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Fidel Castro's experience at tbe United Natlonii hasabetted bis appetite for internatlona1 politics end strengthened hie vieweader of the people, not only of Latin America, but of all underdeveloped countries, In tbelr "struggle against ic-perlallsa." Tbe virtuallyidentification of Cuba's foreign policy with tbat of tbe USSR, evident In Castro's UN address, shoes signs ofplayed down and the theae of Cuba's association wltb world neutralisttressed. On bis return to Cuba, Castro declarod that Ghana's Nkrusab may visit Cuba lste this year and Naslr may visit .next March.


Tbe Castro regime, which has given Increasing support to the cause oflgerlan rebels, Isto act as host later tbis month COonference sponsored by ^tbe "Algerlao Aid Committee" based ln Morocco. Tbe committerrepreseetlng tbe Coa-aonlsts* World Federation of Trade Unions bad urged Bavana as tbe alts of the conference.

On hla departure froa New York onoptember. Castro declared that be expected to return to the United Nationsew weeks, and Now York hotel managers reportedctober tbat Cubans had been seeking

reservationsarty headed by Fidel or Raulctober. Caatrouban television audience oneptenber that "we areofotion la tbe United Nations agalnBt racial segregation ln tbe United States."

Cuba's withdrawal ob 4of Its candidacyN Security Council seat, wblcb it bad little hope of winning, may have been in returnromise by soae Latin Anerlcanfor supportouncil seat next year,

Cuban propaganda aedlatheir almost hysterical attacks on tbe United States, and some proclaim that tho embassy's advice to Anerlcan citizens to leave Cubaarmed intervention by tbe United States. Swned Nicaro nickel plant was seized by tbe workers* nllltlr-ctober following tbe deliveryS note soaouoclog closure of the plant because of con- lscstory Cuban taxes. Castro responded publicly, aaylog."Theyillion dollars onandillion on arms, but now, sfter exploiting our mineral resources for many years, they object topercent Let the plant be closed."


Cuban Government agencies appear fearful of tbeof controls on exports to Cuba. According to rumors In Havana, they are forming companies In tbe United States to purchase scarce Itens for indirect shipment to Cuba.

Instructions have been sent by tho National Bank of Cuba to all New York banksto transfer to theKingdom or Canada theheld for tbe account of Cuban banks. The amount of balances and securities held by Cuban banks In Hew York banks as ofugust isto be slightly In excess The International Monetary Fundaainstructed to dispose0 in gold held by th* Fund for the Back of Cuba and to transfer tbe proceeds to tho Bank of England.

These moves are probably intended to safeguard Cubanfrom any freezing action by the United States. The transfer of Cuban gold held by the IMF may presage Cuba'sfrom the Fund, If so, it wouldurtherof Cuban trade ties with the Soviet bloc. Thore are currently no bloc members in the IMF.

ctober, the National Bank of Cuba purchased lo New York the equivalent of0 in pounds sterling and ordered Its deposit Into the account of the Czech State Bank. This transaction wasayment for bloc arms.

A Bulgarian tradeheaded by the firstforeign trade minister,In Cuba oneptember. The expected trade agreement will b* th* seventh concluded by Cuba this year with bloc countries. The second major shipment of military equipment from tbe Soviet Union

recently arrivod,and further shipments are expected.

Che Guevara is to visit Moscow In early November for the anniversary celebrations of tbe Soviet revolution, and Carlos Franqul, pro-Communist director of ths government's newspaper, and several other newsmen left oneptember to study Soviet Journalism. Numerous other Cubans now are visiting Moscow, Peiping, and satellite capitals. At tbe same time, two East German and two Czech professors arrived in Cuba is late September as guests of the Cuban Government.

Chou En-lei's message to Castro lo late September, on tbe occasion of tbe formalof diplomaticbetweeo Havana andpromised "every possible support and assistance to the Cuban people, in case of need."

The "InternationalLaborhich came to Cuba under Communist-front sponsorship last July to workuban school center, leftctoberend-off featuring an address by Guevara. Guevara told the youths, vbo were said to have representedountries, that "we of this generation will see the world liberated completely, even if we have to undergo the greatest of sufferings."

On the domestic scene, the armed forces and militia are evidently still suffering casualties in the regime'sto suppressctivity In the Esoambraytains. Press sources report tbe launchingctober of an all-out government drive to rout the guerrillas and tbe capture by government forces of an arms cache destined for tbe rebels which bad been dropped by an alroraft from an unknown destination.

ctober the Catholic archbishop of Santiago, in



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