Created: 9/25/1960

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central intelligence agency


Office Of THE DiRtCTOfl


MEMORANDUM FOB: General Andrew J. Goodpaster

Staff Secretary The White House

to our conversation on Fridayoteparagraph from pago VLU of General Medaris' book, "Countdown

"Positive, affirmative decision is the lifoblood of all organized human activity, and the only process by which progress is made. The absence of decision is inecisionegativend always spells trouble in the future. isaster may wellase in point. Why were we forced to use the? Much earlier it should have been replaced by something of greater performance, far less exposed to attack hopefully, eveneconnaissance satellite. But there had been no affirmative decision, in time, to provide anything better."

I mentioned toave reason to believe that this bookcited in the campaign in view of certain statements which were made

to me by Senator Kennedyriefed him last Monday.

In the course of earlier briefings of both Senator Kennedy and Senator Johnson, they separately inquired about intelligence techniques to replace. My reply waseneral character, namely that both in the field of aircraft and earth satellites research and development work was progressing with reasonably satisfactory prospects,id not go into any measure of detail.

ear from you to thehall not give any more detailed briefings on this subject.

I do not know whon, orhall be callod upon for further briefingsave Left this to the initiative of the respective candidates and have no definite appointment to brief either of them.

approved for release


6. As you know, the important developments with regard to one of these sensitive operations occurred subsequent to the majorave to the two candidates, and my briefing of Senator Kennedy last Monday was restrictediscussion of likely developments in connection with Khrushchev's visit to the UN and crisis areas, particularly Berlin.

jthfully yours,

r? Wy Dulles Director

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