrupt. SUBJECTery rood "rputation as an honest, competent police official whone an excellent job of cleaning up the department until he <rot himself in trouble flurinE tbe l- ardi Oras in* . At that time be was accused of beinr drunk and'i<htewbar in the French .quarter.

Tht Folice department conducted an investigation of this incident whichrcat deal of publicity in the 'any con flic tin stories were circvlatcd about this incident. One was that the Folice lerart^ent hat" framed, or railroaded, the SUytCT in order to pet rid of rin because he was settinr loo close to tbe top ten who were responsitle for the graft and corruption in the hew Orleans Folice Eerartncnt. The Hew Orleans 'rime Cor-ission defended the SULJLCT as did many other prominent ;rm*ps in tbe area, rticles relatinf to the incident carried many confllctinr stories of witnesses. Cne story was tbHt the SUtJJiOT had teen drinking and had at least been indiscreet in handling tlie incident which arose. Since tlie SUBJECTrominent police officialobreat deal of tact and discretion, it was hard to believeerson in his position, if he had been sober, would have caused the adverse publicity which he received.

tated tbat after SUBJECT was suspended from the Police Department heewspaper, theeekly paper publishedetna, Louisiana, which be ran forear, "hen he was its owner the newspaper and the STDJECT were sued for defamine the Universal rxilline Company and one of its

principal stockholders, lewis J. RO'JSSEl. This alleged defamation againstEJECTeat deal of notoriety in the local newspapers. (See attached Exhibitewspaper article from the Tires-Picayune, iewLouisiana, which reports the acquittal of SUBJECT on this

After running the newspaper forear it was believedhad to sell it because of financial difficulties. After sellin? the paper he started his own investipatie* ef;ency which bore his name, and at the present time it is believed he is operating this agencv. From newspaperad the impression that this business, run by S'JBJECT, fight not be completely successful.

In recentECT has associated himself with Kent COtimHH, editor of the Independentational publication which represents States Rights and which is extrerrely right wing in policy and appears to be dedicated to the proposition of preserving white supremacy. In the course of its promulgation of extreme views it has used many unethical neans. tated that the people who have been connected with, this Independent American have criticised the Supreme Court to the point of demanding that all of the Justices resign because they were unethical.dvised that this organization, known as the Independent American Citizens' Council, is militantly against desegraration.tated he did not know ir what capacity SVBJLCT was connected with this organization. ad seen the SI'HJSTT at many of their meetings and for all heBJ"CT ndpht have been hired by them to conduct investjeations for them.

tated ever since SF-iJICT has had some connection with this extremely rirht-winp radical group people haveconcerned about whether or not he would use information, ?ained when he wes withw Orleans Police department, to further the cause of this rifhl-wing element.

Another person SUTJECT has associated hiaiself with is Loander PEREZ, District Attorney for the Ilaouemine Parish. This individual is extremely right wing in hie political thinking and has sufficient power that he can dictate whether orerson can vote. Itnown fact that he has denied the negroes in his parish the right to vote.

lated then was no doubt in bis nind thst SUBJECToyal Art ri can for after all he had been with the TRT forears, and he hadreat deal of rood when he was on the Folice Force in Lev Orleans,hen he was Assistant Superintendent of folice SUUECT helped the Metropolitan Crimereat deal and thatheaded by Aaronormer FBI Acent, came to the SUBJECT'S aid when he was suspended from the Police

OnidenUaln official with the hew Orleans Folice department,eveloped informant.

'-I1 advised be has knownincewhenbecame Assistant Superintendent of Folice in iiew Orleans. stated that herreat deal of respect and admiration for the SUBJECT when he first assumed his duties with the Police TJepartment, The fact thst thehadan for over twenty years, and had been Special Asent in Chicaco, made it easy for one to respect him.

"hen SUSTECT first took over his duties at the Folice Department he proved toapable administrator and he instituted many procedures which were beneficial to the Pepartment. After SUBJECT had been in theear he apparently began to believe some of the favorable newspaper publicity which he received and it was common knowledge that onoccasions he foiled to follow the orders from his superior, ProvostyTPJECT began to question, or take opposite sides on policies set up by his superior, and to differ with the views of PayorS0S.

On manyJLCT was invited touest speaker at various organizations, such as ZoungGroup and tbe American Legion. Some of hla speeches made beforeoup? were critical of the cityard thetraent. These criticisms did not help the S'"VZCT and alienated many of his former friends.

tated when ST3JLCT had the difficulty at the Absinthe BOttM 7arrcha corpletc irm ati ration was conducted, ard statements were taker ofresent at tfe bar at the time of the incident.

