Created: 8/12/1960

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Haiti .Seeking Rapprocbemont With Cuba:

Haitian Ambassador Dorslnvi1lo, ember of Haiti's poraanenl DN delegation who was in Geneva for meetings, bad beento approach bis Cuban counterpart regarding Haiti's desire to "normalize" relations between tho two countries. The Cuban reported to MBKm^Hrthat ville bad assured him that "Haiti would make every effort to convince us it will never adopt an anti-Cuban policy." When chided by the Cuban for Haiti's lack of support inmeetings. Dorslnvllle replied. "Everything will be batter.'

Comment: Haitian rapprochement with the Castro regime would be consistent with the increasingly anti-US attitude of the Duvalier regime, which appears to be coming under the influencelique of extreme loftlsts close to the His current campaign to force the US to increase its aid to Haiti has unleashed considerable anti-US feeling and encouraged the expression of pro-Castro and pro-Communist sentiments. Haitian Foreign Ministry officials havewarned the US Embassy that Haiti's support for an OAS foreign ministers' meeting on the Cuban problem should not Imply backing for any action against Cuba.

Although diplomatic relations wero not severed, each country withdrew its missions from the other following the abortive Invasion of Haiti in 9mall group from Cuba.

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