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lolteTTyl Foreign Minister Ra'uT'Roa aonounce'd ohthe IE-IhTJ iii 1 oiioaient of the Conferencei-vr> loped Nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America which Cuba bad to convene In Havana next September. He blamed the "recent revival of the coldut the real reason for abandoning the conference,ajor objective of recent Cuban foreign policy, was lack of official interest outside Cuba. The rapid development of Cuban ties with the Sino-Soviet bloc since the project was proposed last Decemberuban-sponsored conference increasingly unattractive to many of Cuba had approached earlier this year.

Roa's clarification of President Dortlcos' 3ta2 June, also indicating that the conference would not be held, was apparently necessitated by recent inquiries by Afro-Asian countries. eylonese Foreign Ministry official indicateduly that his government might be influenced to send delegates if India does.

The Castro regime continues to seok support from the Afro-Asian bloc, and the Cuban delegation at tho next UN General Assombly is likely to seek to Identify itself with the spokesmen of "neutralism." Raul Castro is nowgood-will" visit in Cairoarge entourage. Press reports from Cairo state that President Naslr is to visit Cuba next March, and that the IIAR has decided to ship benzine to Cuba to help that coui

Reports on Cuban Negotiations With Argentine

Peronistas: airly reliable and well-connected Cuban Gov-ernment employee stated onuly that various Cuban offi^-cials have been in contact with former Argentine Peronista leaders in Havana for the purpose ofewin Argentina. Cubans he specifically mentioned were Argentine-born "Che" Guevara, Cuba's economic tsar; Jose Pardo Llada, prominent and vitriolic news commentator; sod unidentified officials of Prensa Latlna, the Cubannews agency. The source commented that these plzns

have been approved by international Communist leaders. He Said the Cuban Government "unofficially" will send US dollars and old arias now stored in Cuba to revolutionary groups in Argentina. Other sources have reported negotiations for an "alliance" between the Cuban Government and leftist Peronisias although Peron and soae of the other Peronlstas involved have denied such reports.

Pardo Llada reportedly visited PerOn in Spain last Spring and again flew to Madrid onuly en route to the UAR, to the American Embassy in Havana. There was aof Peronistas with Peron in Madrid last spring, which Pardo Llada could have attended. Pardo Llada devoted his whole radio program on uly to praising Peron andthat the Cuban Government explore the desirability ofcontact with Peron.

The Argentine Government, deeply concerned over such charged onuly that it had found subversive raa-


hief of Staff May Request Ouster of AlejandTo CuaaTa, Peruvian "cTTTcT


non grata because

in fomenting

. Embassy onuly that he plans to ask declare Cuban Ambassador Luis Ricardo Alonso of his activities

Student and extreme leftist demonstrations. Two small been held sinceuly, and more are expected in the next few days to coincide with Peru's national independence celebrations.

Peruvian military and government officials have become increasingly alarmed about Alonso's thinly veiled support of antigovernment leftist andelements, among student and labor groups. Concerned also about belligerent Soviet statements regarding Cuba and about tension In the Caribbean ares, the Peruvian Government onulyesolution in the Organization of American States callingeeting of American foreign ministers to consider the problem.

leaders of the influential leftist but anti-Communist APRA party, which, hasajor target of Cubanhave privately expressed opposition to the Castroand Cuban activities in Peru but have not declared their position publicly. Leaders of APRA and other Latin American liberal parties, such as Venezuela's Democratic Action party, are reported by an untested source with close contacts In Costa Blcan diplomatic circles to beeeting at Lima in early August to discuss "hemisphere >roblei

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