;he majority of these witnesses stated SU&JIOX hecand he appeared to be intoxicated. rewjlod SUEJsCT grabbed the bartender by thepnshed hir, hard enough to-cause two buttons ontoloose. Some witnesses statedout his pun and some denied it. There wastestimony that SUEJiiCT had engaged inaltercations at the bar. Any one ofwould be sufficient grounds forthe Folj.ce



On li7 Superintendent of Policeuspended the Snr.Jt.CT, but7 STOJECT was reinstated in the Police Department. administrative powers were deleted and he was piven the job of Planning Officer and the duties of investigating CoWstic ivities iriew Orleans area. SPEJtCT kept this iob .or about two days and was then discharged on the ^rounds of insubordination. It appears that the SUWrc? had failed^to take orders from his superior. Superintendent

stated that he personallyreat deal of respect for the SFJBECT but he felt the Srl'JLCT hadegotistical and domineering, and wanted the top position inw Orleans holice Department and wss not interested in keeping theob.

thatJain(;ethe Police Apartmenturchased andewspaper in Gretna but had teen forced to sell it because of financial

tC? tten Started hisinvestigating agency whxch he operates at the present tin*. cn he

started this arency he hiredoraer wew Orleans Police Officer.

20 Confidentiali in charre of an investigative agency, was interviewed.

P-^stated he has known of the SUEJICT about fWe

h iCT Waauperintendent of hadacommendable job. iCT was an honest person who did everything in his power tc clean up the graft and corruption in the Kew Orleans Solice ^partraent. When his investigation came

too clone to the top men, the Hew Orleans Folic*framed himinor barroom incident which was usedeans of suspending him from the police force. Since leaving the Folicee hasrivate investigating business and appears to be conducting itairly successful basis, restated that most of the information hr knew concerning the SUBJECT had been obtained from newspaper articles.

On0 Confidential Informantan executive with the Hew Crleens Chamber of Comtcrcc, uas interviewed.

v-jt advised he did not know SUfiJBOT personally but knew of his reputation and activities when he had been Assistant Superintendent of the JCew Orleans Folicepartanect. From reading about the incident at the Abainthc Eooae iarstated he was of the opinion that this in-cifent had been blown up out of proportion by the public, and the Police Department used this incident to suspend the SUFJtCT from his position. It appeared thatJ3CT was gettinc too close to the bosses of the police administration and to the graft and corruption in theand consequently this incident was an excuse for his suspension.


At Tvew Orleans, Louisiana!

s.C"ELBRAC1"T, secretary at the *tw Orleans Creditt. 'Carles, madeeport,n the name of the SUSJICT which contained theforr:ation:

SUBJECT has been known to the files since he was bom, is married to Kftry and they have oreurhter. As ofanuarye was employed by the hew Orleanspartme.nt as Assistant Superintendent of Police and earnsonth. Ee resides atanal Boulevard, )Vew Orleans, lie is well regarded as to character, habits and morals.

SICJECTativeixen, loulf^sna, and was formerly employee" bysent init fad been* withli.

A rcocrt,repared by'.restem County Credit bureau, Cck Park, Illinois, reflected the following:

STlJLCT worked for five years on trie Honroe, Louisiana, Police Force (dates not listed). He headed the FBI offices Itntana, Oklahoma Gity and iinnesota beforeto ChicagoU. Tood credit rating.

ertenberthe 7ort Worth, Visas, Continental Oil CoBpany reported toew Orleans Credit -ureau that the SVTJECT was "slow pay* for the months cf larch thrond he8 under the name of GuyAssociates, Inc., Halter Euildine, New rlcans. La. InFSJLCT'S address wasArgonne Street, Hew OxflAna, Louisiana. ritten notation, dciedn the report reflected that the SP5JECTeen employed by the Algiers Fr'.llc Service but this sta'ei-ent was not further explained.


rleans. Louisiana 1

On0 the records ofwI-erprbsent were checked in tbe nane of SCSJEOTresults. The records were also negative in theMary Joseph A. OSTER, Vernon GERDLS and Kent COURTS!


At "cu Orleans, Louisiana;

0 fcr. "ay TaTTfH, an employee at ^un and Iredstreet, lh2 Canal Street, rideeport,hich contained theinformation about the Sl'iJhCT:

aiter Juildint,

hOu St. 'Inrles,rleans,ouisiana corporation chartered Authorized capitalhares with no par valae stock.

