Created: 8/9/1960

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Spr ;lfic- Illegal Border-Crossing Methodatin American CP


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-AjJ^member in Mexico desiring to return to Quatensla travels firstown not far fron the pointiver forms the border between the two countries. Ib this town be^iving in exile who gives theard bearing the addresscnanunlst(another JJ^flreaaber in exile in the sane town). TbseB to the address and presents the card, whereupon the ibravel a* 'at1 arrangesaxi (driven by another Cccnounist) to take theraveler to another town cloeer to the border (prior to departure tho local police detachnent isribe). Upon srrival at the second town, the traveler pays the taxi driver aid transfersus which carries hlnhird townalso located on tba river which fortho Pordcr. Ihe re the traveler is aetorouniatccoitiraolco him on foot to bis farm aboutails outsidtf of townwhere they are joinedecond farcer. The three then walk about one mile to tho ettge of tho torder-river, being careful to arrive about midnight* One of tbe two fersers then crosses the river (vhich is shallow) andhird farmer on the Guatemalan side.

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A check ls nade for Giiatemalan petrols axd the allat goal is giver, by flashlight prior to"(HCG hours. Tab traveler and his guides then backtrack up the center flf tbe riror (vading) for fifteen minutes. Afterecond all-clear signal from the Guatemalan fanner, they leave the river on the Ouatenalan sideoint markedargo free. Here, the traveler ls turned ever to the Guatemalan .fameithe others return to Mexlooa Tbe traveler aad bis newst under the tree until0 hours. O they walkl village nearby which is locatedailway line andrain headed for Guatemala City. Three stations down the line they disembark and separate, Ibe traveler thenus to another town In toe interior of Guatemala, At this town the traveler disenbf *ks and proceeds to Guatemala City by any available roans he

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