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USSR Exploiting Cuban

Khrushchev's qualified threatuly to retaliate against the US with rockets "If necessary" in the event of American aggression against Cuba is designed to Inflate theajor international question. On the eve of the Cuban complaint against the US in the United Nations, Soviet propaganda accusing the US of plans for aggression against Castroew peak during the0 July, andofficials have sought privately to maximize the alleged danger of US intervention. Both First Deputy Premierand presidium member Kozlov in conversations with the Egyptian ambassador in Moscow expressed extreme anxiety over the US threat to Cuba's security.'

Moscow is actively intervening in theadvance its campaign to discredit the US and to recreate the image of Soviet military superiority damaged byt may also Intend thereby to justify an arms pactCaatro and the bloc. Khrushchev now isosition toamiliar Soviet political warfare device and to claim--perhaps during his projected but as yet unscheduled visit tothe USSR compelled the US to abandon plans for Intervention in Cuba. Castro lieutenant "Che" Guevara has already madelaim. The Soviet press has been drawing parallels between6 Suez crisis and the Cuban situation today.


However, the Soviet premier has neither repeated the threat nor made it less ambiguous. etter to Castro he limited himself to general expressions of "indignation" at US actions and "sympathy" for the Cuban people, and in hisuly press conference he went no further than to pledgeto Cuba in the event of US aggression. (JThe press chief* of tbe Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to uly threat on the grounds that it applied 3"

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ypothetical situation and therefore no clarification .y. was "appropriate,"3

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According to the US charge* In Moscow, Khrushchev In hisuly press conference clearly recognized that the USSR could notase on Cuba without damaging itsagainst American bases, but was prepared to give full psychological support to Cuba or any country In its effort to eliminate such bases. The charge felt that the USSR was also

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