Gaynitlcleiried, was corn Caldwell

Parish, Louisiana. ha served on the >onro* Police "orce; with the FBIL-5U; cane to5 and was appointed Assistant Superintendent of the Police 'ecertrert, serving until his resignation

P'e has served cs President of "uy

Associates, Inc. since its inception.

Vernon GTKDESarried, was born in Mew Orleans, Louisiana, fee served in the united States "tarines0j5. 67 he was variously emnloyed in the lew Orleans area, and51as employed by Chrysler ir. "ichaud, Louisiana. 2u heocalrjrureau and5e wasas an insurance salcsr*n; from6 to9 he workedervice station. Since6 he has served as Secretary-Treasurer of the GuyAssociates, Inc.

The Corporationrivate detective agencyee basis. Operations are conducted from quartersarge brick office buiocated in thecommercial area. Pecent attempt* to contact the officers of the Corporation have been unsuccessful.

This Corporation has been in operation since9 but In the opinion of authorities consulted,especially ir. recent months, have not beenalong successful lines. Altho detailed operating figures have not been available in outside quarters, the opinion of authorities eorsulted is that the volume at present i? limited ant5 the two officers who "vgortedly own all of the ovtstandinr stock are credited vithmall living, at best, from tie business. ew htaldrec" dollars in fixtures and equipment. Cprh, if any, ie limited and outside investigation reveals that curing recent months sow ESF (not sufficient funds) checks haveued.

A cheek of Orleans Perish Court reveals that9 the State of loulsianaax lien

against Cuy3nc. in the nmount of -

The lien is still outstanding. The Corporationlew oayinr record.

0 the articles of incorporation of

theocated at the Civils-

trict Court, uere reviewed and reflected the following:


Objects and Purposes;

To conduct investigations into criminal and civil complaints for the pi*rpose of assembling inforr. ?tion for others relating to existing or threatened wrongs to person, property orthe existence, identity, character loyalty, activity and standinj; of individuals, firm or association; and the procurement of factual Cf ta necessary to the preservation and enjoyment of individuals snd entities of their lawful rights.

To establish and maintain retail dealersand employee evaluation services.

To coi.duct surveys of physical plants and buildings for the establishment of protective systems which will guard against trespassers and miscreants of whatever hind.

U. To establish and maintain gucrd services, uniformed: and not uniformed.

5. To conduct public opinion polls; consumer

opinion polls and such other type aid kinds of inquiries as may be necessary to properly advise clients in public relations activities.

location and post office address of its registered office9 Artoiraev Orleans 2u, Louisiana.

The full names and post office addresses of its registered agents ore:

rgonne Street, lev Orleans, la.

Joseph A.8 Siorian Street,

Authorized shares of stock:

Amount of paid-in capital with which the Corporation shall berin ishich vill be paid in cash.

Tneectors and Officers are;

Share 5


Above simd by'.lilliam J. iJaGMK, Hotsry Public, on6.

A cheek of the liens filed againstAssociates, Inc. at the Civil restrict Court at -Jew Orleans reflected the following?

*e: The. State of louisiana Parish of Orleans, City of Hew Orleans, Pepartment of Labor, Ti vision of employment security, Paton Pouge, Louisiana, against OuyAssociates, Inc.

The plaintiffien on defendent'a property forlus interesthich is amount due in principal ason employment covering the periodulynd ending

Amount owed to Si vision of Employment, Security, of the -epartment of Labor.


1'ortgage Kecord, at the Orleans Pariah, Civil Li strict Court,orleans, Louisiana.

0nturveyfeciliUeB locstec

St. Charles. It was learned thati wa* the former

office of GuyInc. Casual inquiries of

tbe elevator operator, an unwittin4 informant, revealedad not been occupied for the past six or eight conths. An examination of this space revealed that it was unoccupied as of this date.

This space consisted of two rooms on the Uth floorour-rtory office building locatedoo6 commercial section of the city- This office building is well maintained and ia diagonally across the street fron the rasonic Temple which houses nanylees.

Casual inquiries ir the Ealtcr Building revealed that

BoyInc. had movedafayette St.

k casual survey was conducted stlafayttte Street which is locatedommercial low rent section of the city and is across the street fron the United States Postafayette is an old four-story building and the first floorestaurant on the comer ant" behind trie,

the offices of GuyInc. The entrance

afayette is on the first floor and .lieopens directly onto the street. Tr. .re are nothis building, nor is there any signe doorwayentranceyInc.

LLElV3T, secretary atw Orleans Credit Bureau, maderedit report, datedn the nam of .monJ3ES.

