Created: 9/1/1960

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North Korea has received Its first diplomatic recognition outside the bloc with theugust agreement to exchangewith Cuba "as soon ashe announcement was madeoint declaration Issued in Havana after Cuba's acting Foreign Ministeror-ilia and North Korean Finance Minister Han Sang-tu hadultural exchange agreement.

Before this agreement with Havana, Pyongyang had beenunsuccessful In its efforts to gain recognition from non-Communist countries, although it did manage toew trade and cultural contacts. Now it will make every effort to flaunt its first nonbloc embassy in efforts to convince neutralthey too can ignore Western opposition and accept theregimeember of the international community.

Havanals action is consistent with the increasingly close ties being developed between Cuba and the Sino-Soviet bloc and may foreshadow recognition of Peiping, with which Cubarade pact in July. Communist China has displayed particular sympathy for the Cuban revolution, and Chou En-lai onugust pledged the Cuban people "every possible aid, with no stringsin their anti-US "struggle."

Fidel Castro, in his recent public attacks on the United States, has repeatedly declared Cubafe intention "to be the friend of the Soviet Union and the Chinese Peoples' Republic because they have proved to be ournugust, he condemned "USeverywhere in theKorea, Taiwan, Indochina, and everywhereefending the Chiang Kai-shek puppet."

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