Created: 8/29/1960

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Czech Arms Photographed in Cuba; hotograph takenPI correspondentilitary ceremony onugust at the Cuban air base at San Julian clearly shows thatm.rifles, distinguishedolding bayonet, have been issued to the Cuban militia. overnment official at this ceremony is said to have announced that these rifles are of Czech manufacture. These are the first bloc arms to be positively identified in Cuba and presumably are parthipment possibly made in early July. Havana already possesses an overabundance of semiautomatic rifles, some Inherited from the Batista regime and others supplied from Belgium and other Best European countries.

ilitary air base near Havana, bloc technicians have assembled the four helicopters delivered last July. Thesealthough of Soviet design, may have been manufactured in Czechoslovakia, and the Czech rifles may have been delivered at the same time.

There is no reliable indication of the amount of Czechwhich has been delivered, nor is there conclusive evidence of the channels of delivery, whether direct or through an Shipments of major military items, such as jet aircraft, are not known to have been initiated. Cubans probably willextensive training in the bloc before this type of military equipment is delivered; Czechoslovakia now may be conducting such training for perhaps as manyubans.

While these activities strongly suggest thatmilitary assistance ultimately will be given Cuba, itthat Moscow has moved slowly in setting these events Tbe disclosure that the Cuban militia is beingbloc small arms probably willtrongLatin America. V

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