Agent's llote:

Accordingeport on Guy

Inc. this individual was listed asassociate and his name was spelledKrES."

Vernon G. GERPES is married to Vary Ann and has three dependents. Hiswaa shown psnd his occupation was listed as self-employed investigatornternational


A report dated9 containedrratlon:

jJRDLS was employed byAssociates,ildinp, for the post four monthsrivateand associate. V. OITUlhSative ofleans, Louisiana. It lomerly worked for Lift^nsarpenter, later ?erved ln the Unitedrinesj25 and then operated the Gerdes Service Station for five years. He then worked for Chrysler and later

ated the Kcmmcrcial Investigation Service5 he was then an Af-ent Tor the yassachusetts Fro-tective Association79 and later was the owner of theonoco Service Station. For one year he was an investigator for Guy Associates, Inc. he is presently self-employed and does special wort for Ouyand the Southern Research Catpany. Us addresses were shown7 Constantinople,eal re0 Posario.

On0 hr. A. C. JCS-iS, of the Retail Credit CcwDany, madeeport,n the none of Vemon C.? Constantinople, which listed his employment asUnited American" he graduated from hichols kirh School, Bo Orleans, Louisiana. He is connected with an insurance firm but the name was not Imowxi by any of the informants ce 'vser^-lo-rd asmer and operator of the Standard Businessollection agency operated from his home. He has had this job lorear and still devotes part time to this business.

he had been the owneronoco Service Station, locatedt. Vfrnard, for almost two years, but closed the business because it una unsuccessful. He la Harried for the second time. Kia first marriage ended in divorce, but there is no criticism. He has one child by his present wife. Ee is reported to be in good health and he is well regarded personally in the coaosenity.

Another regort intail Credit bureau's files was detcd Ui0 end reflected the following1

"ereonborn Frew

2s se If-tr ployed aeom.ion Service. ad numrrors previous employments and is rerarded as becoranr el* seoeraiec! very quickly. Ee workedlerk for Chrysler for two years, fie worked for 'jarypecial Investigation Service cs anfor two years and was released ae being unsuited for He was employed by thetectlve Agency (sic)hort tine, he sold real estate for tiie UttttDState Company. Ee operated theervice Station, owned by his father, -'or five to sLr. years.

He served in the iiarine corps froa19ii2rreeent idfe wortsecretary

for the armstronr cork company. he is well re?arded andot* personal reputation.

mr. b. C.f the detail credit bureau, radeeport of investigation, datedn the nam of -joseph a.r.

atnt's "ote:

josephr. was listed ineport associated with guyassociatee, inc.

the rei'ort reflectede was employed as vice-president cf the southern research,or the post yearalf. prior to this he had been with guy

lie. and with the lew orleans police

pcpertnent. kr. ostit's present employment isrivate ir.-esu ration fim0 ormployees. keyoA business record and appears to be finonc.'ally stable. heear from rental incone. i'is rair. duties are in the adrdnistrativcnvestir ative lines, cs with his wife and children in an average, middle class section of the city and his associates ere resieeta'ole.

ii; was ir theorces shortly afterr ij. !'e was born onf! atlf ens, louisiana, andrac-uete efft- school. It was inrleans holice eportscntetectivet-ars and "eft to wort for pendletonncy

hort Mmenyinc.

where he remainedearalf.

at lhe present.ce-president andhe southern research,hose home office is in shreveport, louisiana. ams early from his sj tier..

tty, secretary in tbe credit urtau, nnderedit report in name of joseph a.r.5 -orian, lew orleans, iouisiana. the report,ontained thenforrotion:

Joseph A. OSTEP was aboutears old, was married and had four dependents. Ke was employed as "ice-Presi-dent of the Southernnpany. Inc. his (amines were estimatedearly. Heative of hew Orleans and has lived at the above address since fce was formerly em-loved by the City of i'tv Orleans, was in the Armed Forces and was honorably re attended lovola University1 student and worked rarttimc for the Fregressive ^ank.

In6 he entered the employ of theAgency as an investigator, trior to this heOuyInc. as ihe Secretary and Treasurer.

The report reflected that Kr. GSTEJi had three attorney accounts for collection and all were paid. It had beenthat heu toew OrleansStore, as of fnrl LEDEETTER had sued5 as the result of an automobile accident. 1'r. OSTEP'S credit was rated "slow".

Kr. QSTER'Se listed as

A Porian50 Common

All of New Orleans, Louisiana

Attached to this report arehichinformation pertaining to Guy



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