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Communist Party Congress to do Attended by Strong

DelepaTioas From Abroad: Tbe eighth national "congress of the Popular Socialist (Communist) party of Cuba opens on 16 The congress, the firstad been set for last month and was rescheduled only recently, suggesting that it was timed to coincide with the OAS foreign ministers' meetings in Costa Rica this week. The congress Is likely to be usedemonstration of international Communist solidarity with tho Castro regime in its "struggle against American Imperialism." Attendance of Communists from the Sino-Soviet bloc at the Cuban Communist meeting is likely to encourage the apparent willingness of moat Americanto condemn "oztracontinental intervention" in the affairs of the western hemisphere.

Most of tbe Sino-Soviet bloc countries will be represented by relatively high-level delegations. The USSR, Communist China, Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, and North Korea are sending contral committee members, journalists, and persons skilled in agitation and propaganda techniques. Rumors that tho bloc delegations would include top party officials have not been borne out as yet. Paul Verner, candidate member of the East Gorman polltburo, is the highost ranking bloc party official known to have arrived for the meeting. Mikhail Suslov, secretary of the Soviet party central committee,was to attend, but the Cubans havo been advised that it will be inconvenient for him to do so. Jacques Duclos, second-ranking official of the French party, and Velioember of tho Italian Communist party central committee, arrived in Havana onugust.

The foreign Communist delegations undoubtedly will use this opportunity to strengthen tbe Communist position in Cuba with the aim of using that countryase for further ration in Latin America,

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