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leaders have been vitriolic ia their condemnation of the United States and Its "lackeys" st the OAS foreign ministers' meetings in Costa Rica, but inside Cuba the of the eighth national congress of the Communists' Popular Socialist party (PSP) have vied with OAS developments ln the press and othermedia.

The PSP congress, which opened onugust and ended onugust, featured theviolent attacks on USlmost unreserved praise for ridel Castro and his conduct of the revolution, and

pleas for unity among the forces backing the Cuban revolution. PSP Secretary General Bias Roca,bour report to thestressed the -unity" theme in bis call for tbecooperation, and fusion of all tbe conscious and radical Cuban revolutionary forcesingle revolutionary noveaeot under the leadership of ridol Castro."

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in the report to theon the PSP program. It was emphasized that mocb renal to be done, lnoluding the "tif remaining US property, ouster of tbe United States from tbe Guantanamo Naval




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sod conplstloa of theof the government on the Communist pattern,separate judicial, and legislative branches.

The PSP congress wasby at leastfraternaJf* delegates fromommunist parties. Many Latin American parties sere represented, as sell as most Slno-Sovlet bloc parties,sent relatively high-level officials. Theparty, however, was apr-parently not representedentral commlttoe member and no mention has been madeo-viot delegate. Tbe Frenchparty was represented by Jacques Ducloe, second-ranking party leader, and the Italian partyember of the party central committee.


Chinese Communist party central committee member General Wu Hslu-chuan addressed tbeonugust, praising Cuba for giving Latlobrilliant example" in the struggle for "emancipation from US domination." Other speakers criticised Cuba's continued lack of diplomatic relations with Communist China.

On the domestic front, there sre some signs of open, although still uncoordinated and sporadic, opposition to the regime, horough purge of the Cuban Navy is nowunder way, folloelng the reported discoverylot among naval personnel onugust. Although theis nalntalalng tight se* crecy. on naval developments, there appears no doubt that the purge Is eliminating the laet stronghold of moderate eleaente ln tho Cuban bureaucracy.

Antl-Caetro guerrilla groups have stepped up their activity ln the mountains and

foothills of Las Villas and Canaguey provinces. Small bands have attacked militia units and ln some cases small armyzln| their weapona._


or several militia membersuerrilla group in Las villas,

and other instances are known to bave occurred, somen casualties. The government's concern la evident ln Its efforts to eliminate the guerrilla bands.

ldco on the civilian militia for guard duty, for carrying out government aotlon against seized private properties, and, in some instances, for action against ant1regime groups. The mllltls, which all Cubans are regularly being urged to Join, now nay baveotal strength. Castroewly graduated militiamen ln Plnar del Bio Province onugust, declaringpeople armed to tbe teeth" is Cuba's answer to "the Intrigues and maneuvers ofagainst Cuba.

Church-state friction is rising, and church officials are convinced tbat the regime is inspiring and directing the frequent demonstrations against churchgoers. Tho wounding and arrest of a. Jesuit priest bygents onugust may lead to new violence as news of the incident spreads.

Fidel Castro's remarksong speecheeting of Cuban women oaugust probably forecast Cuba'sloa of support for the Soviet* Union on all Issues at tbe OH General Assembly session wblcb opens oneptember, including support for the admission of Communist China. Be said, "Tbe Imperialists must know,..


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