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Caetro lo effect withdrew Cuba froa tbe later-Aaorlean systemeptea-ber epeech that featured the announcement of bis intentloa to establish diplomaticwith Communist China acd to adcept Chinese Communist, as sell as Soviet, military aid -Ifre attacked."

Cuba's recognition of the Peiping reglmet the firstestern hemisphere nation,ajor diplomatic broakthrough for Communist China. Peiping bas Intensified Its propaganda toward Latin America ln recent years and has expressed special ^admiration for tbe Cuban revolu Option, which It holds upD model for other Latin American countries in their "struggle against Americanao Tse-tung bas remarkedthat he liked "the way Caatro conductsnd

Chou En-lai on L5 August pledged "every posslbls aid, with no strings attached" to "the Cuban people."

Cuba,hineseof aboutlargest inarticularly valuable base for the Chinese Communists in promoting their lnfluenca ln Latin Aaerica. The Chinesehave for some time been using the Bavana office of the New China News Agency as aoutlet and will probably use their embaeey facilitieshancel for covertand financial assistance to Communist movementsLatin America. The head of Cuba's Pronea Latlna cabled Peipingeptember hailing. Cuba's recognition with: "Thef glorious day has arrived."

Onugust Cuba became the first aoabloc nation to



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recognize North Korea, and aa exchange ofa*aadors Ifsoon.

_>ttio Hungarian diplomatIn Havana an minister to Cuba, ungarian tradearrived In Cuba on 3and trade and cultural agreements will probably be signed. Onugust, tbe bead of the Cootmunlst-lnfluenced Cuban petroleum workers' union cabled his Soviet and Chinos* Communist counterparts and the Coamunlst-front International Union of Petroleum Syndicates in Budapest inviting repressnt-atlvos ongress of tbe Cuban union beginning oneptember.

Ateptember rally ofersons staged by the government to give the answer of "the Cuban people" to the OAS warning againstSino-Soviet blocCastro reiterated Cuba's acceptance of Soviet military aid in the "Declaration ofen-point manifesto read to, and dutifully approved by, the crowd. Castro said the manifesto, which also bitterly attaoked the "open and criminal Intervention which the US has exercised over Latin Americaould beto "all revolutionary groups and men in America" for support. uban spokesman said tbe regime bad requested support for the declaration from labor, agrarian, student, women's, andgroups all over tbe world.

In tbe same speech Caatro denounced the US-Cuban mutual defense assistance treaty2 and threatened to reply to new US "economic aggression" by nationalising all remaining American-owned property. Be

repeated earlier stateaents that Cuba will never attack the US Naval Base at Cuantanaao Bay, but added that if "aggression" against Cubaew "assembly of the Cuban people" will be called to demand that tbe United States withdraw from the baam.

Cuba's relations with most other Latin American nations have been further strained by its accusationssbaneful surrender" to US pressure at the San Jose foreign mlnlaters' meeting and by the Invective employed by Cuban ForeignRoa toward them. Boa rejected Argentine and Brazil-Ian protests in sharp notes to the ambassadorseptember. This has raised the possibility of an Argentine break lorelations with Cuba.

Peruvian President Prado has agreed, under pressure from the military, to break relations with Cubaropitious tins. Venezuelan President Betancourt bas become Increasingly hostile toward Castro, while Colombia, incensedecent outburst by the Cuban ambassador, is expected at leaat to declare the ambassador peraona non grata, Nicaragua andbroke diplomatic relations witb the Castro regime earlier this year.

Cuba's "poor relations with other hemisphere governments are accompanied by frank appeals for support from the Latinpeople over tbe heada of their governments. While Cuban leaders publicly deny charges that they are trying toheir revolution, they publlclyf welcome all Latin Americans who want to ooao "to drink at the pure clear spring" ofin Cuba, and Roa clalns that be was speaking for "th* peoples of Latin America" at the Sao Jose -Ins.



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